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TOPIC: AIRO - Airspan Networks Inc.

7 years 1 month ago #1734

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Airspan Networks AirSynergy Pico Base Station With Integrated Backhaul Selected as Finalist at 4G World for 'Best Overall Innovation in Mobile' Award

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Oct 24, 2011) - 4G World - Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of broadband wireless access networks, announced today that its revolutionary LTE Pico cell, AirSynergy, has been selected as a finalist in the 4G World Awards category of "Best overall innovation in mobile." Final winners will be announced at the 4G World event being held October 24-27 in Chicago, Illinois.

AirSynergy is the world's first multi-standard pico eNodeB that tightly integrates high capacity wireless backhaul, designed to allow operators to economically deploy urban heterogeneous 4G networks, and create sustainable 4G broadband networks in rural areas. The product is a highly compact, software defined radio base station providing the flexibility to support multiple Radio Access Network (RAN) standards and wireless backhaul simultaneously.

AirSynergy solves the four critical problems associated with 4G small cell deployments:

•It is economic to deploy for small numbers of users
•Has an optimized form-factor that is "Rapidly Deployable" and "De minimis"
•Includes a cost effective, point-to-multipoint, non-line-of-sight backhaul solution that supports relay
•Delivers end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) over access and backhaul radio interfaces
AirSynergy will allow 4G LTE and 4G WiMAX carriers to significantly increase the data handling capacity of their network by deploying wireless pico nodes close to the user base on existing street poles such as lamp posts and utility poles. Spanning licensed frequency bands between 450 MHz and 6 GHz, AirSynergy supports several RAN standards including:

•WiMAX 802.16d and 802.16e
•LTE release 8.0 and 9.0, both TDD and FDD
•Optional support for GSM/Edge and UMTS HSPA+
•High capacity point-to-multipoint relay backhaul
"AirSynergy is a revolutionary new product that will enable carriers to deploy 4G into locations that have never been accessible or sustainable before," said Airspan CEO Eric Stonestrom. "For the multitude of network capacity and coverage challenges arising from widespread adoption of smart phones, AirSynergy is a compelling proposition."

The Best of 4G Awards recognize the top companies, products and innovations within the wireless and mobile supply ecosystem. Final selection of winners will be made by an independent committee, and a special Best in Show at 4G World Award will be voted on by conference attendees. Winners will be announced at the 4G World 2011 VIP Party later today.

Airspan's new suite of LTE RAN solutions including AirSynergy, as well as other groundbreaking equipment such as the Air4G family are on display at 4G World this week in booth #1815.

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Airspan Networks Positioned for TV White Space Spectrum

Offering 4G Solutions for Specialized Bands to Serve Rural, Smart Grid and M2M Markets

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 18, 2011) - Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of broadband wireless access networks, today announced the successful completion of trials for 4G broadband network operation in TV White Space spectrum in the United States, United Kingdom and Finland.

A global trend is developing where countries are granting spectrum freed up by the migration from analog to digital television, for the purposes of commercial broadband connectivity. The spectrum referred to as "TV White Space" generally falls in the 450 to 800 MHz frequency range in large blocks. TV White Space is being made available for applications such as wireless broadband access, which is particularly well suited for rural broadband where TV transmissions occupy relatively low allocations of spectrum. In order to operate in this spectrum, base stations are generally required to register their location with a database and carefully regulate their emissions so as not to interfere with remaining TV transmissions.

Broadband Service Providers and Utility Companies can greatly benefit from this emerging spectrum availability by utilizing it to deliver broadband in underserved areas, smart grid solutions and other wide area M2M applications in remote areas.

"TV White Space spectrum presents a great opportunity for delivering service to rural not-spots," commented Peter Stanforth, CTO of Spectrum Bridge. "ISPs can now access spectrum that is similar to that used by cellular carriers without the very costly spectrum license fees. Coupled with Airspan equipment, TV White Space enables a sustainable business case for ISPs delivering broadband in low density, underserved areas."

Airspan has conducted successful white space trials in the UHF block of frequencies in U.S., UK and Finland with equipment that is ideal for the TV White Space spectrum due to some inherent features, including:

•Support for network topologies suited to delivering wireless coverage in areas a long distance from an internet POP
•Advanced Carrier Grade Quality of Service (QoS)
•MIMO and smart antenna technology optimized for delivering high bandwidth over long range non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments
•Power levels meet regulations set to protect TV transmission and sharing of bandwidth
•Integrated backhaul for extended long-range operation
•Rapidly deployable form factor, low installation cost and reduced operational expenses
•Low power consumption -- enables self-sustaining remote site using solar/wind power
•Self-configuring, self-healing functionality
•Mature WiMAX technology with seamless migration to LTE
"Our TV White Space trials have been very successful," added Paul Senior, Chief Technical Officer for Airspan. "We have reached Super-Fast Broadband data rates of >20 Mbps in a 7 MHz channel and our equipment operates in relay mode to maintain higher capacity over long distances."

