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[05:44pm] blondeshavemorefun : just got back and WOW PGCX looks good!!
[05:42pm] Grizzly : PGCX sorry
[05:40pm] Grizzly : PCGX :S
[05:05pm] Grizzly : MARK CREG
[05:04pm] Optimus Prime : ...lil o mj ticker POTN startn to make some noise and keeps tappn away ... got a 50 ma battle going on right now = possible change in direction beginning
[04:56pm] Grizzly : Looks like shes heading for that 10.49 top
[04:55pm] Grizzly : LEDS
[04:45pm] Optimus Prime : buying vol coming in steady on ECMH
[04:39pm] Optimus Prime : BIOC lookn for higher ground off the bottom
[04:34pm] Blackjack : thumb up
[04:33pm] Optimus Prime : cgud nhod
[04:25pm] Optimus Prime : CGUD back doig its thang again -- gettn a 50ma bounce together
[04:22pm] smoots : ICON nhod
[03:52pm] Blackjack : PGCX going
[03:41pm] alchemytrader22 : RBNW nioceee
[03:36pm] Grizzly : MARK still rippin
[03:31pm] Optimus Prime : ALYI news just out
[03:25pm] Blackjack : lend me your ears and i try to sing u a pop
[03:24pm] Optimus Prime : EARS tryn to get a pop going
[03:19pm] Blackjack : sell sell sell
[03:18pm] Grizzly : CADC holla
[03:16pm] Grizzly : CADC
[03:08pm] smoots : ICON movin nice
[02:56pm] Grizzly : OPHT breaking yest highs now hunting for that 3.34 mark
[02:43pm] Optimus Prime : PURA takn over 1 scanner
[02:42pm] Optimus Prime : PURA nhod and testing
[02:42pm] Optimus Prime : sure is .... IDVV nice lil up tic
[02:41pm] Grizzly : CADC holla
[02:39pm] rysky007 : IDVV .60 HOD
[02:39pm] rysky007 : up 57%
[02:39pm] Optimus Prime : ARGS going for a bounce today = good eye Griz
[02:36pm] Optimus Prime : PDXP had news this a.m. .... gonna kinda keep an eye on that
[02:31pm] rysky007 : NEW HOD
[02:31pm] Optimus Prime : PURA continuation so far
[02:31pm] rysky007 : IDVV going green on news
[02:29pm] Optimus Prime : NLST continues to take over 1 scanner
[02:22pm] Optimus Prime : ROSG holding pre mtk gains so far
[02:18pm] Optimus Prime : NLST makn noise
[02:18pm] Optimus Prime : CVO poppn
[02:09pm] rysky007 : Thursday, November 16 2017 9:00 AM, EST IDVV announces OTC Markets Tier Upgrade as Part of Planned Company Restructure
[02:08pm] rysky007 : IDVV huge news out
[01:59pm] Grizzly : ACHN CSCO ROKU ARGS CADC on watch today
[01:44pm] Grizzly : Morning folks
[12:21pm] shadow1461 : morning
[11:30am] alchemytrader22 : gm
[09:10pm] Imagine : gotta scoot c ya
[09:03pm] RockinTop : agreed
[09:03pm] Imagine : closed high itz primed
[09:00pm] RockinTop : tahts what I meant...lingo is killing me
[09:00pm] RockinTop : lol
[09:00pm] Imagine : maybe aft hrs
[09:00pm] RockinTop : we mihgt hit 10 in pm?
[08:59pm] Imagine : you right
[08:59pm] RockinTop : or so...I think Im wonrg aboutntaht
[08:58pm] RockinTop : wow headed for 40 point drop in last 5 mins
[08:58pm] Imagine : yeah right lol
[08:58pm] RockinTop : greatest Asian trip ever
[08:58pm] RockinTop : lol
[08:58pm] Imagine : more lies
[08:58pm] RockinTop : lol
[08:58pm] Imagine : ahhhhhhhh no wonder
[08:57pm] RockinTop : orange man is talking ;)
[08:57pm] Imagine : nasdaq dippin like a mutha
[08:54pm] RockinTop : :D
[08:53pm] Imagine : TVIX with a last few mins squirt hehe
[08:23pm] Grizzly : Day #1 tho
[08:23pm] Optimus Prime : CNBX lookn for some news or follow up from the 8th ... ... this thig maybe settn up to go for a $1 and then some
[08:23pm] Imagine : helluva dip
[08:22pm] Grizzly : LEDS rippa out the gate heavy volume
[08:21pm] Imagine : ok what i miss,,,looks like suck day
[07:04pm] Grizzly : LEDS
[06:54pm] Optimus Prime : PHOT gettn interesting --- also w/Las Vegas pr today
[06:52pm] Optimus Prime : VTNL lil moe poppn ^
[06:50pm] Optimus Prime : ohh .. correction August ... I was lookn at AGTK tappn nicely today
[06:44pm] Optimus Prime : OWCP to challenge hod
[06:41pm] Optimus Prime : yup ^^^ been tappn nicely August
[06:35pm] Optimus Prime : FZRO new highs and tryn to get a lil gap up .. current hod @ .0199 ,,ask @ .0205
[06:33pm] Optimus Prime : BVTK pressure still building in he .002 - .0023 range
[06:32pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^ parsar about to flip on the daily and its almost all systems Go !
[06:29pm] Optimus Prime : OWCP lookn for a lil more it appears
[06:27pm] august1991 : FYI GLFMQ will be trading under GLF if it ever gets its act together.....
[05:50pm] Optimus Prime : HRRN just might get a pop going
[05:39pm] Optimus Prime : VTNL challenge/test hod
[05:36pm] Optimus Prime : OTTV tryn to get it together as there is also a 20/50 a cross in progress, they are above the sticks ,,,atm .. couple up-tics will move the 20 ma towar the crossover even more ... 20 ma @ .0017 - 50 ma @ .0019
[05:34pm] Imagine : BSPM lil frisky,,low vol
[05:30pm] blondeshavemorefun : nothing good - drinks for lunch might help
[05:30pm] blondeshavemorefun : weather sucks
[05:29pm] blondeshavemorefun : darn RMRK big loser today since acqusition pushed out to next year
[05:25pm] blondeshavemorefun : :0
[05:25pm] Optimus Prime : any news from Dagwood ? whats he up to these days ?
[05:25pm] Imagine : perks right up with mention of squirt and anything .69
[05:24pm] Optimus Prime : always put a :D on my face
[05:24pm] blondeshavemorefun : JAGX down - bummer
[05:24pm] Optimus Prime : Its a joy trading with you Blondie
[05:24pm] blondeshavemorefun : what I miss? lots calls last few days, peeps sick and dying
[05:23pm] Grizzly : :0
[05:23pm] Imagine : LOL LOL
[05:23pm] Optimus Prime : lol... blondie ,,,
[05:23pm] blondeshavemorefun >126 : who you asking?
[05:21pm] Imagine : whatis squirt you speak of :b
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