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[02:36pm] Optimus Prime : has to clear .0499 1st
[02:36pm] Optimus Prime : I give it a chance for a .06 touch
[02:35pm] rysky007 : holding top spot
[02:35pm] rysky007 : think it can go higher?
[02:35pm] Optimus Prime : BCCI off news this a.m.
[02:24pm] rysky007 : a lot of pre market action today
[02:24pm] rysky007 : morning
[02:18pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone.
[02:14pm] rysky007 : AVEO
[02:14pm] rysky007 : ESNC
[02:14pm] rysky007 : DPW
[02:09pm] rysky007 : EARS popping up pre market
[02:03pm] rysky007 : oh oh
[02:02pm] Optimus Prime : HMNY delisted as of this morning ....she gone to the OTC side
[02:01pm] rysky007 : CLD joining the pre market fight
[01:57pm] Blackjack : GM
[01:56pm] rysky007 : NNDM also movign on news
[01:56pm] rysky007 : RWLK some good action pre market
[01:56pm] rysky007 : on news
[08:45pm] Oneputtkip : DKGR + 44%
[08:34pm] aahepp : INND jus sayin
[08:05pm] aahepp : Put some eyeballs on RDGL. Looks like it may have found bottom. Right or right out
[07:49pm] Oneputtkip : DKGR hod, +33%
[07:34pm] aahepp : FPTA jus sayin
[05:16pm] Optimus Prime : time to start exiting VYST on this last upage ..if your in ,,,,just my OPinion
[05:12pm] Optimus Prime : VYST tesing
[04:42pm] aahepp : aahepp 11 : 09 AM SAGD trying to get new buyer Undisclosed location
[04:40pm] aahepp : SAGD like the Jeffersons. Moving on Up
[04:21pm] aahepp : SAGD jus sayin
[04:07pm] Optimus Prime : AMRH thar she goes ...she wants to break .........testing the hard headbang now
[03:54pm] Optimus Prime : HIPH news just out
[03:45pm] Blackjack : RGBP .0044
[03:36pm] yuppee : EMIS cont.
[03:21pm] Oneputtkip : DKGR vol alert
[02:50pm] Optimus Prime : SHLDQ broke 1.50 and ^ again ....not in anymore
[02:46pm] Optimus Prime : huh ..wat ..SNPW had news 15 mins before the bell
[02:42pm] Blackjack : TGRO .0032
[02:37pm] Blackjack : OCLN .0017 nice news
[02:36pm] Blackjack : ETEK .0006 @@
[02:36pm] Optimus Prime : price action ... price action that only and get out
[02:36pm] Blackjack : yeah VRUS scam ceo but nice chart
[02:35pm] Optimus Prime : VRUS = yup.... we on it in an undisclosed location
[02:35pm] rysky007 : VYST there also
[02:34pm] rysky007 : DRUS or VRUS
[02:34pm] rysky007 : i see VRUS moving
[02:34pm] Optimus Prime : YRIV from eod yesterday did and is pushing more ..
[02:34pm] Optimus Prime : VYST continuation
[02:33pm] Optimus Prime : DRUS vol coming in off pr
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : CETY continuation
[02:22pm] rysky007 : APDN OPTT moving pre market with news
[02:14pm] Blackjack : GM
[02:14pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone.
[02:02pm] Optimus Prime : OPTT news just out
[01:50pm] yuppee : CRMD cont. pm.... slow
[08:45pm] Optimus Prime : cant trust a Q ticker all that long so its time to say good bye to SHLDQ for today
[08:38pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL hod
[08:33pm] Optimus Prime : YRIV tryn to say its found a bottom ? not convinced just yet by lookn at the daily....but will keep it around a few days to check on it
[08:32pm] Optimus Prime : VYST moe new highs
[07:57pm] reds11 : ALYI going good call
[07:19pm] Blackjack : RGBP .004
[07:13pm] Blackjack : RGBP .0034
[06:58pm] Blackjack : TRDX .0017
[06:45pm] Blackjack : ONCX .0057 wowowowowza
[06:41pm] Blackjack : TRDX .0016
[06:39pm] Blackjack : TRDX .0015
[06:37pm] Blackjack : TRDX .0014
[06:30pm] Blackjack : GETH .0028
[06:25pm] Blackjack : TRDX .0012 @@ custodianship granted
[06:21pm] Optimus Prime : kinda blew that GDSI away
[06:19pm] Blackjack : OP good call on ONCX monster beast on looose
[06:10pm] Oneputtkip : LVXI down 25% but II2 indicates a bounce
[05:53pm] Blackjack : RGBP .003 hold dat one
[05:48pm] Blackjack : Cobalt s gonna be hottest demand due to ev electric vehicle phone etc
[05:46pm] Blackjack : yup
[05:46pm] Optimus Prime : after the runs it had ... pull is expected to re-cycle
[05:45pm] Blackjack : huge tree shakin last week MM s trying to keep it down really hard
[05:45pm] Blackjack : just matter of time then pop up hard
[05:44pm] Optimus Prime : ALYI watch for bouce later this afternoon and tomorrow .... bit-o-news 45 mins ago
[05:44pm] Blackjack : still holding my GOLD ACRL @@
[05:41pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^ from undislosed location ... time stamp is 3 hrs ahead of my west coast time .... so it was news @ 10:47 am ... puts it at my time 7:47 am
[05:40pm] Blackjack : yup
[05:40pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 10:58 AM SPDL news out bout 10 mins ago .... may want to look eye
[05:40pm] Blackjack : yeah need to bring more members in here
[05:40pm] Optimus Prime : you posted 1 that is on dar = SPDL ....
[05:39pm] Optimus Prime : plus the lack of participation makes me feel Im the only 1 posting at times ... cant carry everybody on my back ...ya know
[05:38pm] Optimus Prime : OBE coming off sup levels
[05:37pm] Optimus Prime : on dar also is OBE
[05:37pm] Optimus Prime : ya radar that is
[05:37pm] Blackjack : yup no question buddy
[05:37pm] Optimus Prime : NMUS put it on your dar
[05:36pm] Optimus Prime : you know me Black .... I bring in the gold ..... most of the time ...
[05:36pm] Blackjack : ha
[05:36pm] Optimus Prime : lol
[05:35pm] Blackjack : keep theem going
[05:35pm] racoonracoon : VRUS too
[05:34pm] Optimus Prime : and last week was a good week.... this is startn out to beat thecrap out of last week
[05:33pm] Blackjack : ya
[05:33pm] Optimus Prime : and CLD
[05:33pm] Optimus Prime : juggling like a mad man ONCX - ATVK - VYST ...
[05:32pm] Oneputtkip : Good find, OP
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