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[01:42pm] aahepp : SWET eyeballs
[01:40pm] aahepp : CADC add to the China junk
[01:40pm] aahepp : broken
[01:39pm] aahepp : ORPN watch morning session high break
[01:37pm] aahepp : PTI pushing higher
[01:37pm] aahepp : YECO continuation
[01:37pm] aahepp : CCIH JMU part of the China junk
[01:35pm] aahepp : All China junk moving
[01:35pm] aahepp : CCCL looking to take out hod
[01:35pm] Optimus Prime : yup, BIOC from pre mkt lookn berry berry nice
[01:34pm] aahepp : BIOC from the PM move
[01:33pm] smoots : BIOC
[01:33pm] aahepp : CCCL pushing on new buyers
[01:17pm] aahepp : PTI next major 6.65
[01:15pm] aahepp : PTI +200% PM
[01:12pm] rysky007 : PRPO news
[01:12pm] rysky007 : LTBR pre market news, moving
[01:12pm] rysky007 : MNGA again pre market
[01:11pm] rysky007 : TTNP some moves pre market
[01:11pm] aahepp : PTI $6 test
[01:05pm] aahepp : CGIX pop on news
[01:05pm] aahepp : PTI 5.10 major and high volume node
[01:01pm] aahepp : PTI gap filled
[01:01pm] aahepp : High Volume Node @ 2.30 (area) on ORPN
[12:59pm] aahepp : PTI going to close that gap
[12:58pm] aahepp : ORPN into the 200d testing the previous run
[12:57pm] bullshead : FTSSF news
[12:54pm] aahepp : EGC $2 pop on news
[12:49pm] aahepp : MTNB more buyers
[12:46pm] Blackjack : GOOD CALL
[12:45pm] aahepp : PTI 4.77 for the gap fill
[12:41pm] aahepp : PTI $4 test
[12:39pm] aahepp : MTNB previous runs high 1.48
[12:39pm] aahepp : 8:39 AM MTNB previous runs high 1.48
[12:37pm] aahepp : MTNB buyers pushing
[12:37pm] bullshead : BIOC looks good
[12:36pm] aahepp : PTI additional PM highs
[12:35pm] aahepp : BIOC little continuation
[12:31pm] aahepp : MTNB there is the $1
[12:26pm] aahepp : BIOC keep and eye on. Ran before from news. Not sure lightning will strike twice but worth a list addition.
[12:12pm] aahepp : MTNB buyers on news. Looking to retest $1
[11:57am] aahepp : PTI new morning session high
[11:36am] Blackjack : MORNING
[11:14am] aahepp : CCCL buyers (china junk)
[10:57am] aahepp : PTI gapping. 3.65 to start gap fill
[08:01pm] smoots : thanks guys, cya tamali
[07:30pm] Blackjack : yeah wait til tomorrow stoners can find buy button right now
[07:26pm] racoonracoon : KGKG DIRV HIPH SGMD PHIL doing ok today
[07:24pm] bigrmorale : SLS
[07:24pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^nhod
[07:07pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC tapping the ask; maybe ww
[06:55pm] Kylefrink : SQ headed back up
[06:49pm] racoonracoon : mosy
[06:18pm] RockinTop : :P
[06:18pm] Kylefrink : Yup
[06:18pm] smoots : aahepp : please dont stop preachin, .................... can i get an amen from the crowd!
[06:18pm] aahepp : As well some follow the misery loves company
[06:16pm] aahepp : There is many that is out trying to unload their baggage onto others
[06:16pm] aahepp : Word of cautionm. I would not really blindly follow anyone in a chat room.
[06:10pm] Kylefrink : Yes, Thanks for the Help
[06:10pm] aahepp : CIFS new money
[06:09pm] smoots : thanks for that info Hepp, still dont quite get it all but am going to DD. valuable info
[06:08pm] aahepp : I would not place an order on these once they start moving like this to buy
[06:07pm] aahepp : IB is Interactive Broker
[06:07pm] Kylefrink >4489 : Will a Trailing stop Catch these on the way down....or is it better to just stay and watch
[06:04pm] smoots : not me, I want to know.... will it say IB on the platform where HTB or NTB is located , i have NTB on TOS for LCLP.
[06:03pm] Kylefrink : When it comes to these, ill just follow with you guys...
[05:59pm] smoots : LCLP bouncing off pullback
[05:59pm] aahepp : that is a 2.75 5min candle
[05:59pm] aahepp : you want to see the proof. Look at the selling from 13:10 to 13:25. then look at the 13:30 candle.
[05:58pm] aahepp : when IB (major retailer for shorting) has no shares to lend, then you can bet there is no retailer going to be able to short
[05:57pm] aahepp : look at your brokers. I bet they say HTB or NTB
[05:56pm] smoots : Dont know how to research this
[05:54pm] aahepp : Preached this many times about these things. When there is no help from retailers to short. The ones trading from props, get burned as there is not enough money selling then there is buying. Once it break a previous level those shorts are now at a lo
[05:53pm] smoots : Sapphire acquisition
[05:53pm] Kylefrink >4489 : 200 Day Move Avg?
[05:52pm] smoots : low float
[05:50pm] Kylefrink : it broke through
[05:49pm] Homebrew : No Idea...just wish I had bought some
[05:49pm] aahepp : Now the $50 question. Does anyone know why YECO moved like it did?
[05:47pm] aahepp : pic{1539798452066.png} For your learning tool. This is how you should of traded YECO.
[05:46pm] aahepp : More China junk moving
[05:46pm] aahepp : CREG
[05:36pm] smoots : LCLP .001 break and could run
[05:36pm] aahepp : YECO $13 tested and broken
[05:35pm] aahepp : YECO $13 test coming
[05:34pm] aahepp : YECO $12 tested and broken
[05:33pm] smoots : LCLP .001 break
[05:33pm] Kylefrink : OMG to YECO
[05:24pm] smoots : LCLP .001 nhod
[05:16pm] smoots : LCLP getting some volume
[05:11pm] aahepp : YECO .01 off $12
[05:09pm] aahepp : YECO $11
[05:08pm] aahepp : YECO $10
[05:07pm] smoots : SCCYF nice day atm
[05:05pm] aahepp : bring on $10
[05:04pm] aahepp : +532%
[05:04pm] aahepp : there went $9
[04:56pm] smoots : ok thanks
[04:55pm] aahepp : just mean buyers are stepping in pushing the price up
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