Airspan equipment operating in these low frequency bands enables carriers to provide high quality, long-range fixed broadband connections. The technology has the ability to penetrate obstacles such as trees and buildings. The field trials included extensive antenna testing to ensure the TV White Space solution optimizes MIMO operation.

Paul Senior added, "Most importantly for TV White Space operation, Airspan offers features not available on other technology platforms such as advanced QoS, providing application-sensitive data prioritization, as well as a truly coordinated system network where base stations are responsible for acquiring the assigned spectrum and only then make transmission slots available to relevant end-user devices."

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Airspan Networks Expands Middle East Activities With New Regional Office in Dubai

Announcing Dubai Subsidiary and Participating in Gitex Technology Week

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2011) - Gitex Technology Week -- Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of broadband wireless access networks, announced today that it has opened a Dubai based office and will be participating in the local Gitex Technology exhibition this week.

Headed by Steve Brierley, the Vice President of Sales for Middle East and North Africa, the new office is located in the heart of Dubai, making it easily accessible to customers across the region.

The Dubai launch underlines Airspan's strategy for Middle East expansion and reinforces several objectives including:

•Bringing the company closer to customers and enabling better customer service

•Deepening the understanding of the market and how Airspan solutions best serve the region's connectivity needs

•Better explore new opportunities in the region

•Increase Middle East market penetration
Henrik Smith-Petersen, President of Business Development, commented, "Our new location underpins our commitment to better serve regional customers. The Gulf region is full of opportunity for growth in areas where communications infrastructure is lacking or under-developed. There is also growth potential in the oil and gas industry and other vertical markets such as smart grids and transportation. We have a unique and compelling 4G infrastructure offering that suits the area and can help deliver new-age 4G connectivity throughout the Middle East."

The first undertaking of the new office is the participating at the upcoming Gitex Technology Week show which takes place this week from October 9-13, 2011 in the Dubai International Convention Centre, where Airspan will be highlighting its newest product portfolio. Airspan will exhibit in the Gulfcomms section of the expo at booth number Z-02.

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AIRO - Airspan Networks Inc. 7 years 2 months ago #1213

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Airspan 4G Network Chosen for Smart Grid in Austria

Enabling Salzburg AG to Perform Remote Control Smart Grid Services and Deliver Broadband Services to Residents and Businesses

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2011) - Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of broadband wireless access networks, announced today that it has been chosen by Salzburg AG Austria, with integrator partner Zehetner Elektronik, for a Smart Grid 4G deployment in Salzburg, Austria.

Using Airspan's 4G smart grid solution, Salzburg AG collects real-time data from remote controlled transformer stations enabling the utility to better monitor and forecast service requirements which results in limiting service disruptions and delays, increasing customer satisfaction and retention, and cutting expenses. In addition, the Company is leveraging the 4G equipment to offer broadband services such as Internet and future-planned VoIP (voice over IP) to residential and small business customers.

The network, operating in 3.4 GHz, is powered by Air4G, a leading-edge, all-outdoor, compact base station, which allows for secure, wireless communication and information exchange with low cost of ownership and quick deployment model.

The deployment is continuing to expand and already covers thousands of end-user sites.

"Salzburg AG is consistently updating technology in order to best serve our customer base. Airspan's smart grid solution enables us to incorporate the remote control of transformer stations and a smart metering system while we improve our business offering," commented Christian Kössler, Project Leader of Salzburg AG. "We are very pleased with Airspan's standardized infrastructure, which is delivering long-range and multi-megabit connectivity allowing us better control, planning, billing and real-time energy measurement."

"Utility companies, such as Salzburg AG, are expressing a strong interest in Airspan's Smart Grid solution," commented Henrik Smith-Petersen, President of Global Business Development for Airspan. "We offer a very flexible, affordable solution that fits diverse business models. Utilities have been working diligently to modernize and streamline their networks and Airspan provides an ideal solution that helps these companies improve general operations."

Airspan's Smart Grid solution suits electric, natural gas, oil, water and sewage companies. In addition to immediate information gathering, the 4G networks support applications such as AMI backhaul, distribution automation, demand response, SCADA, mobile and remote workforce connectivity and fleet management.

About Salzburg AG
Salzburg AG is Salzburg's main utility company and provides essential infrastructure for the entire region including energy, telecommunications, and transport as well as offering services such as Cable TV, Internet and telephony. With approx. 2,000 employees and 250,000 customers, the company is one of the largest and most innovative public utilities in Austria. Salzburg AG participates in cooperative agreements with many national and international partners and ensures its competitiveness through strategic investments. Long-term procurement contracts guarantee uninterrupted supply and service at fair prices. www.salzburg-ag.at

About Airspan Networks Inc.
Airspan (PINKSHEETS: AIRO) is a leading 4G wireless solution provider. With over 500 customers in over 100 countries and as a top vendor for carrier-class broadband wireless solutions, Airspan is recognized as a leader and pioneer in 4G and broadband wireless technologies. Providing an expansive product portfolio, Airspan offers customers the widest selection of 4G products in the industry with an unsurpassed level of technology to benefit their business case. Airspan has solutions spanning the 700 MHz to 6 GHz frequency bands. www.airspan.com.

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