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[06:25pm] hbmusic : have a good Thanksgiving everyone
[04:40pm] racoonracoon : CTIC too
[04:38pm] racoonracoon : watching AVEO CBAY
[04:10pm] giorosas : HEPA rocket mode
[03:56pm] giorosas : good morning ASLN
[03:16pm] alchemytrader22 : PNRL OMG
[02:48pm] hbmusic : HEPA doing well
[02:40pm] alchemytrader22 : OCGN grinding .40s needs to break VWAP .41
[02:35pm] yuppee : watching SRRA, SUNW
[02:32pm] hbmusic : OCGN weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[02:22pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[02:06pm] alchemytrader22 : HEPA 4.80 starter
[01:50pm] hbmusic : watching NIO,OCGN
[01:32pm] hbmusic : good morning everyone
[08:27pm] hbmusic : NIO hod
[08:22pm] hbmusic : NIO wants to break out
[04:12pm] hbmusic : Nio playing hard to get
[03:30pm] rysky007 : not as slow as I thought today would be
[03:28pm] hbmusic : watching NIO
[02:53pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP r/g
[01:42pm] hbmusic : good morning all
[05:58pm] Oneputtkip : ^^ +43%
[05:47pm] Oneputtkip : ^^ nhod, + 37%
[05:36pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP trying for more
[02:44pm] Oneputtkip : ^^now vol alert
[02:40pm] Oneputtkip : ^^ hod, + 27%
[02:36pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP ww
[02:28pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Monday.
[02:23pm] hbmusic : watching FCEL
[02:14pm] hbmusic : watching SRNE
[01:47pm] hbmusic : CBAY a huge gap down
[01:45pm] hbmusic : Good morning
[01:45pm] rysky007 : good morning
[09:00pm] chain_breaker : GGIX looks liek its closing horrible
[09:00pm] chain_breaker : like*
[08:59pm] Homebrew : $CGIX closing anyone cares about it
[08:00pm] chain_breaker : nothing like jamming to some pet shop boys on a friday close
[07:53pm] chain_breaker : hey now hey now
[07:53pm] chain_breaker : dont dream its over
[07:41pm] chain_breaker : ill stop the world and melt with you
[07:32pm] chain_breaker : so whats everyone trading?
[07:21pm] chain_breaker : damn .. banned again in spades chat
[07:19pm] chain_breaker : lol
[07:19pm] DoosmanJones : Oh wait, scratch that last part
[07:19pm] DoosmanJones : That was kind of my fault
[07:19pm] DoosmanJones : And then had it murdered
[07:19pm] DoosmanJones : But then some methed out hippie Broke into my house and stole it and threw food all over the place
[07:18pm] DoosmanJones : I used to have one a couple weeks ago
[07:18pm] chain_breaker : i think you should lay off the animals for a little bit
[07:17pm] chain_breaker : lol
[07:17pm] DoosmanJones : I need a new dog
[07:16pm] chain_breaker : in life
[07:16pm] chain_breaker : of help
[07:16pm] chain_breaker : i need a lot
[07:15pm] DoosmanJones : I need the market to close red
[07:15pm] DoosmanJones : Wweeeee!!!
[07:06pm] DoosmanJones : Well, this one works
[07:03pm] chain_breaker : well well well
[05:46pm] Homebrew : $CGIX Boom
[04:53pm] hbmusic : im hungry and there is nothng to eat
[04:12pm] yuppee : slowwwwwwwwwwwwww
[03:49pm] hbmusic : not much today
[03:13pm] Oneputtkip : ^^+16%
[03:06pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP ww, imo
[02:45pm] rysky007 : how are things looking?>
[02:45pm] rysky007 : morming
[02:23pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Friday.
[01:59pm] hbmusic : watching TOPS
[01:57pm] hbmusic : watching HMPQ,CRON
[01:50pm] hbmusic : good morning all
[01:42pm] yuppee : watching NVIV, SSI
[04:32pm] giorosas : HEXO is a rocket now
[04:03pm] giorosas : NIO doing well
[04:00pm] hbmusic : CRON doing well
[03:05pm] giorosas : ACB, HEXO doing well
[01:59pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:52pm] giorosas : Watching PHIO, ACB, HEPA, ONTX, NVIV, TNXP, SUNW, CRON, BPTH, BIOC, WWR, SSI
[01:51pm] hbmusic : watching CRON
[01:51pm] giorosas : good morning
[01:46pm] hbmusic : good morning everyone
[08:56pm] claudio_patron : FNMA one gapper for tomorrow
[07:09pm] hbmusic : Thanks
[07:08pm] rysky007 : MJ stocks are about to run
[07:08pm] rysky007 :
[02:48pm] giorosas : DFFN doing well
[02:40pm] alchemytrader22 : XSPT volume .0002
[02:37pm] giorosas : ENDP doing well
[02:33pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP watchng for the .20 break
[02:31pm] giorosas : dow jones negative be careful!
[02:30pm] giorosas : DFFN, ARAV, CGIX, I, KNSA, FLNT, MYSZ, SGLB
[02:29pm] giorosas : good morning
[02:24pm] Oneputtkip : Watching ALPP for continuation. Showing a little PM strength.
[02:22pm] rysky007 : Good morning buddy
[02:22pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[12:51pm] alchemytrader22 : ARAV 23.88 oh myy
[08:36pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP news just out
[08:32pm] Oneputtkip : ^^54%
[08:19pm] Oneputtkip : ^^42%
[08:18pm] Oneputtkip : ALPP + 33%
[08:02pm] racoonracoon : HDII ^^
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