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[09:04pm] chain_breaker : imo
[09:03pm] chain_breaker : 3600 is the level you should look for
[09:01pm] bigbucksinvestor : teehee
[09:01pm] bigbucksinvestor : btc hit 4k
[09:00pm] chain_breaker : which i am
[09:00pm] chain_breaker : nice close
[09:00pm] chain_breaker : if you are a bear
[08:54pm] bigbucksinvestor : bingo!
[08:53pm] bigbucksinvestor >111 : hey buddy
[08:51pm] bigbucksinvestor : smh
[08:47pm] chain_breaker : its temper
[08:47pm] chain_breaker : english major
[08:47pm] bigbucksinvestor : i type fast
[08:47pm] bigbucksinvestor : maybe he should learn to control his tempur after he loses his 9-5 income on trading
[08:47pm] bigbucksinvestor : not my fault optimus like to take his anger out on succesfull investors
[08:46pm] bigbucksinvestor : out am i ?
[08:44pm] Blackjack : GOIG .0015
[08:41pm] rysky007 : tell him I said hello
[08:41pm] rysky007 : been a long time
[08:40pm] rysky007 : omg, talk about throw back memories
[08:40pm] chain_breaker : in skype
[08:40pm] chain_breaker : he says hey
[08:40pm] rysky007 : crossed that line, new goal set :)
[08:40pm] chain_breaker : awesome
[08:40pm] rysky007 : yep
[08:39pm] chain_breaker : i remember you had that post it note trying to get 250k
[08:39pm] chain_breaker : as goal
[08:39pm] chain_breaker : if i remember right
[08:39pm] rysky007 : never stop learning
[08:39pm] chain_breaker : ahhh KS
[08:39pm] chain_breaker : close
[08:39pm] rysky007 : not much, same ol, trading, watching, learning
[08:39pm] chain_breaker : so whats up rysky .. if i remember you were in OK?
[08:39pm] rysky007 : KS
[08:38pm] rysky007 : i gave it a chance
[08:37pm] Blackjack : finally
[08:37pm] Blackjack : GOIG .0014 MJ merger coming kaboom comin soon
[08:37pm] AndrewC : im gonna have a lambo by the end of the week!
[08:36pm] AndrewC : im going all in! load the boat fellas!
[08:36pm] AndrewC : it tells me the stock will go from 0.009 to $10 in a week !!
[08:36pm] chain_breaker : lol
[08:36pm] AndrewC : im going all in!!
[08:36pm] AndrewC : the news look soooo promising
[08:36pm] Blackjack : be careful it s grey sheet
[08:34pm] AndrewC : guys lets all invest in FNCX
[08:34pm] AndrewC : i think its going up!
[08:34pm] racoonracoon : NWBO BDRBF
[08:32pm] AndrewC : lmao
[08:31pm] rysky007 : we are all using software that auto correts our spelling, all of us are not that great when it comes down to it, so lets trade and enjoy making money
[08:31pm] Blackjack : PGUS .009
[08:31pm] rysky007 : so lets not have an english competition
[08:30pm] AndrewC : fair enough
[08:30pm] rysky007 : if he was a good speaker, he would probably not have the ability to be a good trader
[08:30pm] AndrewC : true
[08:30pm] rysky007 : i rather him be a good trader and bad speaker
[08:30pm] AndrewC : its not his fault he is disvanataged in his speaking
[08:29pm] Blackjack : jeez smart azzmouth
[08:29pm] AndrewC : geez how did you even figure out how to start your internet..
[08:29pm] AndrewC : optimius your asking too many questions, social skills is also something that you need to work on
[08:28pm] rysky007 : ive seen to many people come and go loosing it all :( sad really
[08:28pm] rysky007 : yep I remember those days, I was a blue faced noob :)
[08:28pm] rysky007 : tahts awesome
[08:28pm] Optimus Prime : and it took Timmy Sykes for you to figure that out !!!!! now thats funny .... how much did it cost you to figure that out ?
[08:28pm] chain_breaker : yep ... im still around
[08:28pm] chain_breaker : trading still
[08:28pm] rysky007 : glad to see you still around bud
[08:28pm] chain_breaker : with SA and TI .. nursepower .. rufo
[08:28pm] rysky007 : like 10 years right?
[08:28pm] chain_breaker : was part of the OG group of sho
[08:28pm] AndrewC : optimius these should help your english and reading skills improve
[08:28pm] chain_breaker : yep
[08:28pm] Blackjack : jeez i hate those smart mouth
[08:27pm] rysky007 : I think I remember not a sack holder
[08:27pm] AndrewC :
[08:27pm] chain_breaker : yeah .. long time ago
[08:27pm] AndrewC :
[08:27pm] AndrewC :
[08:27pm] chain_breaker : h8_2_w8 or not_a_sack_holder
[08:27pm] rysky007 : im just asking for everyone to get a long
[08:27pm] Optimus Prime : I put 2 cents in ....... this trader was going off way before I posted anything .... its cool. no more outta me
[08:27pm] chain_breaker : yeah .. dont think you were a fan
[08:27pm] rysky007 : enough bs going on
[08:26pm] rysky007 : probably do :)
[08:26pm] chain_breaker : you might remember me rysky
[08:26pm] chain_breaker : under a different name
[08:25pm] rysky007 : Optimus I know, you I do not, so right now you are not making a good case for your self
[08:25pm] rysky007 : andrew that applies to you as well
[08:24pm] rysky007 : if you guys want to bash or mess around, go to other social media avenues for that
[08:24pm] Blackjack : yup
[08:24pm] AndrewC : agreed! Optimus stop aruging
[08:24pm] rysky007 : and not needed
[08:24pm] rysky007 : can we stop wtih the arguing?
[08:24pm] rysky007 : really annoying
[08:23pm] AndrewC : "no wonder you want to off that nonsense" "that must be is straight out of"
[08:21pm] Optimus Prime : never be mad about a loss .........that must be is straight out of Timmy Sykes chapter 1 section 1 ? .... prolly there so you dont get mad at him setting you up to take your money ....... no wonder you want to off that nonsense course
[08:18pm] AndrewC : !
[08:18pm] AndrewC : write that down
[08:17pm] AndrewC : optimius a rule to trading is never be mad about losing
[08:17pm] chain_breaker : they are all garage
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