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[07:17am] The dutschmann05 : Omhe. Start to run
[08:05pm] Grizzly : Not a Bad first week only 26,977 bucks to go lol
[08:05pm] i_like_bb_stock : FNHI news at the close
[08:01pm] Imagine : may the force be with you!!!! out!
[07:58pm] Imagine : aft hrs cometh
[07:57pm] Imagine : S yes!
[07:57pm] Imagine : more
[07:57pm] Imagine : i like it i love it i want some ore of it ,,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[07:56pm] Optimus Prime : NETE w/nhods and strong going into the close
[07:54pm] Optimus Prime : NECA late breakn news w/ONCI
[07:49pm] Imagine : looky there
[07:47pm] Imagine : HMNY not worried at all itz a bad mutha fill in the blanks
[07:46pm] Imagine : ARLZ worthy
[07:45pm] Grizzly : CAPR too
[07:44pm] Grizzly : TAHO gettin a little trend working it
[07:43pm] Grizzly : HMNY :(
[07:40pm] Optimus Prime : :E
[07:40pm] Imagine : :D
[07:39pm] Optimus Prime : lol... look ^ a few lines there $ ... to funny
[07:39pm] Imagine : EFLN ditto
[07:38pm] Imagine : EXOL still showing life if that`s in your wheel house
[07:37pm] Imagine : PLSB small action last 2 days btw fyi
[07:29pm] Grizzly : OZM hittin late scanner
[07:27pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^ thats a maybe ?
[07:26pm] Optimus Prime : PLSB for monday
[07:22pm] Grizzly : some times even blinking yellow ones
[07:21pm] Grizzly : some times
[07:21pm] Imagine : :0
[07:21pm] Imagine : bet you stop on yellow caution lights too
[07:20pm] Grizzly : lol
[07:20pm] Grizzly : but was scared
[07:20pm] Grizzly : I honestly considered 2.90
[07:19pm] Grizzly : IZEA going now
[07:16pm] Imagine : u guys have no faith in justice and the SEC way cmon
[07:15pm] Grizzly : un like DMPI lol
[07:15pm] Optimus Prime : Im sure it will be 1:350
[07:15pm] Grizzly : CAPR holding up there still
[07:15pm] Optimus Prime : 1:100
[07:14pm] Optimus Prime : 1:50 or 1:10 or 1:350 ... guess which 1 it will be ? lol
[07:12pm] Grizzly : IZEA nice recovery
[07:12pm] Imagine : yippie yi yo ki yay
[07:12pm] Grizzly : I cant imagine it I have no clue what it could do
[07:11pm] Grizzly : lol
[07:11pm] Imagine : can you imagine HMNY monday if it closes over 7$ today including aft hrs,,,,hmmmm makes me :D :b :D
[07:06pm] Imagine : sports report >>. Raiders will be 3-0 after beating Skins sunday,,,,go Jack Del Rio
[07:05pm] Grizzly : :0
[07:04pm] RockinTop : lol
[07:04pm] Imagine : sports report > nfl making chargers carry sorry azz back to san diego,,,,can`t fill a 27k soccer stadium
[07:00pm] Grizzly : TAHO some more pop deccent vol
[06:58pm] Imagine : nice 5k buy yeah
[06:57pm] Imagine : HMNY cmon show me some eod friday thrills
[06:46pm] Grizzly : TAHO popping up on the scanner
[06:46pm] i_like_bb_stock : APHD VNDM real size now hoping this is the end of this bs
[06:43pm] Jridgley247 : h
[06:39pm] RockinTop : Nice call, again, on NETE too Optimus
[06:36pm] Grizzly : $6 stock now up 100% 12.50 current
[06:35pm] Grizzly : Nice call on that OP PETZ
[06:34pm] Grizzly : Dam BSTI I forgot all about
[06:34pm] Grizzly : and PETZ
[06:31pm] Imagine : S sweet n/hod
[06:30pm] Blackjack : QBAN makes noise
[06:30pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^
[06:30pm] Blackjack : NPHC N RCHA on watch
[06:21pm] Imagine : gop latest healthcare bill FLUSH it!!!!
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : ;)
[06:20pm] Imagine : well aware
[06:19pm] Optimus Prime : $ didnt forget that move last time I posted RCHA ... Weee Hawwwww it was
[06:19pm] Optimus Prime : puttn RCHA back on watch
[06:14pm] RockinTop : in EARS
[06:12pm] Optimus Prime : EARS broke the .77 headbang level
[06:10pm] Grizzly : been watchin this thing sideways for hrs
[06:09pm] Grizzly : S finally coming out the both
[06:09pm] Optimus Prime : when Im silent running it kinda means Im busy watching the tickers im in and hunting
[06:08pm] Grizzly : Its been a rough week lol
[06:07pm] RockinTop >111 : yes I have been just got quiet and i looking for something else to play
[06:07pm] Grizzly : the stop did what it was suppose to I just didnt expect it..
[06:06pm] Imagine : check your work hmmmm
[06:05pm] Imagine : measure twice cut once
[06:05pm] Optimus Prime >2968 : posted several earlier ..and now on EARS
[06:04pm] Grizzly : no not really .. I had placed a .10 cent trailing stop when I purchased for 8.28 gonna use the 20 ma at the time 8.18 for exit strategy and never looked back .. Then a hard run up to 8.35 popped me out 8.25 .. Just dumb lol
[06:03pm] Optimus Prime : EARS takn it ^^^
[06:01pm] Imagine : friday doldrums
[06:01pm] Grizzly : Just a stupid mistake that you dont realize unless your trading real money
[05:49pm] Grizzly : cuz the chart still looks amazing
[05:48pm] Grizzly : Small lessoned learned on My P trailing stop
[05:42pm] Imagine : fl keys are effed
[05:38pm] RockinTop >111 : whatcha seeing in that crystal ball of yours?
[05:36pm] Grizzly : Well P the ole stop loss kicked in
[05:30pm] Grizzly : HMNY chuggin away it looked to be fading ealier
[05:30pm] Grizzly : P another nhod 8.35
[05:29pm] Imagine : why august
[05:27pm] august1991 : GLFMQ.....on watch....
[05:26pm] Grizzly : now if only I could just play those on instinct
[05:25pm] Grizzly : IZEA
[05:25pm] Imagine : izea
[05:25pm] RockinTop : which she? lol
[05:24pm] Grizzly : its tryin hard
[05:24pm] Imagine : there she goes
[05:21pm] Grizzly : IZEA bout to rip
[05:17pm] Optimus Prime : NETE heading for test/challenge of hod @ .67
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