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[03:40pm] rysky007 : decent chart
[03:34pm] Nickie63 >63 : if you can tell me what do you think about VYST
[03:25pm] giorosas : ADXS falling strong
[02:56pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX +40%
[02:49pm] giorosas : SRNE out 2.66
[02:40pm] giorosas : SRNE in 2.57... lets see
[02:38pm] giorosas : ADXS 0.385 now
[02:36pm] giorosas : from 0.36 is not bad, can go back ADXS to 0.38 ...imo
[02:34pm] giorosas : ADXS out 0.375
[02:32pm] Oneputtkip : 30%
[02:32pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX +20%
[02:27pm] giorosas : finally is working Trade Ameritrade 2.5 hours later
[02:24pm] Oneputtkip : ^^now + 10%
[02:24pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX trying
[02:23pm] giorosas : may be is working on that Ameritrade, but we do not know at this time
[02:21pm] giorosas : thanks risky you are working on that but Ameritrade is not doing nothing
[02:21pm] rysky007 : :(
[02:20pm] giorosas : this flash is killing me today
[02:19pm] rysky007 : i know, we are working on a new solution
[02:19pm] giorosas : this platform is flash supported so from next december will be unavailable
[02:12pm] giorosas : is Trade Architect (Ameritrade)
[02:12pm] Arttie1 : :|
[02:12pm] giorosas : the platform i have used always is not working
[02:11pm] giorosas : suffering because the platform i have used is not always working
[02:09pm] giorosas : ADXS in 0.36
[01:59pm] Arttie1 : mms are not our friends, got it
[01:59pm] Arttie1 : this is good info
[01:59pm] rysky007 : then they go short against the gap and drive it down to make max profit
[01:59pm] rysky007 : yes
[01:59pm] hawkeye : mms see all the orders and simply uptick it due to an increase in demand
[01:58pm] hawkeye : even 925 will ruin a good momo
[01:57pm] rysky007 : yeah
[01:57pm] Arttie1 : ok
[01:56pm] rysky007 : if i send them out before the bell or hte night before, they gap up and then turn out to be duds :(
[01:56pm] rysky007 : we have tried that several times
[01:54pm] Arttie1 >63 : do you think you could give us something like at 12:30 for the next morning. I didn
[01:53pm] rysky007 : hope you guys enjoy these, i cant play them, i get to sit and watch from the side lines :)
[01:53pm] rysky007 : you guys are very welcome
[01:53pm] hawkeye : esyl great play keep up the momentum guys . out for now will check back later
[01:52pm] Arttie1 : good job rysky
[01:50pm] rysky007 : .04 gone
[01:50pm] rysky007 : nice
[01:48pm] rysky007 : can it get back over .04?
[01:48pm] rysky007 : ESYL slowly climbing
[01:46pm] rysky007 : anytime
[01:45pm] Arttie1 : ok thank you and thank you for the explanation
[01:44pm] rysky007 : looking at the chart, its bouncing, so a high chance that this could be a good lower level to jump in on but still not 100000% if you understand
[01:44pm] rysky007 : .0017 is solid suport level so taht would be bottom level of this recent move, but it could go lower as if it does not hold the .0017 levels it could drop to .001
[01:43pm] Arttie1 : ok
[01:43pm] rysky007 : let me look
[01:43pm] rysky007 : hard to say
[01:41pm] Arttie1 >63 : is this a good time to buy? I am new, and I need lots of support
[01:39pm] rysky007 : XTRM i just saw droped below .002 range, was watching that for my buy in agian, thank you for brining it to my attention
[01:38pm] rysky007 : nice open
[01:38pm] rysky007 : Artie
[01:35pm] rysky007 : over 1000% since open
[01:35pm] Arttie1 : amazing
[01:35pm] rysky007 : ESYL is outta here
[01:35pm] rysky007 : wow
[01:35pm] rysky007 : did not expect it to run like this
[01:32pm] rysky007 : ESYL is my Mega Monday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : ESYL is my Mega Monday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : ESYL is my Mega Monday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : ESYL is my Mega Monday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:32pm] rysky007 : ESYL is my Mega Monday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:30pm] Arttie1 : rysky, is xtrm closer to ready?
[01:29pm] rysky007 : 3 min countdown
[12:25pm] Nickie63 : Rysky , how do you feel about VYST ?
[07:28pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX ask evaporating
[06:36pm] Homebrew : have good weekend
[06:36pm] giorosas : thanks, see you tomorrow
[06:36pm] giorosas : SNAP out 14.66
[05:46pm] giorosas : XELA out 1.4
[04:51pm] Oneputtkip : ^^now even with thin ask; watching for ;002 break
[04:45pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX down 10% but huge bid with thin ask; maybe ww
[04:32pm] Oneputtkip : ^^ Looks like it!
[04:32pm] Homebrew : GHSI starting to wake up again?
[03:42pm] ricopuerto >11417 : when next mega like that
[03:41pm] ricopuerto >11417 :
[03:41pm] ricopuerto >11417 : very nice call on Begi 500/
[03:15pm] Arttie1 : ok thank you
[03:14pm] rysky007 : overbought means that there has been a lot of buying and there is a higher chance that it will come down before it goes up higher
[03:14pm] Arttie1 : rysky, when a stock is overbought, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
[03:04pm] Arttie1 : ok thank you
[03:04pm] rysky007 : for now
[03:00pm] Arttie1 : is that all?
[03:00pm] rysky007 : ive been watching it my self. I grabbed a little last week but just a started, watching how it behaves now
[02:59pm] Arttie1 : rysky,would you please look at XTRM? Is it getting ready for a move? Newbie here
[02:56pm] rysky007 : .40
[02:49pm] rysky007 : .3575
[02:49pm] rysky007 : BEGI just broke out , new HOD
[02:22pm] giorosas : XELA in 1.38
[02:21pm] giorosas : XELA trying to find its bottom
[02:20pm] giorosas : red money with SNAP, i will wait
[02:18pm] giorosas : thanks oneputtkid
[02:18pm] giorosas : GHSI out 0.71
[02:06pm] giorosas : GHSI in 0.68 lets see
[02:00pm] Oneputtkip : correct, sorry
[01:59pm] giorosas : GHSI i guess
[01:59pm] giorosas : HGSI???
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