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[07:49pm] rysky007 : decent chart
[07:48pm] Homebrew : Bought some GRSO to hold over weekend. Possibly News, Trending Higher.. Beware! Stinky Pinky stock
[05:27pm] aahepp : AFTM jus sayin
[05:17pm] Mr.Momo : DPW.... stedy climber.
[05:14pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL back to hod but ask vol is large. Watching for improvement in bid vol as indicator
[05:14pm] Mr.Momo : Thanks
[05:13pm] rysky007 : working on it, need to focus more attention to finding a good one
[05:13pm] Mr.Momo >63 : Any idea when the next mega alert is released?
[05:11pm] Homebrew : Never get married to a stock, but a hot rommance is OK...
[05:11pm] Homebrew : yep!
[05:10pm] Homebrew : and then one day it all changes,,,,and lost again lol
[05:10pm] rysky007 : then again the moment you think u figured a chart out, it does something completely opposite
[05:10pm] rysky007 : yep
[05:10pm] rysky007 : great feeling isnt it?
[05:10pm] Homebrew : yes,,after awhile, looking at the chart, you start getting a feel for its trading
[05:09pm] rysky007 : thats not a bad thing, just dont get stuck in the rythm and loose :(
[05:09pm] Homebrew : I seem to keep trading same few stocks last few eek..Getting to know a few stocks well..
[04:20pm] Blackjack : CFGX .0008 going on merger in the work
[03:24pm] Blackjack : CFGX .0007
[02:19pm] Optimus Prime : ATIS running
[02:18pm] aahepp : SEEL jus sayin
[02:17pm] Optimus Prime : PDPR 2 new highs and testing anutter
[02:11pm] Blackjack : IGMB runnin
[02:10pm] Oneputtkip : BRKK trying again
[01:49pm] Optimus Prime : PDPR anutter new high
[01:48pm] Optimus Prime : AVP tryn to break now
[01:47pm] Optimus Prime : PDPR new high
[01:41pm] aahepp : Open your world and your scanners over $1 and you will be happy
[01:39pm] Oneputtkip : BRKK nhod, + 32%
[01:39pm] aahepp : SRNE still jus sayin Thats a double
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SCNA hitting scanner
[01:37pm] Blackjack : watch CFGX .0006 merger in the woork
[01:35pm] aahepp : Like a book
[01:35pm] Oneputtkip : BRKK hod
[01:34pm] rysky007 : small gains so far but good starts
[01:34pm] rysky007 : JAGX now leading the line
[01:34pm] rysky007 : KIQ second
[01:34pm] rysky007 : PIR third
[01:32pm] rysky007 : PUFXF still leading scanners, 4th green day in a row I believe
[01:32pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ wild card NTAH
[01:28pm] Blackjack : NTAH .0077 watchin
[01:19pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:18pm] aahepp : SRNE jus sayin
[01:18pm] Blackjack : GM
[01:18pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:16pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Friday.
[01:16pm] rysky007 : KIQ with news now leading pre market scanner
[01:12pm] rysky007 : MOSY with news Top now
[01:12pm] rysky007 : then OGEN
[01:12pm] rysky007 : JAGX
[01:08pm] rysky007 : BPMX with news
[01:08pm] rysky007 : AVGR
[01:08pm] rysky007 : TOPS
[01:08pm] rysky007 : JAGX green pre market
[01:08pm] rysky007 : OGEN with news
[12:48pm] rysky007 : good morning
[05:13am] lang : lets see what PGUS can do for us tomorrow morning?
[07:41pm] Homebrew : Adding GRSO on Dip, swing
[07:00pm] lang : looks like PGUS is thin could bolt up with a breeze
[06:56pm] lang : whats up with PGUS ?
[05:43pm] rysky007 : nice
[05:43pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL hod, +23%
[04:30pm] Oneputtkip : BRKK + 58%
[04:05pm] Optimus Prime : Bam !
[04:04pm] Optimus Prime : ESNC kickn ask ..tryn to break .02 now
[03:50pm] Homebrew : Bought some GRSO swing trade to a few days
[03:20pm] WayneZway : POTN some news about their Vegas sales
[03:16pm] Oneputtkip : .60 broke
[03:12pm] Oneputtkip : UAVS trying again; watching for the .60 break
[03:10pm] Mr.Momo : SCON Ascending
[03:03pm] WayneZway : OIL futurse may be moving it
[03:02pm] Optimus Prime : whats going on USEG
[03:01pm] refty73 : LEVI ipo exciting the market
[02:50pm] refty73 : target maybe
[02:49pm] refty73 : .024?
[02:42pm] aahepp : MCOA jus sayin
[02:39pm] refty73 : if djia can reach and hold at least 125, we coud have another upward swing
[02:38pm] Optimus Prime : LIFE new highs printing
[02:37pm] refty73 : indexes looking bullish
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : AKAO in the groove
[02:18pm] Optimus Prime : LIFE reacting to early news
[02:13pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^ why waste precious time on that ? it done
[02:10pm] racoonracoon : ASFZ watching
[02:05pm] Optimus Prime : intra day correction is welcome
[02:04pm] rysky007 : then break the 1 mark IMO
[02:04pm] Optimus Prime : 1/2 UAVS will go at $1 ....ride free for the possible $1 break above
[02:04pm] rysky007 : its trading out side of the top bollie
[02:04pm] rysky007 : needs to correct a tiny bit or hold these levels to let the intra day indicators catch up
[01:59pm] rysky007 : there it goes
[01:58pm] rysky007 : the news is nice, but chart is a gap and run on news, lets see if it breaks .80
[01:57pm] Optimus Prime : UAVS break .80 now ... walkn the red carpet to $1
[01:55pm] rysky007 : LFAP hitting scanners
[01:50pm] Optimus Prime : UAVS will close out 1/2 position @ $1
[01:46pm] Optimus Prime : UAVS gave it away pre mkt
[01:46pm] Blackjack : IDNG .0018
[01:46pm] Optimus Prime : UAVS -- I ask again ,,, did ya ?
[01:43pm] Optimus Prime : EXBX givn out 2nd chance
[01:41pm] Optimus Prime : gotta be fast to play with the big boys
[01:41pm] Optimus Prime : few mins late on EXBX news out .... news out 9:37 .....on it 9:37;06
[01:40pm] Blackjack : good one
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