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[08:37pm] Imagine : school shooting in Florida at least 20 hurt etc
[08:21pm] Imagine : peeps loadin up
[08:19pm] Imagine : bio action
[08:19pm] Imagine : CYTX heads up
[08:19pm] Imagine : cant motor boat em
[08:18pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK going for 025 break wowsa
[08:18pm] Imagine : lol
[08:18pm] Blackjack : LOL BOUNCE OFF ON YOUR FACE
[08:18pm] Imagine : something about breast that dont move turns me off nice to look at but,,,,well you know
[08:16pm] Imagine : dont stand next to the furnace,,,,melt down
[08:16pm] Blackjack : 36 DD?
[08:15pm] Imagine : oh boy the small hands details coming out lol
[08:15pm] Blackjack : pic{1518639335135.jpg}
[08:15pm] Blackjack :
[08:14pm] smoots : im here
[08:13pm] Imagine : SVXY sexy
[07:55pm] Imagine : grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr only 150 shares of SVXY oh well was alil short on foresight
[07:54pm] i_like_bb_stock : PTOP red to green possible here
[07:53pm] Imagine : more productive world
[07:50pm] Imagine >13621 : the FCC said to share this with you ;) >>
[07:42pm] Imagine : market dippage/dumpage not done yet me thinks
[07:42pm] Imagine : SVXY cmon make me proud i selected you,,,TVIX keep dipping down to 7$ and lower for loading purposes
[07:38pm] Imagine : the porn payoff 130k i`ll take
[07:37pm] Imagine : 10% i`ll take 1%
[07:37pm] rysky007 : ill take 10% for not asking for permission :)
[07:36pm] Imagine : no other use for that money huh taxpayers
[07:29pm] Imagine : with the Imagine insight of an after lunch coming
[07:28pm] Imagine : tried nursing him back to respectable level this morn/afternoon to at least 4$
[07:27pm] Imagine : the bad part was he watched it run to 4.84 aft hrs yest and sat on it,,in at 3.27 was only green by .20 a share this morn
[07:24pm] Blackjack : lol
[07:24pm] Imagine >9739 : you remember that lol
[07:15pm] Blackjack : making*
[07:15pm] Blackjack : he s prolly busy akin that greentea again!
[07:12pm] Imagine : hope he did not f up that trade again
[07:11pm] Imagine : he not even here
[07:10pm] Imagine : told you around 2o`clockish be a run
[07:10pm] Imagine : SMOOTS!!!????
[07:09pm] Imagine : ZN kickin azz
[07:08pm] Imagine : 4,635 satellites in orbit but >> The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) keeps a record of the operational satellites and you may be surprised to know that only 37.5% of the orbiting satellites are active, just 1 738 according to the Augus
[07:02pm] Imagine : 5g cometh
[07:02pm] Imagine : spanning the globe
[07:02pm] Imagine : simplest is satellite
[07:01pm] Imagine : lol cmon its politics man,,,obviously cables cant be run in rural areas under or above ground houses/stores/schools/etc too far apart,,,,thats costly
[06:58pm] Imagine : yes
[06:58pm] whirl : Are you in a rural area?
[06:57pm] Imagine : there are no towers in 20 miles or more of me,,,wifi via verizon
[06:57pm] whirl : Also, you have issue w/ single point of failure, if sattelite goes down, whole country is in trouble, but if 5 toeers go down, u still have thousands and thousands
[06:56pm] Imagine : towers are old school
[06:55pm] whirl : Yeah not disputing, just think harder to implement when ur countr is 40x bigger. I wonder the cost of sattelite vs a bunch of 4g towers.
[06:55pm] Imagine : excede that way too used to be blue something
[06:54pm] Imagine : Hughes just started not long ago
[06:53pm] Imagine : already satellite setup and others too
[06:53pm] Imagine : 2017 update
[06:52pm] whirl : Yea, if we can get sattelites to work it, that woudl be great
[06:52pm] whirl : UK is 93 thousand sq miles, USA is 3million 797 thousand sq miles just for comparison sake.
