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[01:49pm] shadow1461 : SGTN finally
[01:45pm] Blackjack : :E
[01:45pm] shadow1461 : RBIZ nhod
[01:44pm] rysky007 >111 : not the leadership statement :(
[01:43pm] shadow1461 : nice op
[01:42pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB vol coming in at hod
[01:41pm] shadow1461 : RBIZ, LCLP that is
[01:40pm] Optimus Prime : ok,, ok,, where is that goof Homobrew ..... I need some buyers for my exit on NAVB
[01:40pm] shadow1461 : on both counts
[01:40pm] shadow1461 : :)
[01:38pm] smoots : LCLP coming off that bottom sell off
[01:35pm] smoots : RBIZ continues
[01:25pm] Blackjack : :E
[01:24pm] Blackjack : right on with Guinness and Jameson
[01:21pm] Imagine : bring on the wings and your fav beverage
[01:20pm] shadow1461 : agree
[01:20pm] Imagine : true true
[01:18pm] Blackjack : indoor bar will do
[01:18pm] Imagine : for us addicts at least got some pre-season football weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[01:17pm] Imagine : 105-108 heat index today no easing up til Sunday boogie nights be best
[01:17pm] shadow1461 : Outta here early.... all bus. attended to.... Wheeee
[01:15pm] Blackjack : Boogie all weekend
[01:15pm] shadow1461 : ANY
[01:15pm] Blackjack : TGIF
[01:15pm] Imagine : we go again
[01:14pm] Andrew : Watching "IZEA" after reporting this morning that they won a significant new contract.
[12:54pm] shadow1461 : SGTN on watch
[12:53pm] Blackjack : gm traders make big $$$
[12:45pm] shadow1461 : morning
[10:48am] alchemytrader22 : goog morning
[03:15am] justphil : anyone still here?
[08:00pm] smoots : cyall tamali
[07:38pm] Imagine : hoping so but my crystal ball is in pawn shop
[07:36pm] penny2dollar : is JCP going to recover, any advise
[07:34pm] Imagine : should have waited a lil bit longer but oh well
[07:34pm] Imagine : NUGS just sayin,,,,JCP yes in stop excuted this morn rebought a mid term hold
[07:31pm] penny2dollar : Anyone in JCP
[07:21pm] Imagine : same thing right lmao or is it slurper
[07:13pm] Homebrew : A Priest and a Slurpee? No way!
[07:11pm] Homebrew : LOL !!!
[06:49pm] Imagine : hope you get locked in a room with your preist that`ll teach ya
[06:47pm] Imagine : silly bastids selling weak amounts of stock,,,hope you got enough to buy shriveled up hot dog off the 7-11 roller and a small slurpee
[06:27pm] Optimus Prime : lol.. yup yup .. sphere 3D news ...some reason this ticker ANY doesnt hightlight ?
[06:26pm] Imagine : oh my bad you did not mean just any news but ANY news lol
[06:25pm] Imagine : yep yep yep there was news out few mins ago
[06:16pm] Optimus Prime : ANY news just out mins ago
[05:49pm] Blackjack : :D
[05:49pm] Imagine : don`t you want some SOLO,,,not the classic red plastic cup
[05:42pm] Imagine : what the hell is wrong with that CVSI smh
[05:42pm] Homebrew :
[05:40pm] Imagine : nevah
[05:40pm] Imagine : fake news? well i evah!
[05:36pm] Blackjack : someone put out fake news on LCLP looks like someone wants .0005
[05:34pm] smoots : was looking for a considerable pullback but not a dang slaughter, jeeeez
[05:27pm] Oneputtkip : LCLP down 82%;WOW!
[05:16pm] Imagine : HEMP keep @@ on think somebody gonna be pushing it soon
[05:01pm] Imagine : TVIX cmon down baby you look so hott under 30$
[04:58pm] Imagine : NUGS no slug
[04:49pm] Blackjack : thumb up
[04:48pm] Imagine : luv it
[04:48pm] Blackjack : nice play!
[04:48pm] Imagine : why oh why CVSI do you wanna live in 6$ neighborhood why oh why CVSI
[04:39pm] smoots : LCLP WTH?
[04:25pm] rysky007 : if we cannot communicate properly then lets find a better means that expresses the message calmly and in a helping way
[04:25pm] rysky007 : were here to help eachother trade
[04:25pm] rysky007 : can we lower the attitudes please
[04:25pm] Optimus Prime : would have had an R in there if that was the case ...
[04:24pm] Homebrew : Prick?
[04:24pm] Homebrew : lol
[04:23pm] Homebrew : You are the one with AH issues. You chat like a 12 year old.Get over being an AH
[04:23pm] Optimus Prime : CGUD blowing up on low vol/trades ..atm ...........saw it to late = not in ..................see what happens when you entertain an idiot ...ya miss an OPportunity
[04:22pm] Optimus Prime : you got issues dude ... get over it
[04:22pm] Optimus Prime : 7:02 this morning when posted ...
[04:22pm] Homebrew : Great News for RBIZ
[04:21pm] Imagine : they sell CBD oil? huh
[04:21pm] Optimus Prime : who said now its a buy ??? the buy was @ 1st post
[04:21pm] Blackjack : During this six-month period, the company’s revenue totaled $2.23 million, a 102% increase from $985K in the first half of the previous financial year.
[04:20pm] Blackjack : Once the Gulf retail opportunities are fully unlocked, revenues will increase exponentially, pushing the company closer to profitability.
[04:20pm] Imagine : oh snap
[04:20pm] Homebrew : lol
[04:19pm] Homebrew : so now its a buy??
[04:19pm] Optimus Prime : yes it is
[04:18pm] Homebrew : it was a daytrade,
[04:18pm] Blackjack :
[04:18pm] Blackjack : RBIZ HIGHLIGHT- smart investors might want to start getting in before the stock begins its upward journey, which could very easily see it soar past $0.010 – which, although a modest share price, represents a 300% spike from the current sha
[04:17pm] Optimus Prime : who new ? well ...appears 2 new
[04:17pm] Optimus Prime : [07:02:43] Optimus Prime: [h[RBIZ]] check it ... ..its time
[04:16pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^ ju got it mang !
[04:16pm] Blackjack : white dove flies higher
[04:16pm] Blackjack : yes but shud be dovedive lol
[04:14pm] Optimus Prime : correction ... it was posted RBIZ dosedive .... must be sumpn different than a nosedive ?
[04:12pm] Optimus Prime : SGMD shakn the bushes off news from 11 am
[04:11pm] Optimus Prime : but,,, but ,,, it was nosediving ??
[04:11pm] Blackjack : RBIZ .0045
[03:48pm] Blackjack : RBIZ .0039 news out
[03:44pm] Blackjack : remember it wont run rigtaway it takes 9months or so to start the run takes time but .0001 heck
[03:43pm] Blackjack : CFGX .0003 hold .0001 for lotto love pond bottom fishin
[03:39pm] Blackjack : HAVE A DIP IT S ALL GOOD!
[03:35pm] smoots : LCLP pulling back
[03:27pm] Blackjack : MPIX .0021
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