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[08:03pm] Imagine : nice setups for tomorrow,,,, adios
[07:47pm] Imagine : PLSB action today
[07:46pm] Imagine : MOSY shoulda caught that rebound
[07:43pm] Imagine : we`ll leave the light on
[07:42pm] Imagine : ok man take care
[07:37pm] Imagine : :)
[07:37pm] Day Trader : congratulations
[07:36pm] Day Trader : Imagine my ADX/DMI indicator shows that MGTI its going to continue to go up and its getting strong
[07:36pm] Imagine : now letz boogie
[07:36pm] Imagine : hod reprint
[07:35pm] Imagine : that`s the plan,,,ty
[07:34pm] Day Trader : nice imagine, i hope that you make good $$$
[07:33pm] Imagine : MGTI the pop is in effect
[07:31pm] Day Trader : some days you make money... some days are like today ja ja ja
[07:28pm] Imagine : cmon DXTR get up off your a$$
[07:25pm] Optimus Prime : Hmmmm,, lol , guess not
[07:24pm] Imagine >111 : HAMM no longer around?
[07:24pm] Day Trader : together we can become power traders, maybe some of you already are.... so more power to you
[07:23pm] Day Trader : few minds working together can make a big difference
[07:23pm] Day Trader : smart country boys for sure :D
[07:22pm] Imagine : good idea think on it,,,dont take us too fast we slow country boys
[07:22pm] Day Trader : i_like_bb_stock yes its already at 0.0008 TONR
[07:21pm] Day Trader : you guys think about it maybe we can create some numerical codes to help each other on level 2
[07:20pm] i_like_bb_stock : TONR 8s up looks like a nice size real bid
[07:20pm] Day Trader : will be nice to be able to comunicate with each other using the level ii so when you see a number pop up on the level 2 you will understabd the mesage
[07:19pm] Day Trader : 8114 in the old beeper code = buy
[07:17pm] Imagine : merchant of peace love harmony
[07:17pm] Day Trader : we need to find a way to comunicate with each other using the level ii. Some kind of numerical code to understand each other
[07:16pm] Day Trader : lennon was a genius
[07:15pm] Imagine : lennon fan here screen name of my fav song
[07:15pm] Day Trader : but i " m not he only one...
[07:15pm] Imagine : along
[07:15pm] Day Trader : yes i was :D
[07:14pm] Imagine : was just following aong
[07:14pm] Imagine : thought you were playing on words in the song
[07:14pm] Day Trader : I am a dreamer too
[07:13pm] Imagine : living as one,,,you might say i`m a dreamer
[07:13pm] Day Trader : Imagine all the people....making money in the market ...
[07:10pm] Imagine : MGTI should have a pop before close
[07:10pm] Imagine : DMPI HOD
[07:06pm] Day Trader : TONR its almost at 0.0008 its going up now
[07:05pm] Day Trader : TONR its active again, buyers are comming in :D
[07:04pm] Imagine : EBIO up small getting chatter around the circuit fyi
[07:00pm] Day Trader : you go Phil ja ja ja
[07:00pm] Imagine : lol
[07:00pm] Day Trader : ja ja ja
[06:59pm] Optimus Prime : yup,, best call I eva made was 867-5309
[06:59pm] Imagine : please don`t be shy about making calls
[06:58pm] Imagine : true true
[06:57pm] Day Trader : friends help friends in this crazy market to try to make some $$$ ja ja ja
[06:57pm] Day Trader : I like to be nice with everybody
[06:56pm] Optimus Prime : yeah welcome ,, yes its all good
[06:56pm] Optimus Prime : you said Hi to me like you been here before and know me and $
[06:56pm] Imagine : seen that name before haven`t I ,,,unless you a newbie
[06:55pm] Day Trader : thank you imagine
[06:55pm] Imagine : welcome
[06:54pm] Day Trader : all good man I just foud this chat room, its good because we can comunicate between trades and alert each other about good opportunities
[06:54pm] Imagine : DMPI SPEX both not too shabby today
[06:52pm] Optimus Prime : hey man ,, wats ^
[06:52pm] Day Trader : hi optimus
[06:51pm] Day Trader : hello anybody here??
[06:45pm] Day Trader : Check TONR its going for $ 0.0007 and its up 75% its a hot penny stock today
[06:42pm] Day Trader : :D
[06:41pm] Day Trader : TONR its up 75% a great opportunity for day tradersd
[06:39pm] i_like_bb_stock : UHLN 003s up so nice
[06:30pm] i_like_bb_stock : IFHR nHOD 02s around the corner
[06:19pm] Imagine : TONR whew good luck not my cup of tea
[06:14pm] Imagine : sounded good to me lol
[06:11pm] Imagine : IMGN y`all outta get ome be part of the pps history,,, 52 week high 7.10 with more to come
[06:09pm] Optimus Prime : an printing
[05:52pm] i_like_bb_stock : TONR 7s available doubt theyll last
[05:47pm] Imagine : new high IMGN 7.10
[05:45pm] Imagine : TONR almost dipped in at .001,,,almost key word
[05:44pm] Imagine : ahhhhhh yes IMGN after lunch treat
[04:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : ABBY starting to move some decent buying coming in way undervalued here
[04:34pm] i_like_bb_stock : TONR massive bids wow
[04:28pm] i_like_bb_stock : TONR 9s hitting so nice
[04:17pm] i_like_bb_stock : TONR 8s are up nice buying coming in
[04:15pm] Imagine : IDXG turns out to be turd in punch bowl after open
[04:13pm] Optimus Prime : NVAX be aware ,,, these are on notice
[04:13pm] i_like_bb_stock : IFHR steady buying pretty amazing 02s going to be knocked on shortly
[04:13pm] Optimus Prime : NXTD be aware
[04:12pm] Optimus Prime : NAK tryn to busta move off a bottom
[04:12pm] Optimus Prime : sorry to hear that
[04:05pm] Imagine : :(
[04:05pm] shadow1461 : Gone... Daughter in head-on... wife flying to Georgia.... cya
[03:43pm] i_like_bb_stock : IFHR massive buying now 02s coming
[03:36pm] i_like_bb_stock : DDDX 14s hitting
[03:24pm] i_like_bb_stock : IFHR wow someone gobbled up that large 014 ask 02s coming looks like huge
[03:19pm] i_like_bb_stock : TONR 5s hitting first tweet since Sept 2016 out last week hinting of things to come
[03:16pm] i_like_bb_stock : IFHR idiot @ 014 with large wall gonna get knocked down float is around 10M must be a GTC whackadoodle
[02:54pm] Optimus Prime : financials must be good
[02:54pm] Optimus Prime : CNXS news out
[02:48pm] Imagine : with some love of course
[02:48pm] Imagine : TMPS broke that dollar mar coupla days ago ,,,,could be headed back there
[02:42pm] Imagine : SPEX at it again
[02:41pm] Imagine : MGTI hope ya listened
[02:30pm] i_like_bb_stock : DDDX 14s up float is gone TMPS part 2 very hot industry 3D printing the only otc in the sector that Im aware of
[02:26pm] alchemytrader22 : was trading .0008s a few days ago
[02:26pm] alchemytrader22 : TPNI going
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