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[08:25pm] RockinTop : peace
[08:25pm] Imagine : all right enjoy that beer,,,dont drink and drive think uber!!! i`m out
[08:00pm] RockinTop : whoa ...73,000 block at 2.05 MBRX
[07:59pm] Imagine : its all good
[07:59pm] RockinTop : intersting...MBRX with late hour activity
[07:58pm] RockinTop : no selling off on RXMD sweet!
[07:56pm] RockinTop : lol
[07:56pm] RockinTop : wish there was more stocks with more liquidity for these untradable stocks... thats for you OP :D
[07:55pm] RockinTop : yeah ok
[07:55pm] Imagine : :D
[07:54pm] RockinTop : wish I woulda jumped on AMTX a little sooner, but hey still made some
[07:54pm] RockinTop : hee hee
[07:54pm] Imagine : dont follow me i dont have a clue lol
[07:54pm] RockinTop : thank you! I appreciate the calls, been some great ones this week
[07:53pm] Imagine : congrats
[07:53pm] RockinTop : with the kind of money making week Ive had, Im bout to crack the seal on a Stella...its 3 oclock somewhere
[07:52pm] Imagine : pay me !!!
[07:51pm] RockinTop : lol
[07:51pm] Homebrew : Nearing HOD
[07:51pm] Homebrew : NVCN
[07:51pm] Imagine : SWMM
[07:51pm] Imagine : HELLO
[07:50pm] RockinTop : cept the green beer?
[07:50pm] RockinTop : dont look lke I missed anything
[07:49pm] Imagine : SWMM liking it
[07:41pm] DTT :
[07:41pm] DTT : wow
[07:08pm] Homebrew : VNTH
[07:05pm] Imagine : power hour lets kick it up a notch or scoop up friday bail out bargains for next week
[07:02pm] shadow1461 : sounds good to me
[06:59pm] Homebrew :
[06:52pm] Imagine : guess the green beer already being chugged
[06:50pm] Homebrew : Maybe I will just buy some more RXMD...
[06:46pm] Homebrew : CLKA just keeps going up..slowly, ...then you look away, its up again......Watching MCOA
[06:45pm] Imagine : back,,,, IFON anybody watching this,,,,had r/split on the 9th ,,low floater moves easy just not attracting traders/buyers with decent volume could be a monster,, a small group of serious buyers could cause havoc
[06:40pm] Homebrew : Saw that RNVA well off LOD..Not finidng any news to caus eit
[06:37pm] shadow1461 : RNVA
[05:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : HTIC added 14 thanks whacker
[05:04pm] RockinTop : bbl
[04:58pm] i_like_bb_stock : CLKA added 0019 taking in all I can down here
[04:48pm] DTT : AMTX shorts
[04:38pm] Imagine : ty
[04:37pm] DTT >126 : nice call
[04:37pm] Imagine : TVIX in loading zone waiting for forklift
[04:34pm] DTT : picked up some JAGX
[04:34pm] Imagine : MYSZ just got a heads up on it to be aware fyi
[04:09pm] i_like_bb_stock : LIBE upticking there a 3M cross
[04:04pm] Zeyel : ADAP pop
[04:04pm] i_like_bb_stock : CLKA 105M float as of 2/5/18 even if float is now 200M thats nothing
[04:00pm] Imagine : SWMM you are a lil hottie
[03:59pm] Imagine : trump,jr wife files for divorce guess things a lil stormy there too huh
[03:54pm] Imagine : SWMM ummmm ummmm
[03:54pm] Zeyel : *DJ S&P Raises Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Rtg To B From B-; Outlk Stable AMD
[03:52pm] Imagine : stein mart nice store imo for what it is
[03:51pm] RockinTop : lol
[03:50pm] i_like_bb_stock : CLKA 0017 HOD ready to rock n roll here
[03:50pm] RockinTop : SMRT...must be gonna start selling toys when Toy R us folds
[03:50pm] Imagine : RXMD ditto
[03:50pm] Imagine : SWMM just sayin
[03:48pm] RockinTop : :0
[03:47pm] Imagine : HMNY been diluted like a dealer cutting nose candy
[03:43pm] Imagine : :D
[03:43pm] RockinTop : never
[03:42pm] Imagine : tired of making $$ this week :b
[03:39pm] RockinTop : :D
[03:39pm] RockinTop : lol
[03:39pm] Imagine : AMTX booyah
[03:31pm] RockinTop : RXMD like a slow gin
[03:30pm] Imagine : that`s right
[03:20pm] RockinTop : RXMD head back into the .20s
[03:19pm] Imagine : RXMD the lil stock that can
[03:18pm] Zeyel : MNGA little pop
[03:15pm] Imagine : TLGT be aware
[03:09pm] RockinTop : lol
[03:09pm] Imagine : sloppy 2nds lol
[03:08pm] RockinTop : all*
[03:08pm] RockinTop : getting in on the second wave is better than no wave at ll
[03:08pm] RockinTop : lol
[03:07pm] Imagine : AMTX not gonna be happy til it breaks 3$
[02:55pm] Zeyel : DXR nice recovery
[02:52pm] RockinTop : AMTX keeps on giving
[02:52pm] Imagine : AMTX still at it
[02:51pm] Imagine : SWMM since you dont chat get in late lol
[02:35pm] Imagine : wtf Rysky shows up everybody gets quiet lol
[02:32pm] Imagine : FLKS not done imo
[02:22pm] Imagine : and rxmd say what
[02:22pm] RockinTop : TLGT
[02:21pm] RockinTop : FLKS
[02:17pm] Imagine : RXMD cmon baby don`t be shy when you jam over .20 we will not #metoo you
[02:14pm] RockinTop : DGAZ trying to get over the $29 hump
[02:12pm] Imagine : :D
[02:12pm] RockinTop : FLKS and SGRP just need some lovers
[02:11pm] RockinTop : git it!
[02:11pm] RockinTop : sob AMTX
[02:10pm] DTT : AMTX again
[02:10pm] Zeyel : CUR some action
[02:09pm] RockinTop >126 : so did CRON
[02:09pm] i_like_bb_stock : CLKA 0014 such a sweet bottoming pattern here
[02:09pm] RockinTop : CANN took another dip hmmm...
[02:06pm] Imagine : my doctor Ben Dover MD
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