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[01:46pm] giorosas : CRON in 9,16
[01:45pm] pulkitsaini : hepa doing well as well
[01:39pm] giorosas : FTFT doing well now
[01:34pm] giorosas : PLX doing well
[01:33pm] rysky007 : IPDN holding up scanners
[01:30pm] rysky007 : here we go
[01:25pm] rysky007 : CANF
[01:25pm] rysky007 : CTRM
[01:25pm] rysky007 : REKR
[01:25pm] rysky007 : SOLO
[01:25pm] rysky007 : LLNW
[01:25pm] rysky007 : FORD
[01:25pm] rysky007 : CBAT
[01:25pm] rysky007 : FTFT moving
[01:25pm] rysky007 : PLX
[01:25pm] rysky007 : HEPA
[01:02pm] giorosas : WTER nice curve, i hope volume increase
[12:59pm] alchemytrader22 : WTER bottom bounce chart
[12:59pm] alchemytrader22 :
[12:52pm] alchemytrader22 : WTER - 1.63 premarket on news.
[12:52pm] alchemytrader22 : The Alkaline Water Company Extends the Alkaline88(R) Brand with Best-in-Class Topical CBD Products WTER  WTER.V
[12:50pm] giorosas : CGIX
[12:43pm] giorosas : goog morning watching CRON, HEPA, PLX, CANF, REKR, FTFT
[11:14am] alchemytrader22 : HEPA - out 4.50 commish burner. too risky for me
[07:52pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX closing strength
[07:41pm] Homebrew : just re un halted
[07:41pm] Homebrew : Nice BNGO now $3.00 good bounce so far..
[07:29pm] rysky007 : impressive
[07:22pm] Homebrew : Bounced off $2.50 range
[07:22pm] Homebrew : BNGO finding streight again
[06:38pm] Oneputtkip : ^^.002
[06:20pm] Oneputtkip : needs to break .002
[06:16pm] Oneputtkip : Looks like it
[06:15pm] rysky007 : again?>
[06:12pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX
[05:21pm] rysky007 : BBAL tiny volume but so was VCEY not to long ago
[05:20pm] rysky007 : VCYE moving
[05:20pm] rysky007 : BNGO still going
[05:20pm] rysky007 : ENHT
[02:26pm] Homebrew : WWR Moving from deep red to near green. Up about 67% yesyerday
[02:22pm] giorosas : thanks, see you tomorrow
[02:20pm] giorosas : at least in zero but made well with BNGO, ACHN
[02:20pm] alchemytrader22 : CHFS highs
[02:20pm] rysky007 : LMFA?
[02:20pm] giorosas : I made several purchases at the end was in 7,2 and sold in 7,4
[02:18pm] rysky007 : nice trade
[02:18pm] alchemytrader22 : where did you get in VIVE?
[02:18pm] alchemytrader22 : damn
[02:17pm] giorosas : VIVE doing well now
[02:15pm] giorosas : VIVE out 7.4
[02:12pm] giorosas : BNGO 1,08 - 1,3 i could not wait more
[02:10pm] giorosas : Good move with ACHN, BNGO but in red with VIVE
[02:10pm] alchemytrader22 : BNGO is nuts. i need to stop playing so scared. cancelled my 1.10 bid earlier. would have got filled
[02:09pm] giorosas : Awaiting VIVE in 7.2 LOL
[02:02pm] alchemytrader22 : BNGO nice move off 1.10
[01:58pm] alchemytrader22 : DTSS only one holding up
[01:58pm] alchemytrader22 : VIVE 6.00 dead
[01:57pm] giorosas : BNGO out
[01:56pm] giorosas : ACHN out
[01:51pm] giorosas : BNGO in
[01:50pm] giorosas : ACHN in
[01:47pm] giorosas : ACHN doing well now
[01:45pm] alchemytrader22 : damn
[01:45pm] giorosas : VIVE in
[01:43pm] giorosas : LOL wait 15 min
[01:42pm] alchemytrader22 : out
[01:42pm] alchemytrader22 : wtf
[01:42pm] alchemytrader22 : VIVE in
[01:42pm] giorosas : yeah out
[01:41pm] alchemytrader22 : ouch
[01:38pm] giorosas : VIVE in
[01:37pm] rysky007 : BKYI leading scanner
[01:29pm] alchemytrader22 : XBIO 1.36 no online buying with etrade
[01:25pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:25pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[01:08pm] rysky007 : all over 10% gains so far
[01:08pm] rysky007 : APDN
[01:08pm] rysky007 : XBIO
[01:07pm] rysky007 : IPWR
[01:07pm] rysky007 : MGEN
[01:07pm] rysky007 : EWLL news
[01:07pm] rysky007 : tends to move a bit when it has news
[01:06pm] alchemytrader22 : BNGO pop and dump 1.25
[12:53pm] giorosas : ACHN having volumen 8.1M during pre-market is amazing
[12:42pm] giorosas : and
[12:41pm] giorosas : Just one time i would say because yesterday i was dipping twice the same stock, anf then i was suffering with second entry.
[12:39pm] giorosas : challenge is to see during the market which is the exact moment to invest on BNGO, VIVE, ACHN
[12:35pm] giorosas : Amazing BNGO
[12:34pm] alchemytrader22 : BNGO 2.65 lol
[12:25pm] giorosas : Watching ACHN, VIVE, XBIO, SCON, BNGO, MNK, CTST, OCGN, APDN, TMDI, SES
[12:25pm] giorosas : good morning
[11:38am] alchemytrader22 : VIVE 8.00
[12:30am] pulkitsaini >63 : If you want I can change my email address.
[12:29am] pulkitsaini >63 : I am from India but I live in Canada now permanently.
[06:23pm] Homebrew : I think but npot 100% sure but Red to Green
[06:16pm] shadow1461 >14208 : what does r/g mean
[04:57pm] Homebrew : WWR Boom Up 128%
[04:55pm] giorosas : THANKS, see you tomorrow!
[04:55pm] giorosas : 6.70
[04:54pm] giorosas : wwr out
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