[06:52pm] Imagine : with wifi thats how itz being spread to rural areas
[06:51pm] Imagine : you don`t need towers ,,,,satellites
[06:47pm] Imagine : sorry but i only posted info that was done by a reaearch group and compared virtually same with other findings including our most highly effective govt,,,so misleading or not it is what it is
[06:43pm] whirl : Russia and China not on that list either
[06:40pm] Imagine : you get the idea
[06:40pm] Imagine : 27. Estonia (11.1 Mbps) 28. United States (10.7 Mbps) 29 (tie). Canada (10.3 Mbps) 29 (tie). Turkey (10.3 Mbps)
[06:39pm] Imagine : 13. Spain (13.8 Mbps) 14. Kenya (13.7 Mbps) 15. Austria (13.5 Mbps) 16 (tie). Ireland (13.2 Mbps) 16 (tie). Sweden (13.2 Mbps) 18 (tie). New Zealand (13.0 Mbps
[06:39pm] Imagine : 7. Belgium (16.2 Mbps) 8. Romania (15.9 Mbps) 9. Australia (15.7 Mbps) 10. Japan (15.6 Mbps) 11. Netherlands (15.0 Mbps) 12. Slovakia (14.0 Mbp
[06:38pm] Imagine : There are 19 countries in Europe and 27 countries worldwide with faster average mobile Internet than the U.S. As you can see in top 30 list below, countries such as Greece, Egypt, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Slovakia have faster average mobile Intern
[06:33pm] Imagine : that`s phat
[06:33pm] Imagine : Elon Musk won an endorsement on Wednesday from the top U.S. communications regulator to build a broadband network using satellites.
[06:24pm] Imagine : SVXY solid
[06:18pm] Imagine : SFOR goes green
[06:13pm] Imagine : SRNE smh
[06:03pm] Imagine : CNET again
[06:03pm] Imagine : tc man
[06:03pm] RockinTop : gotta run ...hope yall make a ton of green the rest of the day! Thanks for the Austin tips Imagine ...I am defintely going to Franklins looks insanely good!
[05:56pm] Imagine : SRNE kicking myself
[05:55pm] RockinTop : LOL
[05:54pm] Imagine : if not with wife they make your feet look bigger too,,,,hint hint lol
[05:54pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK held 02 back up she goes
[05:53pm] RockinTop : lol
[05:53pm] Imagine : sounds like a plan,,,,be able to kill the roaches/scorpions in corners
[05:51pm] RockinTop : guess I better take my chit kickers... when in Texas, do like the Texans...
[05:50pm] Imagine : the diners,drive ins and dives guy did a show there ,,,,raved
[05:49pm] RockinTop : LMAO
[05:48pm] assetappreciator : LIVE is getting ready to blast anytime soon
[05:44pm] RockinTop : sweet!
[05:44pm] RockinTop : lol
[05:43pm] Imagine : mini chat window is awesome lol
[05:43pm] Imagine : got a trading bud lives there.....he saw your post sent me this link
[05:41pm] Imagine : Franklin barbecue
[05:37pm] RockinTop : anyonoe on here know anything about Austin TX? I am headed there for a few days and wondering if there is a must see/do while I am there
[05:27pm] i_like_bb_stock : GBHL into the 005s getting some nice buying
[05:19pm] i_like_bb_stock : SRSP is now CRSM FYI
[05:10pm] Imagine :
[05:07pm] Imagine : :|
[05:01pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK new HOD should have 02 as a support now
[04:58pm] Imagine : SRNE missed it
[04:56pm] Imagine : ;) just a DA
[04:56pm] RockinTop : you called it
[04:55pm] Imagine : ZN gettin comfy in that 4$ zone nuff said
[04:54pm] Imagine : more power scotty
[04:53pm] RockinTop : block button, just isnt as fun
[04:52pm] Imagine : been there done that,,,feels good
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