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[02:02pm] aahepp : IFMK jus sayin
[01:46pm] aahepp : VSTR jus sayin
[04:50pm] Homebrew : $SPN sorry
[04:50pm] Homebrew : #SPN going higher again
[04:33pm] racoonracoon : TTOO ^
[03:01pm] aahepp : ALPP jus sayin
[01:24pm] whirl : morning, markets gapping down big
[12:45pm] rysky007 : good morning
[05:22pm] whirl : ACOR reversing after big fall today
[05:20pm] whirl : nice volume spike
[05:08pm] aahepp : aahepp 12 : 54 PM YUMA worth a look here
[04:28pm] Homebrew : $IZEA Popping up again...Back to Green. May test HOD ....
[02:57pm] aahepp : XRF jus sayin
[02:33pm] aahepp : NTEC nhod
[02:14pm] aahepp : SOAN jus sayin
[01:50pm] aahepp : NTEC jus sayin
[01:43pm] Homebrew : $IZEA Moving up 11%
[01:23pm] racoonracoon : APHA^
[12:24pm] aahepp : RHE jus sayin
[05:29pm] racoonracoon : ALIM ALRN MLSS watch list
[05:14pm] Homebrew : $PETZ starting to move up again...Strong Am, then DIP/Profit taking, now moving back up again.
[01:58pm] aahepp : Free Nugget: VISL
[01:54pm] aahepp : MCEP jus sayin
[01:49pm] Homebrew : $PETZ a monster...Up 12% new hod, about 250% gain in last 7 days...
[01:33pm] aahepp : IZEA jus sayin
[08:27pm] aahepp : So to summary. No one bought sahres on the 22nd those were given as the part of the "stock Compensation Agreement" that is in place. On July 30th no one bought more shares, that was them selling shares
[08:11pm] aahepp : Reason it is designated with a D DISPOSED
[08:09pm] aahepp : LOL. You may want to look at those filings. Those F4 on the 22nd were not them buying and shares. That is why the prices says 0.00 Those shares were given. The only shares bought was on the 11th, 17th and the 30 and for a price of 6 something
[04:56pm] aahepp : BSRC jus sayin
[04:15pm] whirl : DRRX going into the gap soon
[03:39pm] whirl : DMPI starting to turn around
[02:06pm] Homebrew : $PETZ Waking again up 7% , Seems No stopping $DMPI watch out. Finge ron my trigger
[01:42pm] aahepp : DMPI jus sayin
[01:36pm] aahepp : BNTC jus sayin
[08:20pm] whirl : have to pick your spots
[08:15pm] whirl : i dont invest that long lol
[08:13pm] aahepp : I would asume they did. they got them @ .41
[08:12pm] whirl : like if they use this pop as an opportunity to sell haha
[08:12pm] aahepp : then again. I have seen some 2 weeks apart
[08:09pm] aahepp : people that would make a difference already knew. why do you think it took off like it did. an hour prior to the news being released
[08:05pm] aahepp : if it runs good still got 1500 that can run. if not then it will be closed @ .70
[08:04pm] whirl : nice
[08:04pm] aahepp : was given @ .66 exited 3/4 @ .88 Net psotive for my account
[08:04pm] aahepp : you play the price action
[08:04pm] aahepp : lol
[08:03pm] whirl : Right, but they are in a better place than yesterday, so net positive for the stock
[08:03pm] aahepp : Would reconsider. not change. not remove. but would look at it again
[08:03pm] aahepp : An EPA regional administrator said the agency will "focus on the permit review process" for the copper and gold project, The Hill reported. In June, the EPA said it would reconsider whether the 2014 determination was "still a
[08:02pm] whirl : (Bloomberg) -- The Environmental Protection Agency is scrapping proposed restrictions on mining operations in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, dealing a victory to Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd., which is hoping to tap a $100 billion gold deposit in the r
[08:02pm] aahepp : nothing has been done. It said it will look back at the permit not that it was reversing it. The EPA can still say they still see
[08:01pm] whirl : The move does not guarantee the U.S. government will issue a permit for the company’s planned Pebble Mine. But the decision removes a major barrier to the project, which has been thwarted by Obama-era water pollution limitations proposed in 201
[08:01pm] aahepp : what was removed
[08:00pm] aahepp : buy the rumor. sell the news
[08:00pm] aahepp : so news means diddly.
[07:59pm] aahepp : The news does not say they are reversing. they are going to re-review the permit
[07:58pm] aahepp : should already be .20 in profit and down to 3/4 position
[07:57pm] aahepp : Moved way before the news hit
[07:56pm] whirl : just saw the news, could be fun to watch ah
[07:56pm] aahepp : .86
[07:54pm] aahepp : NAK .83
[06:52pm] aahepp : Tip you server
[06:52pm] aahepp : ETH Wallet: 0x81E858C71d95dC49892545dc38ac862Ec21A4283
[06:50pm] aahepp : .77 you getthe idea
[06:50pm] aahepp : .76
[06:49pm] aahepp : .75
[06:47pm] rysky007 : nice
[06:47pm] whirl : Tada lol
[06:46pm] aahepp : TaaaaaDaaaa
[06:45pm] aahepp : .74
[06:45pm] aahepp : .72
[06:45pm] aahepp : .71
[06:44pm] aahepp : .70
[06:44pm] aahepp : .69
[06:41pm] aahepp : Free Nugget: Watch NAK over .66
[06:39pm] aahepp : May want to keep an eye on ole crusty QBAN
[04:55pm] aahepp : AITX 263%
[03:26pm] whirl : nice
[02:24pm] aahepp : AITX +181% BIEI +218%
[02:17pm] aahepp : BIEI +166%
[02:15pm] aahepp : BIEI jus sayin
[02:12pm] Homebrew : wow $PETZ woke up near gap fill
[02:02pm] aahepp : AITX taaaa daaaaa
[01:46pm] aahepp : AITX jus sayin
[01:33pm] aahepp : HQGE jus sayin
[01:29am] cookies2 >14208 : yo
[07:59pm] aahepp : Not a single post on OROE
[07:58pm] whirl : ACST continuing also
[07:56pm] aahepp : Not too hard to figure out why PETZ reversed from the 1.505 area
[07:56pm] whirl : RVLT and DRRX for tomorrow
[07:55pm] aahepp : 25 minutes ago
[07:54pm] Homebrew : $PETZ still going higher....
[07:22pm] aahepp : IMTL jus sayin
[05:40pm] rysky007 : moving?
[05:30pm] whirl : PETZ wow
[02:54pm] aahepp : TSOI nhod
[02:17pm] Homebrew : $PCTL Up 22%
[01:38pm] aahepp : TSOI Jus sayin
[01:37pm] aahepp : SKPO jus sayin
[06:02pm] aahepp : OBLN $8
[05:44pm] aahepp : OBLN nhod
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