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[04:52pm] giorosas : thanks, nice weekend
[04:36pm] giorosas : do not
[04:33pm] giorosas : Watching only RGS, JCP... but thinking into not do nothing more this nice week
[04:28pm] rysky007 : u seeing green?
[04:28pm] rysky007 : seems a bit slow
[04:25pm] giorosas : many stocks are banking... friday at the end of nice week mainly monday/tesday i think
[03:20pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX recovering from early profit taking; maybe ww
[02:48pm] Homebrew : Back in MDR
[02:34pm] giorosas : eliminating losses and in green
[02:33pm] giorosas : MDR out 2,58
[02:30pm] giorosas : MDR in 2,51
[02:27pm] giorosas : mdr out
[02:20pm] giorosas : is banking off course}
[02:20pm] giorosas : TRNX now falling strong
[02:12pm] giorosas : MDR in 2,57
[02:09pm] rysky007 : iios
[02:09pm] rysky007 : oops
[02:09pm] rysky007 : DEWM
[02:06pm] giorosas : dwem???
[02:06pm] rysky007 : DWEM?
[02:06pm] rysky007 : anyone catch it?
[02:04pm] giorosas : can go higger but never wait
[02:03pm] giorosas : TRNX out 2,58
[01:56pm] shadow1461 : PURA moving
[01:54pm] giorosas : TRNX can go back to 2,62
[01:53pm] giorosas : TRNX in 2,48
[01:48pm] shadow1461 : ZIMCF
[01:45pm] Homebrew : Watching MDR for pull back
[01:45pm] Homebrew : SPI Up 6%.. I bought yesterday ...looking for $4 short 3.55 ask
[01:43pm] giorosas : JCP climbing
[01:28pm] rysky007 : moving?
[01:27pm] bigal : TINO
[01:09pm] giorosas : i see LOL
[01:08pm] rysky007 : JCP
[01:08pm] rysky007 : FCEl
[01:08pm] rysky007 : HSGX
[01:08pm] rysky007 : the usual pre market players
[12:40pm] giorosas : RBS
[12:39pm] giorosas : TRNX, IBN
[12:25pm] giorosas : Watching MDR, ASTC, IBN, CRC, TTM
[12:25pm] giorosas : Good morning everyone!
[12:19pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Friday.
[07:51pm] Oneputtkip : +82%
[07:31pm] Oneputtkip : ^^+ 67%
[07:27pm] Oneputtkip : ^^hod
[07:12pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX + 52% and challenging hod
[06:35pm] rysky007 : wow
[06:35pm] rysky007 : nice
[04:45pm] giorosas : thanks, see you tomorrow!
[04:43pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX looks like,it may bounc a little after lunch hour but must get through .0047 to run. imo
[03:58pm] giorosas : Watching GFI, CTST
[03:38pm] giorosas : north pole right now
[03:37pm] bigal : its going north
[03:26pm] giorosas : DCGD looks ok now, thanks bigal
[02:54pm] bigal : dcgd?
[02:48pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX trying for more. Watch for the .005 break
[02:46pm] giorosas : EROS continues climbing
[02:33pm] giorosas : AIM out 3,15
[02:17pm] giorosas : Awaiting AIM on 3,3 LOL
[02:15pm] giorosas : EROS climbing this is what happens with volumen
[02:12pm] Homebrew : $SPI bouncing off low of day. was down 20% now down 5% . Slow march towards green. $ENPH having volume now ...
[02:10pm] giorosas : AIM in 2,97 lets see
[02:09pm] rysky007 : let it find support
[02:09pm] giorosas : TCHC falling strong too
[02:07pm] giorosas : NBY falling strong
[01:59pm] giorosas : for the burger
[01:59pm] giorosas : 3,06 out EROS
[01:57pm] rysky007 : nice
[01:57pm] giorosas : EROS in 2,96
[01:57pm] rysky007 : not healthy
[01:57pm] rysky007 : a small pullback is
[01:56pm] rysky007 : nah, early morning pull back, ran 49%, could not hold that
[01:53pm] giorosas : TCHC scared now LOL
[01:49pm] rysky007 : TCHC .62
[01:49pm] rysky007 : wow
[01:49pm] Oneputtkip : ^^ +32%
[01:46pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX
[01:45pm] giorosas : thanks shadow
[01:44pm] shadow1461 : ZIMCF continues
[01:42pm] giorosas : LCTX falling
[01:41pm] giorosas : EROS as well
[01:40pm] giorosas : LCTX climbing
[01:39pm] rysky007 : TCHC climbing
[01:29pm] rysky007 : AIM climbing
[01:29pm] giorosas : MDR from +20% to negative now
[01:29pm] rysky007 : ouch
[01:20pm] rysky007 : TCHC pre market action
[01:19pm] rysky007 : agreed
[01:17pm] giorosas : Watching AIM, MDR, IGC, NBY, EROS, LCTX, WWR
[01:13pm] rysky007 : 90% pre market
[01:13pm] rysky007 : AIM moving
[01:12pm] rysky007 : NBY only one above 10% from previous close pre market
[01:12pm] rysky007 : let me put those on watch list
[01:12pm] giorosas : LCTX, TROV, OPTT, WWR
[01:12pm] giorosas : always happens
[01:09pm] rysky007 : a lot of companies go gree pre market, but once the bell rings, like clock work, they go red
[01:09pm] rysky007 : NTRP
[01:09pm] rysky007 : NAKD as always
[01:08pm] giorosas : IOTS
[01:06pm] rysky007 : intersting
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