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[01:14pm] racoonracoon : ETBI pm
[01:14pm] rysky007 : love you guys gathering whats moving pre market
[01:13pm] lukin4winners : ARTR .0009 52 week high .0011 just got custodianship authorization waiting for the merger candidate now
[01:12pm] Oneputtkip : Watching LIBE for continuation
[12:56pm] giorosas : watching PCG, ADXS, HEXO, SCON, AIM, VSTM, AMRS, JAGX, RADA, CHFS
[12:56pm] rysky007 : morning
[12:56pm] giorosas : good morning!
[12:46pm] shadow1461 : SCON continues pm
[12:45pm] shadow1461 : gm
[12:40pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Thursday.
[10:47am] alchemytrader22 : PCG 7.49 premarket damn isnt looking good
[10:47am] alchemytrader22 : gm
[10:40pm] lukin4winners : ARTR custodianship granted today up 60%. Next the merger candidate will be announced.
[08:13pm] Homebrew : evening,,,,,,,
[08:01pm] Homebrew : Nice Clock! I may not miss the next Mega alert
[07:48pm] Homebrew : RTTR trying again? up 28 %, may try testing HOD
[07:40pm] hawkeye : ditto
[07:40pm] racoonracoon : I be ready for the mega!
[07:36pm] rysky007 : when the scanner finds them, I have to put them out, its boring this week
[07:36pm] hawkeye : mega alert tomorrow?
[07:36pm] rysky007 : Yes sir
[07:32pm] racoonracoon : GCEI down too
[07:26pm] racoonracoon : I saw it around 0.02
[07:26pm] rysky007 : how did we miss it?>
[07:26pm] rysky007 : wow
[07:25pm] racoonracoon : NTFL only 5700% up lol
[07:23pm] racoonracoon : GTXO?
[07:17pm] racoonracoon : I watching that one. in on EXLA
[07:16pm] rysky007 : it might bounce a tad to make it look like it will to get more ppl to sucker in but its a dump fest
[07:16pm] rysky007 : IMO
[07:16pm] rysky007 : nooo they been dumping on it for 3 starigth days if not more
[07:15pm] racoonracoon : GCGX bounce
[07:15pm] racoonracoon : EXLA^
[07:14pm] racoonracoon : CWNR ^ ETBI news today
[06:10pm] Oneputtkip : ^^+ 50%
[04:43pm] Oneputtkip : LIBE ask evaporating
[04:01pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX hod with strong bid support
[03:54pm] Oneputtkip : LIBE hod
[03:27pm] giorosas : thanks, see you tomorrow
[03:26pm] giorosas : OCGN out 1.46 from 1.44
[03:18pm] giorosas : yeah RTTR doing well now but i am very fearful with stocks like that LOL
[03:06pm] Homebrew : Boom RTTR
[02:58pm] giorosas : OCGN in 1.416
[02:46pm] Homebrew : Any thoughts on RTTR ? Candles are tempting me
[02:37pm] racoonracoon : CBBT^
[02:36pm] giorosas : ocgn in 1.47
[02:36pm] giorosas : OCGN
[02:19pm] giorosas : ADXS falling now
[02:06pm] giorosas : ADXS doing well now
[02:06pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX
[02:00pm] giorosas : OCGN out 1.61
[01:52pm] giorosas : OCGN in 1.57
[01:40pm] giorosas : OCGN out 1.67
[01:33pm] giorosas : now 1.60
[01:32pm] giorosas : ocgn 1.59
[01:15pm] giorosas : AEG
[01:13pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[01:11pm] giorosas : AOBC, SCON
[01:08pm] giorosas : Watching OCGN, ADXS, NIO, EROS, SDRL, CNAT
[01:07pm] giorosas : good morning
[04:40pm] Oneputtkip : SCON getting absolutely crushed
[03:43pm] shadow1461 : nice rysky
[03:43pm] shadow1461 : COWPP second leg
[02:07pm] Diva927 : Have to run. Later.
[02:02pm] Diva927 : yep and thanks
[01:55pm] rysky007 : COWPP also moving
[01:55pm] rysky007 : just saw it hit my scanner
[01:55pm] rysky007 : nice call Diva
[01:50pm] Diva927 : COWP filling an entire scanner
[01:35pm] Diva927 : good morning
[01:24pm] rysky007 : 34% so far
[01:24pm] rysky007 : CPAH
[01:24pm] rysky007 : NIO
[01:24pm] rysky007 : NTRP
[01:24pm] rysky007 : HMY
[01:24pm] rysky007 : SCON climbing to the tip
[01:02pm] rysky007 : NIO holding 10% from previous close so far
[01:02pm] rysky007 : some big pre market volume but no movers yet
[12:57pm] rysky007 : good morning
[12:47pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Tuesday.
[07:28pm] Homebrew : RTTR and ADXS pulling back..Buying oppertunity or .............
[06:10pm] Diva927 : ADXS all over scanner.
[06:09pm] Diva927 : WW doing well. Anxious to see what happens in January when Oprah starts her wellness tour.
[04:51pm] Homebrew : No Tank for TNK ,,heading higher
[04:44pm] giorosas : ADXS doing well now
[04:21pm] giorosas : FCEL in 0.3172
[04:12pm] giorosas : Watching NAT, EROS, ASNA, FCEL
[04:07pm] Megastock : I was looking at ESYL, but at the time one would get in, it would be already at its highest...
[04:01pm] Homebrew : watching SNNA RTTR HMLA and GHSI ( bounec off low )
[03:58pm] Homebrew : I keep waiting for TNK to Tank.....
[03:54pm] Oneputtkip : Watching for the .03 break
[03:53pm] rysky007 : trying
[03:50pm] Oneputtkip : ESYL trying to bounce
[03:47pm] Nickie63 >63 : Thank you .
[03:41pm] rysky007 : support .0255 from what I can tell
[03:41pm] rysky007 : resistnace around .04
[03:40pm] rysky007 : Acc/Dist is really high though
[03:40pm] rysky007 : RSI is decent
[03:40pm] rysky007 : MACD is mid level
[03:40pm] rysky007 : just went over resistnace ponit at the 20ma and 50am crossing into a small golden cross
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