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[04:03pm] Blackjack : silence before the brewing storm creates bambooooooooom?
[04:03pm] Imagine : HEMP on its way
[04:02pm] Imagine : the silence is deafening
[04:02pm] Imagine : lol was being facetious
[03:58pm] rysky007 : agressive?
[03:45pm] Blackjack : big two thumbs up
[03:38pm] Imagine : quite an agressive chat room :[
[03:29pm] Imagine : • Positions Company Among the First Vertically Integrated Mixed-Reality Companies, From IP-Owner to Content Creator to Applications Provider • Company to Leverage Target’s Global Reputation and Key Strategic Shareholders to Establis
[03:29pm] racoonracoon : TNTR^
[03:27pm] Imagine : 10 min old news
[03:27pm] Imagine : PLFX opportunity or not hmmmm >>. Recall Studios (OTC: “BTOP”) today announced its offer to purchase 100% of the unrestricted and open-market shares of Pulse Evolution Corporation (OTC:”PLFX”) for $1.38 pe
[03:00pm] aahepp : IMTV jus sayin
[02:13pm] aahepp : BIOAQ jus sayin
[02:10pm] Blackjack : CMGO .01 BOOOM
[02:00pm] aahepp : .05 next major
[02:00pm] aahepp : PACV from yesterday oving again
[01:58pm] Blackjack : CMGO .009 next .01
[01:54pm] smoots : Gap fill $3.00
[01:52pm] smoots : FLKS bouncing off bottoms
[01:42pm] Blackjack : keep @@ on GMGC .0088
[01:37pm] smoots : RLTR - ReelTime VR Builds its Patent Portfolio With New Instantaneous 360 Video Capture Technology For the Masses Using Cell Phones or Other Devices GlobeNewswire•June 14, 2018 SEATTLE, June 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReelTime VR ([h[R
[01:35pm] bullshead : IFON moving
[01:30pm] smoots : FRFS cheeee
[01:27pm] Imagine : MCIG since alert slow steady climb
[01:27pm] Imagine : VKTX don`t forget bout her
[01:23pm] Blackjack : ^^^^^
[01:21pm] Homebrew : Pretty big News for HEMP....SNAP News also
[01:18pm] Andrew : Watching "TLGT" on FDA approval news. Pre-market high little over 4.20.
[01:18pm] Blackjack : HEMP news out
[01:06pm] bullshead : DIRV correction
[01:06pm] bullshead : DVIR on watch with news
[12:45pm] smoots : GM
[12:43pm] Blackjack : Morning
[12:24pm] leafshabs : which ones
[12:24pm] aahepp : UVXY
[12:23pm] aahepp : better prodcuts out there if you want to trade volatility
[12:23pm] aahepp : no reason anyone should be
[12:23pm] leafshabs : TVIX
[12:22pm] leafshabs : anyone on tvix
[12:21pm] aahepp : If you can find shares. short the mess out of IFON
[12:20pm] hendo83079 : HEMP with news
[12:08pm] aahepp : IFON continuation gap on news
[08:04pm] Homebrew : Have good evening!
[08:01pm] Imagine : word gettin around
[08:01pm] Imagine : yep
[08:01pm] Homebrew : Nice close..Should open just as good
[08:00pm] mick1202 : appeared to be some front loading on AYTU
[08:00pm] Blackjack : wow
[08:00pm] smoots : cyall tamali ^v> thanks
[07:59pm] Imagine : sweet
[07:57pm] Imagine : hemp ut
[07:57pm] Homebrew : HEMp here it comes...
[07:55pm] aahepp : PACV painted for the +300%
[07:55pm] Imagine : CHOOF holding that 1$ break
[07:55pm] aahepp : PACV through that major and pushing +293%
[07:55pm] Imagine : saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
[07:54pm] Blackjack : :E
[07:53pm] Imagine : and HEMP .035
[07:52pm] Imagine : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:48pm] Imagine : bring it!!!!!
[07:48pm] Imagine : .99
[07:48pm] Imagine : choof oh hell
[07:47pm] aahepp : PACV there is the .03 test
[07:46pm] Imagine : be nicer if CHOOF closes 1$ or better
[07:45pm] Homebrew : Be nice if HEMP pulled a Major Rally last 10 mins like BLNK did yesterday, then get that morning pop for desert
[07:45pm] Imagine : HEMP stuff still getting around you know how heads areit takes a lil while lol
[07:39pm] smoots : CHOOF over 1.07 blue skies
[07:36pm] Homebrew : ANothe rNew HOD HEMP
[07:35pm] aahepp : BIOC over those recent highs. Watch for continuation tomorrow
[07:34pm] Homebrew : The stock..too HEMP looks like radical strong close and morning pop....I am thinking...@ HOD right now, again
[07:33pm] Imagine : HEMP HEMP hooray CHOOF smoke it if ya got it
[07:23pm] smoots : CHOOF achoofin
[07:23pm] aahepp : MYDX late day buyers
[07:15pm] Imagine : HEMP continues slow and steady
[07:07pm] Imagine : huh
[07:06pm] aahepp : HMY hope you partook
[07:03pm] Imagine : took a lil dip think here we go again
[06:53pm] Imagine : git it baby
[06:52pm] Imagine : VKTX JAMMIN
[06:49pm] aahepp : CEI over .35 puts it in play
[06:46pm] Imagine : lol ba bam!
[06:45pm] Imagine : VKTX ramping up
[06:44pm] aahepp : PACV looking to test .03 major
[06:34pm] smoots : SPI energy nice day
[06:33pm] aahepp : PACV buyers stepped back in +237%
[06:26pm] smoots : OTC: UOIP UnifiedOnline, Inc. is another penny stock with a “patent portfolio”. This Wednesday there will be a panel of 3 judges at the PTAB ruling on a petition. The company’s fully owned subsidiary ChanBond LLC. is suing
[05:46pm] racoonracoon : GALT^
[05:40pm] aahepp : BIOAQ still pushing
[05:36pm] racoonracoon : VKTX^
[05:30pm] racoonracoon : ARLZ trying
[05:00pm] Imagine : HEMP bobbing and weaving
[04:58pm] Imagine : CHOOF hanging tuff
[04:57pm] Imagine : CVSI goes green after early mornin lame MM games
[04:33pm] aahepp : BIOAQ new buyers stepped in
[04:29pm] Imagine : Michael Cohen disproving the "no man is an island" theory
[04:23pm] Imagine : bitcoin takes another hit down on price scam from 2017,,,imagine that
[04:19pm] Imagine : itz green as HEMP should be
[04:19pm] Imagine : HEMP stay aware,,,the farm bill passed should be house voted on before the 4th
[04:14pm] Imagine : no cause for alarm but VKTX headed back towards that hod set a lil bit ago andits still early ;)
[04:12pm] aahepp : PACV new buyers
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