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[02:24pm] rysky007 : lets see if the bounce starts today on large caps
[02:24pm] rysky007 : good morning
[02:24pm] rysky007 : nice to see some pre market action
[02:24pm] Homebrew : 8%
[02:24pm] Homebrew : UXIN Up 6% Pre Market. Up 4 days ina ow
[01:23pm] Optimus Prime : PRPO pre mkt action started
[05:00pm] Homebrew : UXIN Up 14% now...starting to run maybe...??
[04:24pm] Optimus Prime : LHSIF lookn to start a fight with the 200 @ .80
[04:17pm] Optimus Prime : [06:31:40] Optimus Prime: [h[PTX]] on bounce status
[03:59pm] Homebrew : UXIN New HOD up 9
[03:56pm] Homebrew : near hod
[03:49pm] Homebrew : UXIN Up 7% now
[03:48pm] Optimus Prime : GMER off that news keeps climbing
[03:44pm] Oneputtkip : ALQA hod
[03:23pm] Optimus Prime : alkalized super water ??? ..NEO superwater .. DNAX has it now
[03:20pm] Optimus Prime : shippers again very busy today
[03:10pm] dave5655 : AXXA kickn butt
[03:08pm] Homebrew : ...and right back up to 5.50 UXIN . Open Gap filled
[02:58pm] Optimus Prime : ASNA new highs
[02:57pm] Optimus Prime : SN tryn to pinch again ...looks like its gonna activate
[02:55pm] Optimus Prime : WFT tryn to pinch
[02:47pm] Optimus Prime : wat up wiff DGSE ? Hmmmm
[02:42pm] Optimus Prime : 1.00 print
[02:41pm] Optimus Prime : STRM $1 close for the break
[02:40pm] Optimus Prime : STRM low vol/trades ...atm .. spread but tightening up some
[02:39pm] Optimus Prime : ARDM back on
[02:39pm] Blackjack : LIGA .0072
[02:36pm] Homebrew : UXIN sorry
[02:35pm] Homebrew : UXIM
[02:35pm] Optimus Prime : ARDM halt
[02:33pm] Optimus Prime : AXXA knockn boots
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : 1.05 breakn
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : .99
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : ARDM breakn for $1
[02:31pm] Optimus Prime : PTX on bounce status
[02:30pm] Optimus Prime : ARDM out the blocks fast
[02:28pm] Blackjack : morning
[02:17pm] rysky007 : good morning
[02:13pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone.
[01:28pm] alchemytrader22 : no shorts MYOS
[01:24pm] aahepp : LCI late reaction to news
[12:23pm] aahepp : MYOS reacting to news
[11:58am] Eagle_One :
[08:01pm] rysky007 : IMO carefull with CBD plays, the fad will only last so long as its national adaptation hype is cooling off
[08:01pm] rysky007 : ironic that its a CBD company
[08:01pm] rysky007 : 42% gains so far is the top leader, CBDD
[06:40pm] Blackjack : CBDD .0029
[05:17pm] Homebrew : UXIN sorry
[05:16pm] Homebrew : UNIX going back up again +17 % ..Lunch buyers push back to HOD?s pu
[03:40pm] racoonracoon : cbd sector moving nice
[03:30pm] racoonracoon : HMPQ HIPH KOSK AGTK KALY TINO ^
[03:29pm] Blackjack : CBDD .0022
[03:26pm] Optimus Prime : KALY new high
[03:24pm] Optimus Prime : CLDX new high
[03:16pm] Optimus Prime : HX new highs
[03:03pm] Optimus Prime : Harrison Vickers an Waterman workn on a bounce ... just printed a new .0014 high
[03:03pm] Eagle_One : If I might say,....not a bad Monday at all..!
[02:59pm] Blackjack : PGUS .0015
[02:56pm] Optimus Prime : some may want to keep an eye on CLDX also
[02:55pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP still red but bouncing off lows
[02:54pm] Optimus Prime : SNOA makn a lot of noise but not going anywhere ....atm ... give it a lil more time
[02:44pm] Optimus Prime : $2 break in the works on STAF
[02:41pm] Blackjack : PGUS .0014
[02:40pm] rysky007 : EWLL moving a big on Interview with investor news
[02:39pm] rysky007 : HMPQ snuck in there some how
[02:38pm] rysky007 : HNPI and HIPH both leading scanners
[02:38pm] rysky007 : sweeet
[02:37pm] Optimus Prime : ONCS back over $1
[02:37pm] Optimus Prime : HX workn towards ...ahh new highs
[02:36pm] Oneputtkip : Trying SHMP .018 for bounce
[02:35pm] Optimus Prime : sure does
[02:35pm] rysky007 : KALY has a history of some good breakouts right?
[02:34pm] Optimus Prime : KALY in the blocks for a pop run
[02:33pm] Blackjack : mornng
[02:31pm] rysky007 : HIPH with news quickly took frist place
[02:31pm] rysky007 : RHE second
[02:31pm] rysky007 : ONCS catching up
[02:30pm] rysky007 : NWGFF bottom bounce chart testing .05 breakout level
[02:30pm] rysky007 : wow my whole watch list is green
[02:30pm] rysky007 : ONCS leading top gains so far from Open
[02:26pm] rysky007 : low volume pre market but leading by 70% gap
[02:26pm] rysky007 : RHE showed up to the pre market scene
[02:25pm] Optimus Prime : 2.25 back to pm high .... yeah, looks good for a possible pinch squirt
[02:24pm] rysky007 : nice chart there OP
[02:19pm] rysky007 : CEI RGSE pre market action
[02:19pm] rysky007 : ONCS third with news so could start the opening bell off stronger then others
[02:19pm] rysky007 : MNGA second
[02:19pm] rysky007 : that one always tends to have some good swings
[02:19pm] rysky007 : BPMX leading the pre market pack
[02:19pm] rysky007 : ONCS back in action
[04:50am] lang : im liking SIPC alot this week think its very underrated not many know about the potential of this one yet, just saying.
[08:14pm] Homebrew : I am falling in love with TNXP lol....In @ $3.65 to out at $5.75.....Third time doing that....Love YO YO Stocks! Might Buy back in Monday or Tuesday depending on conditions then
[08:30pm] Blackjack : oh
[08:30pm] Oneputtkip : RGBP but now has reversed
[08:29pm] Blackjack : short what?
[08:27pm] Oneputtkip : Yep, ????
[08:27pm] Blackjack : ?
[08:20pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^looking like a good short here???
[04:22pm] Blackjack : RGBP .0074
[04:10pm] Oneputtkip : oops, back down
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