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[06:48pm] Optimus Prime : excuse me ,,,, the only azzzzz 0L
[06:48pm] Optimus Prime : ask the azzzzz 0L in the room what he thinks about SHIP
[06:45pm] Optimus Prime : did ya follow along with IDXG and the gap fill called = flawless tech. on that ... and before it occured
[06:44pm] Optimus Prime : ok Smoots -- dont know ur pps trading range --- but SHIP been tryn real hard to tap $1 ... when it taps that $1 and breaks ,,, its gonna go ^^^ and test the 1.25 headbang level ... and thats just my OPinion ,,, and now that the 200 day moving av
[06:44pm] freebird : MARA .27 again
[06:40pm] Optimus Prime : all spark and no spike
[06:39pm] Day Trader : LOL
[06:39pm] Day Trader : Hi Blonde.... right here by my computer LOL
[06:39pm] freebird : Optimus Prime has the spark
[06:38pm] blondeshavemorefun : DT my man were you been?
[06:38pm] Imagine : use calculator up top of chat
[06:38pm] Imagine : % are after tradin fees
[06:36pm] Day Trader : Hi
[06:35pm] Optimus Prime : even if you followed just 1 member in here like BB -- you would be ok ...
[06:35pm] Optimus Prime : posted VDRM also
[06:35pm] smoots : ;)
[06:34pm] smoots : im going through all post now
[06:30pm] freebird : MARA buy .25 sell .27 someday .27 breaks and moves
[06:29pm] Optimus Prime : yeh .. I keep lokkn at MARA last few days
[06:28pm] freebird : MARA trying to bottom last few days
[06:26pm] Imagine : nice slab of turtle cake w/sweet ice tea,,,,have some
[06:23pm] Optimus Prime : FALC challenge to test hod
[06:16pm] Optimus Prime : LCLP poppn again
[06:14pm] Optimus Prime : lol
[06:13pm] Optimus Prime : IFON also heating up
[06:13pm] blondeshavemorefun : IFON doing the same
[06:13pm] blondeshavemorefun : LOL
[06:13pm] Optimus Prime : Smoots ... FALC gonna spike
[06:12pm] Optimus Prime : yup ,, was just gonna post FALC sudden vol an movement
[06:12pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[06:11pm] blondeshavemorefun : FALC big jump
[06:10pm] smoots >126 : I actually paid for the warrior trading course with Ross and it was all just to confusing to me. Im not real savvy with computer stuff and it was just to overwhelming. Then I was three mons. getting my money back on their money back guarentee. Anothe
[06:09pm] Blackjack : BYSD .0003
[06:07pm] Imagine : thats done need a break
[06:06pm] Imagine : nut crusher more like it
[06:06pm] Imagine : done whew
[06:06pm] Optimus Prime : lol.. now thats a rug pull tanktser
[06:02pm] Imagine : gotta sell off in lots not all at once
[06:02pm] Imagine : that long lol
[06:01pm] Optimus Prime : 15 halts --- halted again = #16
[06:01pm] Optimus Prime : RTNB trading again --- how long ????
[05:58pm] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI 3MMs then 5 cents on level II this has big run written all over it
[05:56pm] Blackjack : AZFL .0009 dip nice to add @ dip : )
[05:55pm] smoots : no prob i have been here before a bunch just got to gei it done, i was paying attention i just have a problem pulling the trigger sometimes and other time trigger happy :[
[05:53pm] Blackjack : : (
[05:51pm] Imagine : darn smoots sorry bout your dilema by all means protect that roof over your head
[05:51pm] Optimus Prime >11430 : I can understand you trading as you stated yest. that you get called out freq. and cant stay in front
[05:51pm] smoots : like the poker player playing with scared money yes sir rattle away, been writing down blonde and frees hell ya
[05:50pm] Optimus Prime : start tracking APHD ... Im getting in position cause its battling the 50 ma now ...
[05:49pm] Optimus Prime : could rattle off a dozen tickers lookn good for 3-5 day swings ... pay close attention to the 50 day moving avg. ,, when that sucka gets under the candles.. it has a very very good chance to busta move
[05:48pm] smoots : ya, not giving up going to go the swing trades for a month or so and keep track i got trigger happy on BLKG @ 0007 on the ninth out of desperation bad move
[05:47pm] Optimus Prime : MSDI improving and tappn scanner ... could be a 2 day swing ??
[05:45pm] Optimus Prime : just like RTTR lookn good for a swing off news today ..
[05:44pm] Optimus Prime : RTTR nhod
[05:44pm] blondeshavemorefun >111 : yes much less hecktick and can study chart. 2-3 week even better I think
[05:44pm] blondeshavemorefun : ENPH moving little again
[05:44pm] Optimus Prime : maybe try 3-5 day swings instead of day trades ...
[05:43pm] Optimus Prime : dont give up smoots --- we all been there
[05:42pm] Imagine : oh crap
[05:42pm] smoots : unfortunately i have no choice house pmt due three days ago plus others and im basic broke (broken and ugly again) scratch and claw till i get it right
[05:41pm] Imagine : 401k suspended,,,limited health insurance if any and well you know
[05:40pm] Imagine : is life 40 hrs a week,,,4 sick days,,,2 weeks vacation,,,ungodly traffic,,,, pain in the butt co-workers and menial pay
[05:38pm] Imagine : hate to see anybody have to resort to the 40 hour grind again
[05:37pm] Imagine >13710 : check this out
[05:32pm] Blackjack : 25M block wow
[05:31pm] Blackjack : BYSD .0002 Reinstated today
[05:29pm] Imagine : all part of the process chalk it up move on
[05:27pm] Imagine : RTNB am looking for blue light special on Ky lube :[
[05:26pm] freebird : APHD swing also working now
[05:24pm] Blackjack : ADTM .0005
[05:20pm] freebird : ITKG swing from .028 now .038
[05:17pm] Optimus Prime :
[05:17pm] freebird : george soros wants a race war in America
[05:17pm] Optimus Prime : RTNB 8K just out few mins ago = thats all folks
[05:13pm] Imagine : yeah it really is 2017,,,scary
[05:11pm] Imagine :
[05:07pm] freebird : bannon resigned thats when mkt popped
[05:07pm] Imagine : BITCF slowly clawing back
[05:06pm] Imagine : DIGAF back to even
[05:05pm] Imagine : BTCS n/hod
[05:05pm] Imagine : :0 Steve Bannon out as White House chief strategist
[04:57pm] freebird : sold 1/2 ITKG for 30%
[04:50pm] Imagine : OP tsk tsk tsk
[04:50pm] smoots : you had to go there LOL
[04:49pm] Imagine : .... you are aware right?
[04:48pm] Optimus Prime : same here smoots --- I know more today than I did yesterday --- all the thanks for that knowledge goes to Day Trader for opening my eyes
[04:48pm] Optimus Prime : a few bitcoin tickers gettn a lil restless
[04:47pm] smoots : learning i know more than i did thanks
[04:46pm] Imagine : the chat room list left out wtf but you know that one hopefully lol
[04:45pm] Imagine :
[04:45pm] Imagine : have fun
[04:44pm] Optimus Prime : everyone knows your name @ Cheers also
[04:41pm] Optimus Prime : what abbreviations ?
[04:35pm] Imagine : even knows your name
[04:34pm] Imagine : new internet feature named google have you tried it
[04:31pm] Imagine : ????
[04:31pm] smoots : is thr a frikin chart where i can learn all the abbreviations
[04:30pm] Imagine :
[04:19pm] blondeshavemorefun : SYN same scanner as BTCS
[04:19pm] Imagine : DRYS too very quietly creeping back up
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