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[07:52pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^62%
[07:44pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB +53%; looking good for Monday
[07:20pm] Imagine : TLRY damn scalpers
[07:18pm] Imagine : lets close the day with a bang TLRY back over 30$ LBIX setting up for merger stuff monday
[07:16pm] fresh1 : TROV starting to wiggle after weeks of flatness
[07:15pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB trying again after profit taking. +42%
[05:27pm] Imagine : ?????
[05:00pm] Imagine : TLRY takes my breath away
[04:40pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB looks like it is setting up for after-lunch continuation
[04:36pm] aahepp : GBR nhod
[04:36pm] Imagine : no pics no vids it`s bad enuff what i`m doing to her mentally lol
[04:34pm] Imagine : TLRY let`s rock
[04:34pm] Homebrew : Send Pictures! Video !!!
[04:33pm] Imagine : oh my there`s that milf neighbor mowing again in bikini,,geez she even makes the grass stand up taller
[04:31pm] aahepp : GBR starting to get new buyers
[04:23pm] Imagine : lol
[04:22pm] smoots : gotta go, gonna see if I can get some whiplash at the creek, lol thanks guys
[04:19pm] aahepp : CLF*
[04:19pm] aahepp : CLD $10 test from this orning
[04:12pm] smoots : ARLZ bouncing
[04:04pm] smoots : SEED missed it
[04:01pm] Imagine : after lunch push should be fun
[03:40pm] Imagine : TLRY smoke it if ya got it
[03:33pm] Blackjack : going for no bid
[03:33pm] Blackjack : CLKA .0002 after r/s 1-500 dooooom wtf
[03:29pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB going parabolic, up 60%
[03:19pm] Imagine : 150 @ 20.50 hoping for 30$ or very close 27$ just broke
[03:17pm] Imagine : TLRY
[03:06pm] Blackjack : CLKA .0004 R/S 1-500 wtf
[03:06pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB, sorry
[03:06pm] Oneputtkip : EQLG +33%
[02:40pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : thank you
[02:39pm] smoots : out RSHN nice one Smakn
[02:33pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB volume coming in---+28%
[02:33pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : 28 print
[02:31pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : CRMD new high
[02:30pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : RSHN test for .0027
[02:26pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : dollar close and break high
[02:25pm] smoots : sweet
[02:24pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : 2.1 cent
[02:24pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : ADOM new high 3 cents
[02:23pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB looks like dit wants to bounce, imo
[02:14pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : RSHN test
[02:14pm] shadow1461 : Aaaaah business calls cya
[02:13pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : new high print
[02:13pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : CRMD
[02:12pm] aahepp : SAEX took out morning session high
[02:09pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : PLFM new high an 100%
[02:08pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : print
[02:06pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : prints
[02:06pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : 23 up
[02:05pm] Blackjack : .0022
[02:03pm] Blackjack : .0021
[02:01pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : RSHN
[01:59pm] smoots : .0087 nhod
[01:58pm] Imagine : that HR derby made bout everybody stand up and take even more notice
[01:56pm] Imagine : but unlikely you know yankees going to mortage the city
[01:55pm] Imagine : that would be sweet
[01:54pm] Blackjack : Hear that Harper wants to play for Cubs as Bryant and Harper played together during college?
[01:53pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : ADOM + 22% 4 more cents to $1
[01:52pm] Blackjack : Yeah that wud be somthin
[01:52pm] smoots : TWOH nhod
[01:52pm] Imagine >9739 : man i had dreams of Machado and Baez together same infield and those bats doin damage
[01:51pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : already up 17% from close on its way to hit it again
[01:51pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : ADOM hit $1 yesterday
[01:49pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : PLFM
[01:48pm] Imagine : :0
[01:47pm] Imagine : 26$ ?
[01:45pm] Imagine : oops is
[01:45pm] Imagine : TLRY i luvin that 25$ hood
[01:44pm] smoots : .0081
[01:43pm] Smakn_Dat_Ask : ADOM
[01:43pm] smoots : buyers
[01:43pm] smoots : TWOH nhod .0079
[01:42pm] Blackjack : CFGX .0003
[01:40pm] smoots : TWOH nhod
[01:38pm] Imagine : that darn guy OP lucky as can be,,,his teams scooped up 2 of my favorite players LeBron to Lakers and Machado to Dodgers
[01:36pm] Blackjack >126 : Yup.. :D
[01:33pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB opens strong on light vol---+28%
[01:31pm] aahepp : SLS watch over monring session high
[01:29pm] Oneputtkip : Go Cubs!
[01:28pm] Imagine >9739 : Cubs on a serious roll won 13 of last 16 games 1st place and jammin
[01:26pm] Imagine : CVSI stuff ,,,should be phat,,,, (OTCQB:CVSI), preeminent supplier and manufacturer of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) oil and developer of specialty pharmaceutical therapeutics, announced that it is schedule
[01:19pm] Imagine : TVIX MTSL TLRY early smile makers
[01:12pm] smoots : TWOH is being recommended today(pumped) did close strong @ 44 day high yesterday @ .0071
[01:09pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, All.
[01:05pm] Blackjack : gm
[01:05pm] shadow1461 : BPMX sumpn sumpn
[12:44pm] shadow1461 : MTSL cont.
[12:32pm] aahepp : SLS pop on news
[12:03pm] aahepp : DGLY slight gap on court ruling
[12:02pm] aahepp : RWLK gap on news wide spread
[12:02pm] aahepp : CLF pop over highs on earning
[11:34am] aahepp : SAEX pop on news
[07:28pm] aahepp : NSPR showing up on the pinch scanner, problem is already sitting at the 10d. Still needs over the .26 to confirm up trend. But if break should get at least 50% out of it
[07:22pm] Homebrew : MDXG New HOD
[07:16pm] Imagine : TLRY n/hod cometh?
[07:07pm] smoots : out 4.21 gotta go,, see yall tamali
[06:36pm] smoots : hope so,,, in @ $3.81
[06:34pm] Homebrew : Looks like MDXG wants to test HOD
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