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[06:08pm] Homebrew : MOXC Price Volume pop seconds ago..Mid price rannge
[05:36pm] Blackjack : thanks for yuge tree shakin nice to grab the fallin dollars under the tree
[05:36pm] Blackjack : :D
[05:35pm] Blackjack : Got ACRL buch @ .0022/3
[05:33pm] Oneputtkip : ACLR recovering from vicious shakeout
[05:01pm] Optimus Prime : ARSN news just out
[05:00pm] Optimus Prime : NNRX at and testing headbang high .0015 from back on Aug 31st
[04:54pm] Optimus Prime : got it
[04:54pm] Optimus Prime : NNRX testing for new high
[04:44pm] Homebrew : Re Bought MOXC @ .83
[04:10pm] Optimus Prime : BOXL on da move
[03:56pm] Blackjack : ^
[03:55pm] Optimus Prime : check it ! headline just out ...NNRX merge ...trip 0
[03:41pm] rysky007 : how are the markets looking
[03:37pm] Optimus Prime : wants some coppa that 1 does = JPEX
[03:33pm] aahepp : JPEX on Friday JPEX on today, and still nar a post
[03:17pm] Blackjack : PWLK .0005
[02:53pm] Optimus Prime : NNUP missed the whole thing ....neva saw it
[02:44pm] Homebrew : With You on MOXC..Think it will break above Res at about $1.03
[02:42pm] Optimus Prime : MOXC $1 bound and possible break
[02:37pm] Optimus Prime : UQM to test current 1.66 hod ....pre mkt high 1.69
[02:31pm] rysky007 : is chat lagging for anyone else?
[02:31pm] Optimus Prime : NVCN over $1 on news
[02:31pm] rysky007 : and were off to the races
[02:30pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL continuing from Friday
[02:02pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone.
[02:00pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:53pm] alchemytrader22 : cant believe FNMA 2.42 now
[01:53pm] alchemytrader22 : amazing
[01:41pm] Blackjack : gm
[01:26pm] alchemytrader22 : gm
[04:36pm] Eagle_One >4489 : Good morning, please send PM as to where we going to have lunch today.. ;-)
[09:00pm] aahepp : all I know is you all some bad people. alwasy getting filled on the lowest ticks and selling on the highest tick
[08:57pm] aahepp : low tick louie
[08:54pm] Oneputtkip : DKGR in .0018
[08:48pm] Homebrew : MOXC Trying again..up, close HOD?
[08:28pm] Oneputtkip : ^^needs to break .0085 to have life
[07:21pm] Oneputtkip : IMNP looks like it might get a lil bounce imo
[06:55pm] Oneputtkip : ACLR nhod, watching for the .004 break
[06:54pm] Eagle_One : ready,....set,......
[06:51pm] Eagle_One : <waving>
[06:39pm] Blackjack : :D
[06:20pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL tryingagain
[06:07pm] claudio_patron : HUSA following oil price, breck 50 ema
[05:50pm] aahepp : may want to tweak and tuen the scanners. Nar a post on CMGO
[05:36pm] Oneputtkip : ACLR trying to run
[05:22pm] Homebrew : MOXC going to test HOD imo
[05:13pm] Blackjack : :D
[05:09pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL nhod
[05:05pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^6 slutty sista following
[05:03pm] Optimus Prime : FNMA over $2 on news out a lil while ago
[04:39pm] Homebrew : ok
[04:27pm] aahepp : there is no emails. They only emailed when they were getting paid to pump something
[04:21pm] Homebrew : They not email Todays Alerts anymore?
[04:18pm] Blackjack : yup
[04:14pm] aahepp : +528% Giggidy
[04:13pm] aahepp : From that undisclosed location: aahepp 10 : 00 AM JPEX new buyers
[04:09pm] aahepp : JPEX nar a post. Jus sayin
[03:48pm] Blackjack : Yp Waiting is the hard part but it s getting there
[03:47pm] Oneputtkip : ACLR hod
[03:04pm] Optimus Prime : GRCU new high an testing for anutter
[03:01pm] Optimus Prime : MOXC back on from another halt
[02:56pm] rysky007 : MOXC leading the pack strong over 100% from open now
[02:52pm] Blackjack : ^
[02:50pm] Oneputtkip : IMNP hod on news
[02:46pm] Blackjack : XCLL .0011
[02:40pm] rysky007 : MOXC
[02:40pm] rysky007 : DKGR
[02:40pm] rysky007 : leading the pack
[02:40pm] rysky007 : GETCh
[02:40pm] rysky007 : ICON
[02:39pm] Blackjack : FTWS .0007 nice dip
[02:37pm] Blackjack : DKGR good call!
[02:33pm] rysky007 : DKGR second
[02:33pm] rysky007 : CUR third
[02:32pm] rysky007 : MOXC with news up 30%
[02:26pm] Blackjack : gm
[02:19pm] Oneputtkip : IMNP news
[02:15pm] rysky007 : good morning
[02:14pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone.
[02:10am] Eagle_One : Plantman was here off and on. I used to send him coffee from Sturgis..
[09:07pm] canman282000 >4489 : hows your trading
[09:05pm] canman282000 : there used to be another guy here cant remember his name did long term trades n very in depth
[08:02pm] Oneputtkip : IMNP bouncing after vicious shakeout
[07:19pm] Blackjack :
[06:35pm] Oneputtkip : IMNP taping the ask; ww, maybe
[06:25pm] Blackjack : hold that GOIG .0006
[06:18pm] Optimus Prime : GOIG kickn off news out few mins ago
[05:55pm] Blackjack : SPDL .0031
[05:54pm] Blackjack : ^
[05:54pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL looking to move again,imo; watch for the .03 break
[04:58pm] Blackjack : FTWS .0008 nice dip there!
[04:52pm] Blackjack : not in but nice chart
[04:28pm] Oneputtkip : Trying IMNP .01
[03:54pm] Homebrew : LPCNnow up 54% Looking like a Runner now
[03:36pm] Blackjack : ^^^^
[03:34pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^again
[03:33pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL nhod
[03:08pm] Optimus Prime : BIOC yesterday high 3.72 ///makn the noise for attempt ...prolly take a breather around $3
[02:58pm] rysky007 : DKGR giving the middle finger on the chart, if your green dont be shy
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