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[03:12pm] Diva927 : Have to go. Have a good day.
[03:12pm] Diva927 : :)
[03:11pm] rysky007 : welcome to the 21 century :)
[03:10pm] Diva927 : I saw the ads for bullet proof backpacks for kids. It made me sick that this is what it is coming to.
[03:08pm] Diva927 : My focus right now is on WW which is holding up well in this whiplash market/
[03:08pm] rysky007 : oh then your in good shape :)
[03:07pm] Diva927 : I have several scanners depending on what I amlooking for. Only one shows nothing. The others are fine.
[03:06pm] rysky007 : there is companies moving, just may not be on the settings you have it to
[03:06pm] rysky007 : adjust your scanner a bit
[03:00pm] Diva927 : yes
[02:57pm] whirl : have u traded in a bear market before?
[02:34pm] shadow1461 : lt vol
[02:33pm] shadow1461 : RCAR 37%
[02:20pm] rysky007 : been watching TCHC for the past few weeks, some intersting action the past three days, volume rising so is price
[01:25pm] rysky007 : good morning
[08:01pm] aahepp : 2 entries from another location aahepp 12 : 15 PM DNJR in play over of .78 aahepp 2 : 37 PM EORZ trying to get a run going
[07:57pm] aahepp : nor DNJR
[06:25pm] whirl : TRNX new highs
[04:23pm] aahepp : 390%
[04:22pm] aahepp : 350%
[04:20pm] aahepp : 325%
[04:00pm] aahepp : MTC 311%
[03:48pm] aahepp : SOAN another double up
[03:47pm] aahepp : MTC +300%
[03:42pm] whirl : GNMX could be setting up to go
[02:43pm] aahepp : MTC jus sayin
[02:10pm] whirl : TRNX running
[01:43pm] aahepp : SOAN jus sayin still
[07:54pm] rysky007 : very nice breakout
[07:54pm] rysky007 : good call Hep
[07:53pm] whirl : congrats
[07:50pm] aahepp : 280%
[07:49pm] aahepp : 268%
[07:48pm] aahepp : 255%
[07:24pm] aahepp : 245%
[07:21pm] aahepp : 235%
[07:12pm] aahepp : 202%
[06:21pm] aahepp : 180%
[06:10pm] aahepp : 172%
[05:56pm] aahepp : 160%
[05:53pm] aahepp : SOAN + 140%
[05:30pm] aahepp : SOAN jus sayin
[04:03pm] whirl : anyone else play YRIV?
[02:52pm] aahepp : aahepp 7 : 01 AM RKDA looking for continuation from Friday Jus sayin
[02:47pm] aahepp : APRO +447%
[02:31pm] aahepp : APRO jus sayin
[08:00pm] aahepp : easy oney
[08:00pm] aahepp : CTST 58%
[07:59pm] whirl : wow CTST wahts up w/ taht one
[07:50pm] aahepp : CTST 35%
[07:45pm] aahepp : CTST + 31%
[07:39pm] aahepp : BIEI + 283%
[07:26pm] aahepp : CTST jus sayin
[07:09pm] aahepp : BIEI nhod
[06:45pm] aahepp : RKDA nhod jus sayin
[04:58pm] aahepp : BIEI jus sayin
[04:51pm] whirl : CEI just braeking out
[02:24pm] shadow1461 : nice Hepp
[02:17pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 30 AM RKDA watch over morning session high Jus sayin
[01:34pm] whirl : out of YRIIV here at .64
[07:54pm] Homebrew : try that again... NAKD @ Vwap again
[07:54pm] Homebrew : HAKD VWAP again
[07:42pm] whirl : YRIV running towards the close
[06:37pm] rysky007 : damn, I step a way for a little bit and CAFI sets a new HOD wow
[06:19pm] whirl : wish i saw CLSI earlier this week
[06:06pm] shadow1461 : VSTR green
[06:00pm] Diva927 : CHWY.......for the pet owners
[05:54pm] Diva927 :
[05:50pm] aahepp : CLSD jus sayin
[05:03pm] Diva927 : Go WW................make me happy :)
[04:38pm] whirl : CANN running
[04:25pm] Diva927 : Watching ACB, APHA and CRON
[03:35pm] rysky007 : moving?
[03:34pm] whirl : MSMY
[02:11pm] rysky007 : awesome
[02:09pm] Homebrew : NAKD Moving Up again
[01:54pm] aahepp : SDRC jus sayin day 2
[01:48pm] rysky007 : only QPAG and CAFI over 100% so far today, crazy
[01:48pm] rysky007 : QPAG beasting
[01:41pm] Homebrew : $NAKD over VWAP
[01:39pm] rysky007 : AXAS
[01:38pm] rysky007 : QPAG looked amazing pre market, nice trend so far
[01:38pm] rysky007 : DARE moving
[01:38pm] rysky007 : ONCY
[01:38pm] rysky007 : NAKD
[01:34pm] aahepp : QPAG jus sayin
[01:32pm] rysky007 : CAFI is our Mega Thursday Breakout Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : CAFI is our Mega Thursday Breakout Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : CAFI is our Mega Thursday Breakout Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : CAFI is our Mega Thursday Breakout Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : CAFI is our Mega Thursday Breakout Chart Alert
[12:47pm] rysky007 : good morning
[12:56am] whirl : NAK will probably sell today coming near resistnace over $1
[12:55am] whirl : congrats
[07:49pm] Diva927 : Bought WW at the beginning of July for 20.89. Today was a happy day :D
[07:32pm] whirl : nice job
[07:32pm] aahepp : Aahepp 2 : 19 PM SDRC trying to take out recents
[07:29pm] aahepp : SDRC jus sayin
[05:45pm] whirl : NAK could be interesting next few days if it breaks low .90s
[04:13pm] aahepp : GNMX jus sayin
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