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[02:26pm] alchemytrader22 : chart play
[02:26pm] alchemytrader22 :
[02:26pm] rysky007 : NGTF sampling in grocery stores
[02:25pm] Optimus Prime : DDDX knocking it out so far BB
[02:18pm] Imagine : last 2 days
[02:17pm] Imagine : MGTI is alive
[02:17pm] Imagine : buyout stuff
[02:16pm] Imagine : :D
[02:16pm] Optimus Prime : $ your KIWB alive
[02:08pm] Optimus Prime : NEOT nice gap that needs to be filled ...@ 2.29 ...
[02:02pm] Optimus Prime : NEOT makn good noise after a disaster the other day
[01:57pm] i_like_bb_stock : IFHR back over a penny 31M OS early stages of a huge run stop sign to yield awaiting current then PRs
[01:56pm] Blackjack : yup nice going there
[01:49pm] Imagine : popped on anticipation of news too
[01:49pm] Imagine : need those big buds
[01:49pm] shadow1461 : ENCC pop on news got in @ .008 yest. tnx Imagine
[01:48pm] Optimus Prime : along with SMG = Scotts Miracle Grow .. thats funny
[01:48pm] Optimus Prime : TRTC also in same pr
[01:46pm] Optimus Prime : SING was included in a pr release on more MJ news
[01:43pm] Imagine : ENCC agin
[01:41pm] Imagine : SPEX on fire
[01:40pm] Imagine : DXTR red to green
[01:40pm] BobSaget : bought SVU at 3. gonna sit on that for a bit
[01:40pm] i_like_bb_stock : GIGL Jillian Michaels on Extra! today talking about GIGL
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : yest. post . ^^^^^^^^
[01:39pm] Imagine : good job rysky you musta taught yourself lol
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : on UHLN
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : [12:31:51] Optimus Prime: [h[UHLN]] gona get busy her eod
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : well I was off from eod yest. ,, its this a.m. BB ---
[01:38pm] rysky007 : now NGTF bottom bounce chart is starting its turn around
[01:38pm] rysky007 : TPTW went up over 600% over 4 days
[01:37pm] rysky007 : I alerted SHIP last week at .64, its over a buck now
[01:37pm] Optimus Prime : post from yesterday >>>>>>>> [08:39:39] Optimus Prime: [h[SHIP]] = nope,, I think its starting to get to work on a gap close @ 2.20 -- 200 ma @ 1.50 could hold it back a lil -- looks good to keep a swing on
[01:37pm] BobSaget : ppo makes SHIP look very over bought
[01:36pm] i_like_bb_stock : UHLN reversal off 0015 bottom
[01:35pm] Optimus Prime : [05:35:20] Optimus Prime: wheres that guy pumping [h[SHIP]] .. it has news again
[01:34pm] rysky007 : NGTF setting up for its bounce
[01:34pm] rysky007 : SHIP hit a new high today... guys, this is my third chart in a row now that is going green, I really hope you guys dont miss out
[01:33pm] Imagine : SPEX gettin jiggy
[01:29pm] rysky007 : .22 up
[01:29pm] Imagine : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ getcha some
[01:28pm] rysky007 : NGTF bid moving up, pre market action
[01:28pm] Imagine : KIWB be aware
[01:27pm] Imagine : shadow hey
[01:27pm] shadow1461 : Morning
[01:26pm] Imagine : letz ride clyde
[01:26pm] Imagine : 1$ print
[01:25pm] Imagine : need a GLBS pop
[01:24pm] Imagine : IDXG 1$ close
[01:22pm] rysky007 : and word any can be used many ways
[01:22pm] rysky007 : :(
[01:22pm] Optimus Prime : ahhh
[01:21pm] rysky007 : because the word filter kicks in
[01:21pm] Optimus Prime : ANY neva highlights ????
[01:21pm] Imagine : no highlight
[01:21pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^ gonna close that gap
[01:21pm] Imagine : ANY
[01:20pm] Imagine : DXTR gimme dat .40 plus today
[01:20pm] Optimus Prime : lol
[01:19pm] Imagine : DUUH LOL
[01:19pm] Optimus Prime : ohh no space between the letters ,, lol
[01:19pm] Optimus Prime : it did this time ??
[01:19pm] Optimus Prime : mine didnt highlight on IDXG
[01:18pm] Imagine : hey
[01:18pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:03pm] Optimus Prime : HTBX activity increasing
[01:02pm] Optimus Prime : HTBX w/a few hits on the scanner-- been quiet for some time
[12:35pm] Optimus Prime : wheres that guy pumping SHIP .. it has news again
[12:17pm] i_like_bb_stock : Good morning
[12:16pm] Optimus Prime : IDXGnews just out
[08:09pm] Blackjack : UPZS
[08:06pm] Imagine : l8er
[07:31pm] Optimus Prime : UHLN gona get busy her eod
[07:29pm] Imagine : works for me,,,sat on it this long may as well give it a shot
[07:28pm] Optimus Prime : has 1 or 2 more days me tinks
[07:27pm] Imagine : feeling like DXTR got more gas in her,,,, .40 plus ya think?
[07:24pm] Imagine : sweet will watch
[07:24pm] Optimus Prime : Hmmm .. looked at it before ,,, and lookn at it again now ,, gonna start tracking INOH based on pr released @ 1:30 -- look at that vol after the pr ...
[07:24pm] Blackjack : maybe THRR
[07:23pm] Blackjack : thanks! this week I m in and out but watch LGBS cud be runner wil see
[07:22pm] Optimus Prime : yeah he does
[07:20pm] Imagine : Blackjack even throws his hat in the ring at times
[07:16pm] Imagine : but we do pretty damn good :)
[07:12pm] Optimus Prime : yeah, not a 100% always ----
[07:08pm] Imagine : the 3 amigos OP,BB and myself are not 100%
[07:07pm] Imagine : the only bad picks are the ones you don`t post,,,let the public decide to play or not
[07:06pm] Imagine >12393 : re` don`t hit very often your ratio could improve if you put em out there there`s hungry traders chomping at the bit for plays that might just surprise you
[06:53pm] i_like_bb_stock : DDDX wow thru .10 float is gone ut .118
[06:40pm] i_like_bb_stock : DDDX wow ut 097 huge
[06:39pm] Optimus Prime : PSRU nhod
[06:39pm] Optimus Prime : OTTV .001 print
[06:06pm] i_like_bb_stock : DDDX 09s are up sweet
[06:03pm] Imagine : DRYS hookin up
[05:55pm] Imagine : always seems to hit 1.40z with little effort
[05:54pm] Imagine : 1.16 to 1.20 area was a gift
[05:54pm] Imagine : GLBS you should be enjoying today after loading up on the dip last week,,,you knew it was gonnago again
[05:51pm] Imagine : CEGX givin it the ol college try
[05:36pm] Imagine : IMGN what can i say almost hit 7$ aft hrs after coming close yest did it today
[05:35pm] Imagine : OWCP been busy pullback now
[05:33pm] Imagine : SPEX has life
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