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[07:34pm] Homebrew : DPW one of the heaviest traded stocks today
[07:33pm] Homebrew : DPW nearing HOD $1.95 ...current 1.78mm Strong volume,,Break 1.95 surly willbreak above 42.00 also unless its a very weak break above 1.95
[06:47pm] rysky007 : watching also
[05:55pm] traderearl : KPAY uptick
[03:56pm] Oneputtkip : Good find, trader
[03:52pm] traderearl : GGSM ww
[03:09pm] KidRock50 : Watching BRAV
[02:40pm] KidRock50 : ITP Continuing Up....
[02:16pm] traderearl : TPTW moving again
[02:00pm] traderearl : KPAY ww
[01:24pm] rysky007 : NLBIF huge news out
[01:24pm] rysky007 : Tuesday, April 07 2020 8:30 AM, EST NewLeaf Brands Signs LOI to Acquire Colorado Based Mydecine Group; Enters the Medicinal & Infused Mushroom Space PR Newswire   "Press Releases US - English" VANCOUVER, British C
[07:45pm] Homebrew : Might hold a few shares over night see what happens...if any follow up and follow through $ATOS...watchkng into the close to decide if hold or add and hold.... Also, think <Markets will be UP the open for sure....but should be a
[05:06pm] rysky007 : pulling up
[04:59pm] Homebrew : $ATOS trying again....Volume picking up ,,,and moving up off support ,,,UP 40% ,,,,above vway ,,,HOD $2.11 ish..current $1.45 ,..News and huge volume, lunch buyers in about 30 mins ish
[01:34pm] traderearl : RMSL ww
[01:34pm] traderearl : TPTW ww
[01:24pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, everyone. Happy Monday.
[01:03pm] rysky007 : ALLIF trending up pre market
[01:00pm] rysky007 : hey
[12:59pm] Rb1020 : Yo
[12:50pm] rysky007 : good morning
[07:43pm] rysky007 : you to :)
[07:43pm] vikinho17 : I will check that, thank you for yor kindness. have a good day.
[07:42pm] rysky007 :
[07:42pm] rysky007 : yes to do stop loss orders you need to be using Think or Swim I belive but I could be wrong, I never used them
[07:41pm] vikinho17 : should I?
[07:41pm] rysky007 : just on TD website?
[07:41pm] vikinho17 : no
[07:41pm] rysky007 : are you useing Think Or Swim?
[07:41pm] vikinho17 : how?
[07:40pm] rysky007 : not on OTC
[07:40pm] vikinho17 : OK
[07:40pm] rysky007 : you can only do stop loss orders on NYSE and NASDAQ
[07:40pm] rysky007 : ok so its a NYSE
[07:40pm] vikinho17 : sorry ETRN
[07:40pm] rysky007 : what is the ticker? ERTN is not a valid ticker
[07:39pm] vikinho17 : I paid 5.56/sh
[07:39pm] vikinho17 : ERTN
[07:38pm] rysky007 : the stock you are trading, is it NASDAQ, NYSE, or OTC?
[07:38pm] rysky007 : ok
[07:38pm] vikinho17 : Platform means broker? TDA
[07:38pm] rysky007 : Olá, qual software ou plataforma de negociação você usa para colocar transações no mercado
[07:37pm] vikinho17 : Portuguese
[07:37pm] rysky007 : what is your main language?
[07:36pm] vikinho17 : what is a platform? My English is not the best either...sorry.
[07:35pm] rysky007 : what trading platform?
[07:32pm] vikinho17 : What is the best online broker to trade the 007stockchat suggestions?
[07:29pm] vikinho17 : A question to whom will have the time and the kindness to help: How to place a Trailing Stop Loss and at which point it should (can) be placed.
[02:54pm] rysky007 : come in more often and you will see more people :)
[01:16pm] rysky007 : sweeet
[01:08pm] Oneputtkip : PLIN news
[12:58pm] rysky007 : good morning
[12:37pm] Oneputtkip : PLIN unusually strong am activity; ww imo
[12:34pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Friday.
[03:47pm] rysky007 : ooo thanks
[03:47pm] rysky007 : I was watcing two other charts
[03:43pm] KidRock50 : CTXR - Here she goes!
[02:31pm] rysky007 : really?
[02:31pm] rysky007 : wow
[02:25pm] Oneputtkip : ^^Watching for 2.00 break
[02:21pm] Oneputtkip : PLIN
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CTXR is My Mega Thursday NASDAQ Alert
[01:28pm] rysky007 : here we go
[01:13pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:12pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Thursday.
[02:33pm] rysky007 : lets wake i tup
[02:31pm] alchemytrader22 : man, this room is dead
[01:33pm] shadow1461 : Good Morning
[01:06pm] Oneputtkip : PLIN strong am. Sold some @ $2.30
[12:50pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everone. Happy Wednesday.
[07:16pm] Oneputtkip : PLIN 2.00
[06:05pm] 1Richb : I Saw an Article on Yahoo Financial for BNGO .49 What Do you Guys think kinda new to investing its been going up maybe off the news article
[03:26pm] Rb1020 : I need a buy today. What ya got
[02:49pm] Oneputtkip : Watching for 2.00 break
[02:33pm] Oneputtkip : + 20%
[02:31pm] Oneputtkip : ^^showing a little strength; Up 15%
[01:17pm] rysky007 : really? PLIN still going?
[01:00pm] Oneputtkip : Watching PLIN. Strong close after weak day yesterday.
[12:59pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Tuesday.
[06:22pm] rysky007 : nice
[06:21pm] 1Richb : CTST my cousin lives in Canada says good things about to happen With vivid in this one with a connection anyone else hear about that?
[02:38pm] rysky007 : CYLC back at HOD
[02:31pm] Oneputtkip : CHEF tryiing to rebound
[02:00pm] Homebrew : still playing around with NOVN..looking like could pop soon..up 6% good volume.couldbe a good scalp once it starts moving more...
[01:53pm] shadow1461 : and falling
[01:50pm] shadow1461 : shipping on the move TOPS, CTRM, SHIP, GLBS
[01:47pm] shadow1461 : bottom falling out of MFA
[01:34pm] rysky007 : CYLC rising
[01:34pm] rysky007 : .16
[01:10pm] shadow1461 : Eye on MFA for continuation
[01:10pm] shadow1461 : watching CYLC, RNWK, SPHS
[01:09pm] shadow1461 : Good morning
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