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[02:49pm] Optimus Prime : WIZP check it !
[02:48pm] Optimus Prime : 1.03 SUNW ...she a tryn
[02:42pm] aahepp : ATOS jus sayin
[02:30pm] aahepp : DNRG jus sayin
[02:25pm] Optimus Prime : SUNW closing back in on $1
[02:15pm] whirl : EDXC flush bounce
[02:14pm] aahepp : BPMX -
[02:12pm] aahepp : even in your sub .10 price ragne
[02:12pm] aahepp : BPMX George and Weeze
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : typicl 3rd soldier pattern being painted ..
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : PTOP has yesterdays .055 high in sight
[02:08pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^ just after open boyz an girlz
[02:07pm] aahepp : Another nugget you ask for:
[02:07pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 49 AM BPMX now getting buyers prior to the R/S coming Thursday
[02:04pm] aahepp : JUS SAYIN
[02:02pm] aahepp : by the way this was fortold to you yesterday
[02:02pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 10:01 AM ok,, lets see what this news just out has in store for PTOP we have a typical 3rd soldier gonna be painted ?
[01:44pm] whirl : DIGAF braking out
[01:40pm] Blackjack : TTCM .01
[01:36pm] Optimus Prime : YUMA zooma
[01:34pm] Homebrew : wow VYST dive dive dive down 25%
[01:34pm] Optimus Prime : SUNW $1 coming and possible break above
[01:27pm] whirl : AKTX nice
[01:26pm] Blackjack : GM
[12:50pm] aahepp : MBRX creating bag holders. Reason you day trade these things and never ever ever hold them
[12:37pm] Oneputtkip : HLTH looking good early
[12:32pm] aahepp : AKTX jus sayin
[12:30pm] Oneputtkip : I generally hid the gym right after market close
[12:29pm] aahepp : I get up @ 2AM to trade the EU Open then hit the gym. Money never sleeps
[12:12pm] aahepp : TROV jus sayin
[07:59pm] Optimus Prime : 300%
[07:59pm] Optimus Prime : 293%
[07:59pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ from early morning .... and havnt seen a single post on it since .. currently ^^^ + 289 %
[07:49pm] rysky007 : getting eaten up, nice
[07:48pm] rysky007 : wtf
[07:48pm] rysky007 : cdel flashed 1 mill offer lol
[07:47pm] Optimus Prime : ime difference is 3 hrs .... that was way earlier that HEMP post
[07:47pm] rysky007 : .028 breakout point
[07:47pm] rysky007 : lets see
[07:46pm] rysky007 : u got ALPS stuck on top of the offers at .0248?
[07:45pm] rysky007 : think it will break through?
[07:45pm] aahepp : in about 10 minutes you will see it up on the list
[07:44pm] rysky007 : i see the diff, vol, u only pick up when vol hits a certain threashold right?
[07:43pm] rysky007 : i see it, but far down the list, what are u scanning for that its higher up?
[07:41pm] aahepp : Like right now. peoples scanning should be telling them HEMP
[07:35pm] canman282000 : peop;e dont releasether secrets
[07:35pm] canman282000 : lol
[07:35pm] rysky007 : what do you mean?
[07:33pm] canman282000 : i realize amazon doesnt tell walmart what to do lol
[07:32pm] rysky007 : yes, many of us do
[07:31pm] canman282000 : u have scanners iam assuming set
[07:30pm] canman282000 : agreed
[07:29pm] aahepp : if you know where to look
[07:29pm] aahepp : Nuggets like this flow everyday like you watching an episode of Gold Rush.
[07:28pm] SchenckJT99 : I ask Warren
[07:27pm] canman282000 : just looking at chart looks good
[07:26pm] aahepp : aahepp 10 : 08 AM MBRX here goes morning session highs
[07:26pm] aahepp : Oh We were a lot sooner
[07:25pm] canman282000 : i guess is shoud have been in sooner
[07:24pm] aahepp : Hell that 8-ball gave you all $1 ore from the time you all got the alert on MBRX
[07:23pm] canman282000 : i need your ball
[07:23pm] aahepp : I have a magic 8-ball I ask
[07:23pm] canman282000 : scanner etc
[07:22pm] canman282000 : how do u folks find stocks which may run big
[05:05pm] aahepp : MBRX jus sayin
[04:16pm] racoonracoon : ARYC gap coming?
[04:11pm] Optimus Prime : .0049 up and a print
[04:11pm] Optimus Prime : printing PTOP .0048
[04:10pm] Optimus Prime : testing for.0048
[03:49pm] Optimus Prime : .0044 prints
[03:49pm] Optimus Prime : .0044/.0045 coming up
[03:39pm] Mr.Momo : TTCM....124% = .0065 >> Zippity Doo Da.
[03:38pm] Blackjack : SNPW .0064
[03:37pm] Blackjack : :D
[03:31pm] Mr.Momo : TTCM....106% = .006
[02:41pm] Blackjack : SNPW .006
[02:28pm] Blackjack : last thursday TTCM was .003 NICE DIP!
[02:26pm] Blackjack : TTCM still hold dat
[02:24pm] rysky007 : TTCm leading the watch list
[02:24pm] rysky007 : YUMA
[02:24pm] rysky007 : PTOP with news
[02:15pm] Mr.Momo : TTCM...48% = .0043
[02:14pm] whirl : hello
[02:13pm] aahepp : SNPW jus sayin
[02:11pm] Optimus Prime : new highs
[02:11pm] Optimus Prime : CUR ... betta check it !
[02:00pm] Optimus Prime : PTOP news/pr just out ... lets see how it reacts
[01:59pm] rysky007 : KPAY
[01:59pm] rysky007 : PUFXF
[01:59pm] rysky007 : BASA second
[01:59pm] rysky007 : ETFM
[01:59pm] rysky007 : SGBES
[01:59pm] rysky007 : TMPS
[01:59pm] rysky007 : HLTH
[01:59pm] rysky007 : TTCM
[01:58pm] rysky007 : SNWV leading the market view right now
[01:38pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^ last thurday post
[01:38pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 1:17 PM TRTC = have a look at the daily chart that is painted , I see higher lows and higher highs being painted ... with that my speculation is in this cycle it has a good chance to rise up
[01:38pm] Blackjack : TPNI .0024
[01:36pm] Optimus Prime : 3.94
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