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[04:01pm] rysky007 >14166 : have you set up any crypto exchange accounts?
[03:36pm] mickmcpino : ;)
[03:34pm] rysky007 : Crytpo trading will take over OTC style trading, and eventually large caps as well
[03:34pm] rysky007 : hoenstly, my view
[03:34pm] rysky007 : hey bud
[03:10pm] mickmcpino : mornin
[02:29pm] positive_portfolio : Good Mornin
[02:23pm] assetappreciator : Hello
[09:08pm] ashokapex : its was 3.2 on friday
[09:07pm] ashokapex : any thought for natural gas?
[09:07pm] whirl : BICX i tired to buy all i can at .20, but couldnt get filled, nobody wanted to sell me
[08:53pm] whirl : DNR trying also
[08:52pm] whirl : ANDI and GRDO closing near highs
[08:51pm] Imagine : have a good long weekend try not to get into or fall in a SH_THOLE!
[08:48pm] rysky007 : has better referal program then any other I have seen so far
[08:47pm] whirl : true, thanks rysky
[08:47pm] rysky007 : yep, have your coin holdings spread out, and what ever you are holding long term put it on a physical wallet for now
[08:47pm] whirl : well if they hack ur account 100% gone, im not going to put my whole account into a stock though. so more dangerous
[08:45pm] rysky007 : no diff then penny stocks :)
[08:45pm] whirl : yea scary, especially the ones in other countries
[08:45pm] rysky007 : Coinbase and Gemini are the only ones that are FDIC insured, the rest, its the wild wild west
[08:44pm] whirl : i wonder how safe some of these exchanges are
[08:44pm] rysky007 : This place is having a lot of attention right now, many saying they wont keep accepting new ppl for to long, also has a nice list of coins
[08:43pm] whirl : yea i need more lol
[08:42pm] rysky007 : I found one site that yuo can buy fast, but you will pay a premium, anywhere from 300 to 400 points above current BTC price
[08:41pm] rysky007 : upload your ID on Gdax and use CC u can get up to a grand per week
[08:41pm] rysky007 : then after 30 days they will increase
[08:41pm] whirl : coinbase takes 10 days to ach funds in
[08:41pm] rysky007 : Coinbase / Gdax
[08:41pm] whirl : i meant, not opening new accoutns
[08:41pm] whirl : i hear different exchanges all down
[08:41pm] whirl : wow
[08:40pm] rysky007 : there are ppl selling Binance accounts to those who cant get in, some were going for a grand
[08:40pm] whirl : i need to find a way to put fiat currency into the coins
[08:40pm] whirl : lol
[08:40pm] rysky007 : open another one and move it over :) just needs diff email addy
[08:40pm] whirl : sorry, i didnt know
[08:39pm] rysky007 : oh man :(
[08:39pm] whirl : no i opened at midnight, wish i saw ur link earlier
[08:39pm] rysky007 : u had an account before they shut down?
[08:39pm] whirl : binance
[08:39pm] rysky007 : awesome
[08:39pm] rysky007 : on which platform?
[08:38pm] whirl : i picked up some Stella coin yesterday
[08:36pm] Imagine : o-tay
[08:35pm] rysky007 : Imagine, you know this formation, MACD, RSI , Support lines, its perfect, IMO could test $3 here soon again
[08:35pm] rysky007 : for those wawtching the daily on Ripple XRP
[08:35pm] rysky007 :
[08:34pm] whirl : thanks rysky
[08:26pm] RockinTop : yep... lol
[08:25pm] Imagine : DDBXF canadian crypto keep aware coff coff
[08:24pm] Imagine >2968 : BTSC you missed the nice poppage
[08:22pm] Imagine : nice shopping day like a after New Year sale,,,,padded CBDS with 6$z,,,, CANN with 6.70 picked up DGAZ 200 avg 22.50 see you at 35$ real soon
[07:56pm] Blackjack : NICE!!!
[07:45pm] Optimus Prime : trip 0 ADTM been tappn all morning ,,, news just out few mins ago ...
[07:36pm] Optimus Prime : RTTR banging its head on the hard break @ .35
[07:36pm] whirl : VICT ANDI BICX GRDO continues :)
[07:32pm] rysky007 : EHVVF testing .07 agian, IMO could see .10 soon
[07:28pm] Optimus Prime : INPX possible hod test/challenge setting up
[07:27pm] blondeshavemorefun >9739 : was going to buy this morning but it was already up 40%
[07:24pm] Blackjack : VICT .0069
[07:14pm] Optimus Prime : HEAR tryn to busta move
[06:39pm] whirl : ANDI .01
[06:28pm] Imagine : DGAZ drop nice,,,going to be even nice when its back up to 35$ plus in a few days
[06:20pm] Imagine : tc man
[06:19pm] shadow1461 : l8r
[06:19pm] Imagine : uh huh
[06:19pm] Optimus Prime : AVIR startn to react to merger news ,,,,same news that sparked a big run last month
[06:19pm] Imagine : nose lol
[06:19pm] Imagine : yikes
[06:19pm] shadow1461 : nose :S
[06:18pm] Imagine : only 85% back myself that might be the max
[06:17pm] Imagine : oh no shadow
[06:17pm] Imagine : DGAZ luv it dip more more
[06:15pm] shadow1461 : amen to that
[06:15pm] Imagine : already there damn near
[06:15pm] Imagine : took almost 24 hrs to try and deny,,,gimme a break
[06:14pm] Imagine : tyvm
[06:12pm] Imagine : now suddenly lindsay graham his blow buddy
[06:11pm] Imagine : correction>>> supposed to be human being
[06:10pm] Imagine : DGAZ dip dip
[06:10pm] MagicStock : *CENSORED* Turbin
[06:09pm] Imagine : what a despicable example of a politican
[06:06pm] whirl : ANDI continuing also
[06:05pm] whirl : GRDO going to tattack .003 soon at this rate
[06:01pm] Imagine : BTSC nice pop today
[05:56pm] MagicStock : FB dip being bought up. Glad i bought calls
[05:51pm] Optimus Prime : ABIL on a pop
[05:51pm] Imagine : n/hod RELYQ
[05:50pm] Imagine : everybody leave for the day?
[05:43pm] Imagine : RELYQ hod back on deck
[05:41pm] Imagine : CANN dippage yeah boi
[05:24pm] Imagine : oh yeah
[05:24pm] Imagine : cmon down baby
[05:04pm] Imagine : remember no market monday fyi,,,
[05:03pm] Imagine : if you interested DGAZ pay attention this could be the dip
[04:46pm] Optimus Prime : INPX rest time before next leg ^
[04:44pm] Optimus Prime : CHEK over the $1 finally and really battling the 50ma battle @ 1.02 currently .... looks to beat it today .....atm
[04:40pm] Imagine : wild weather coupla nights was -3 and next day high 24 with 14 mph winds today high will be 71 and off n on rain
[04:35pm] RockinTop : I was just looking at it!
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