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[08:23pm] Grizzly : well great 1 st day back ... plus 374$ for the day ill take it .. Back again in the am .. take care folks
[07:53pm] Imagine : PLUG pluggin along
[07:41pm] Grizzly : CAPR making nhod
[07:33pm] Grizzly : KOPN pushin some
[07:30pm] Imagine : oldie resurges
[07:30pm] Imagine : PLUG worth watching/playing
[07:22pm] Optimus Prime : NECA out of trp 0s ... atm
[07:05pm] Grizzly : wow I see I missed alot
[06:29pm] Grizzly : not much hppening be back in a bit
[06:15pm] Optimus Prime : traveling with ONCI .. reminder of news last week ....again
[06:14pm] Optimus Prime : NECA nhod
[06:11pm] Grizzly : VVUS just breakin ova 1$
[05:58pm] Optimus Prime : WTII nhod
[05:56pm] Optimus Prime : SYN going for $1 break
[05:55pm] Optimus Prime : SDRL wants to do battle w/50 ma @ .31
[05:53pm] Optimus Prime : SDRL nhod @ .27
[05:40pm] Imagine : cleaned that up lol
[05:40pm] Imagine : head in sand means butt in the air,,,don`t get bum rushed
[05:39pm] Grizzly : ill check it out
[05:39pm] Imagine : you on puter,,,some serious chit man
[05:38pm] Grizzly : lol i hadnt even watched tv for 73 days
[05:37pm] Imagine : your credit report yada yada not protected did you not see what happened
[05:36pm] Grizzly : most stuff is protected now days but cant hurt I supposse
[05:36pm] Imagine : BBEPQ lil cheapie nice action
[05:35pm] Imagine : better to be able to sleep at night than worry bout getting goosed
[05:35pm] Grizzly : :)
[05:35pm] Imagine : lil more a tradin comm per month
[05:34pm] Imagine : you sure as he_ _ need to
[05:33pm] Grizzly : I prolly need to be lol
[05:32pm] Imagine : after the Equifux debacle hope you all signed up for Lifelock if you were not already with it
[05:29pm] Imagine : just a lil fyi
[05:29pm] Imagine :
[05:23pm] Grizzly : no no chart went to complete crap there for a while it tried 3 times to clear thru so I jumped ship
[05:23pm] Imagine : XCO once again quietly movin
[05:22pm] Imagine : don`t start that trend again
[05:21pm] Grizzly : AKS finally broke trhu I guess I bailerd to soon
[05:21pm] Imagine : GLYC n/hod
[05:18pm] Imagine : oh yeah go down
[05:18pm] Imagine : n/lod TVIX
[05:13pm] Imagine : ITUS pops,,,told ya
[05:12pm] Grizzly : yup been watchin gettin near that 12$ mark ARRY
[05:11pm] Imagine : good returns there too like HMNY
[05:11pm] Imagine : Grizz ARRY another to watch off and on
[05:11pm] Grizzly : everything I find is already so high
[05:09pm] Grizzly : CAPR first day of pop beaware
[05:04pm] Imagine : TVIX watchin like a hawk as dippage continues
[05:04pm] Imagine : late start not messin with it
[05:03pm] Imagine : GLYC nice one
[04:55pm] Grizzly : GLYC going for more geeez missed that one
[04:54pm] Grizzly : I did earlier :)
[04:54pm] Imagine : had good fortune with that coupla weeks ago
[04:54pm] Grizzly : HMNY old runner been moving around some
[04:52pm] Imagine : afternoon pop might be in the works
[04:52pm] Grizzly : and currently gearing up again
[04:52pm] Grizzly : ITUS was the best i see today tho
[04:50pm] Grizzly : AKS making a tird try at 5.68 ...
[04:49pm] Imagine : yabba dabba doo
[04:49pm] Grizzly : Its just a numbers game an can only trade on the information directly in front of you.. Charts etc lv2 yeah know
[04:49pm] Imagine : bitcoin sector getting back in groove ITUS gettin bizzy again
[04:48pm] Imagine : cool
[04:47pm] Grizzly : yup whole new mindset
[04:47pm] Imagine : sup Grizz i see you back on track banking already
[04:46pm] Grizzly : a couple
[04:46pm] Grizzly : if you pay attention
[04:41pm] Imagine : yo,,,,any shekels to be made today
[04:27pm] Grizzly : MBOT with some nice action
[04:19pm] Optimus Prime : NETE nhod;s printing
[04:16pm] Grizzly : CPST trying a little here
[04:11pm] Grizzly : 5.60
[04:11pm] Grizzly : AKS testin that support now
[04:10pm] Grizzly : I deleted all my list from before ..... so pickin away at new list keep em coming
[04:06pm] Grizzly : NCMI the ride is ova for now
[04:04pm] Grizzly : the daily has all kinds of room
[04:03pm] Grizzly : a little ova bought but just strtin out by the looks
[04:03pm] Grizzly : NWBO hmmm nice one
[03:58pm] Optimus Prime : Hmmmm - NWBO noise maker .. @ .21
[03:49pm] Grizzly : was watching that at open seemed to lose steam looking much nicer now
[03:47pm] Optimus Prime : NETE breaks
[03:42pm] Grizzly : out AKS just not givin me warm fuzzy feeling
[03:40pm] Optimus Prime : NETE challenge hod and that triple top again
[03:29pm] Grizzly : APRU tryin to get something going for those that like them style
[03:26pm] Grizzly : gonna wait for near 9.80 entry if it dips
[03:26pm] Grizzly : going for .25 plus cent
[03:26pm] Grizzly : gonna hop on this VIAV train
[03:19pm] Grizzly : NSLT low volume but moving
[03:18pm] Grizzly : AKS wants nhod you can see it in the eyes
[03:15pm] Grizzly : + 400$b and some change
[03:14pm] Grizzly : out 3.80 HMNY waiting for next round
[03:11pm] Grizzly : HMNY :)
[03:11pm] Grizzly : coming for nhod
[03:08pm] Day Trader : IDDR
[03:08pm] Grizzly : AKS knockin now
[03:08pm] Blackjack : MINE .0032
[03:04pm] Grizzly : :0
[03:02pm] Grizzly : GLYC just wow keeps on truckin
[03:01pm] Grizzly : HMNY super thin for now
[03:00pm] Grizzly : need to clear 5.71
[03:00pm] Grizzly : AKS gin back to test hod a
[02:59pm] Blackjack : SKYF .0008
[02:59pm] Blackjack : SOUPQ .0188
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