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[01:29pm] alchemytrader22 : FTFT
[01:24pm] rysky007 : .45 to .70 currently pre market
[01:24pm] Optimus Prime : Airmedia ^ pre mkt
[01:24pm] rysky007 : CPHI looking like a big gap up this morning
[01:20pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC indicating opening sgtrength; news yesterday
[01:14pm] aahepp : Chinanet Online $4 major
[01:12pm] rysky007 : TTNP leading the scanners in volume and gains, in a deep fight with CPHI
[01:08pm] rysky007 : TTNP GLG EARS MOSY TNXP NSPR
[01:08pm] rysky007 : CHPI again green before market
[12:58pm] aahepp : NII Holdings testing major
[12:34pm] aahepp : J** tresting y/h
[12:30pm] shadow1461 : TTNP up 27%
[12:27pm] shadow1461 : good morning
[12:23pm] aahepp : NCTY +438%
[11:42am] aahepp : CREG now on the move
[11:32am] aahepp : CIFS testing y/h
[11:30am] aahepp : CCCL testing y/h
[11:19am] Blackjack : GM
[11:16am] aahepp : CNET testing y/h
[11:16am] aahepp : NCTY China junk off to the races
[05:02am] lang : looks like SIPC has news out and will really heat up on friday just a heads up
[04:46am] lang : anyone see KGKG and SIPC MJ stocks really rallying this week
[02:57am] Kylefrink : SQ, AMD, OILU next week, Gn All.
[02:51am] Kylefrink : Just some ideas: Aker from a .30, .28 retest, Akrx already started its move, Gsat (Longerplay), Nspr-already started, AWSM- from bottom, OilU -very soon Abeo-bottom FCEL-bottom, Tops-scalp, NLST-move soon, Clf-bottom, Oas, Cifs, Ja
[02:51am] Kylefrink : Hope yall had Fun, BTW OilU about to play, (Chart) and some others below,
[02:49am] Kylefrink : Well anyways I am trading Longer Trades, I play charts from the Bottom, Confirm with cci/Will% then back it up with macd histo....and reguarding ?s i asked, i didnt ask anything, i answered one that was asked to the whole room, and that was who knows
[02:45am] Kylefrink : Funny!
[08:04pm] smoots : cyall tamali, thanks guys
[07:57pm] smoots : Kylefrink.......... must have ramblin fever or sumpin like that
[07:57pm] Optimus Prime : ahh . well maybe he has alot of bags to pack around ?
[07:55pm] Optimus Prime : followed some others prolly a blown acct.
[07:53pm] aahepp : $PTI $10 test
[07:43pm] aahepp : Where is the individual that was talking about following people for trades
[07:16pm] aahepp : PTI 400%
[06:41pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC nhod
[06:32pm] Optimus Prime : and halt for the 3rd time
[06:31pm] Optimus Prime : YVR off halt again
[06:21pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC news
[04:31pm] smoots : LCLP .0012
[04:30pm] smoots : wheres that Imagine , anybody know
[04:28pm] Blackjack : LGBI .0007
[04:17pm] smoots : LCLP .0011
[03:15pm] Blackjack : WOW cbd oil is hot
[03:15pm] Blackjack :
[03:14pm] Blackjack : in 7 hours CANADA OUT-OF-STOCK for CBD-oil? It took 7 friggin HOURS... not 7 DAYS... 7 HOURS? I bought my Aurora CBD oil around 9:30 am, and when I got home around 4:00 pm there was NO MORE CBD oil, neither in oil form
[03:08pm] aahepp : Welp on your own now
[03:06pm] aahepp : CNET there is $1 from the alert
[03:05pm] aahepp : CNET next major 3.27
[03:02pm] aahepp : CNET through the 200d
[03:01pm] aahepp : IMFK still got da funk
[03:01pm] aahepp : IFMK
[03:01pm] aahepp : SSC nhod
[03:00pm] aahepp : CNET more buyers
[02:55pm] aahepp : CNET late to the party.
[02:55pm] aahepp : SSC still getting buyers
[02:49pm] aahepp : NSPR needs more buyers but worth a look
[02:47pm] aahepp : see the pattern
[02:47pm] aahepp : CPHI just from the post + another .75%
[02:41pm] aahepp : Gotta know the secret knock and tip the bouncer at the door
[02:41pm] aahepp : CPHI called from an undisclosed location nice 100% move
[02:27pm] smoots : ill spend some ugly money, lol
[02:25pm] aahepp : IFMK told ya it was ugly, but still pushing
[02:21pm] aahepp : CCCL nhod
[02:21pm] aahepp : +331% on a Phase 1 trail data. Way too mush over reaction
[02:16pm] smoots : ahhh, thanks, knowledge is golden
[02:15pm] aahepp : look at the puts as well. people are paying up for date puts on that thing, so they are planning it drops
[02:15pm] aahepp : another easy to get shares to short
[02:14pm] aahepp : east to borrow
[02:14pm] aahepp : easy
[02:14pm] smoots : ETB?
[02:13pm] aahepp : PTI listed ETB across the board. if you in you may want to get out
[02:09pm] aahepp : +341%
[02:09pm] aahepp : PTI nhod
[02:08pm] Optimus Prime : SPI makn some noise off early early news
[02:08pm] aahepp : SWET more buyers
[02:07pm] aahepp : IFMK ugly but moving
[02:05pm] aahepp : JMU on themove again
[02:04pm] aahepp : SWET nhod
[02:03pm] Optimus Prime : RSHN .0035 current high
[02:02pm] aahepp : CREG game on
[02:00pm] aahepp : CCCL game on
[02:00pm] aahepp : +230%
[01:59pm] aahepp : CLWT buyers
[01:57pm] aahepp : dark horse got found and halted
[01:57pm] aahepp : CREG dark horse China junk in the game
[01:55pm] aahepp : DELT old mover getting buyers again
[01:54pm] Optimus Prime : RSHN news just out mins ago
[01:54pm] aahepp : CCCL $5
[01:53pm] aahepp : CCCL jus sayin
[01:49pm] smoots : LCLP gettin buyers
[01:49pm] aahepp : YECO see if it can get $20 today
[01:49pm] aahepp : CIFS nhod
[01:48pm] bullshead : PTI is sick
[01:47pm] aahepp : CCCL $4
[01:47pm] smoots : .001
[01:46pm] smoots : LCLP getting some action
[01:45pm] aahepp : SWET nhod
[01:45pm] aahepp : PTI +302%
[01:45pm] aahepp : CIFS continuation from yesterday
[01:42pm] aahepp : CCCL nhod
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