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[04:55pm] Homebrew : Bought a little more TVIX
[04:39pm] Optimus Prime : VTVT pinch going full activation soon
[04:35pm] RockinTop : the truck is backed up and waiting...
[04:32pm] Imagine : TVIX yeah buddy this is gonna be good dippage
[03:50pm] i_like_bb_stock : MSPC added 8s
[03:39pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR add time here on whacker Tuesday
[03:33pm] Optimus Prime : FPVD tappn a lil more regular now and gettn some reaction to news out about 1 hr. ago ... keep at least 1 eye on that bad boy -- give it a glance every now and then
[03:29pm] hoppercheng : HEAR volume pop
[03:26pm] Imagine : will just need 1 tweet to make it shake some booty lol
[03:25pm] RockinTop : :E
[03:25pm] Imagine >2968 : TVIX :D back that -f-150 up to the loading dock
[03:21pm] Optimus Prime : several low vol/trade tickers tryn to get off the ground to catch some air ..another china logistics = CHLO
[03:13pm] Imagine : CRON going up TVIX going down both makin me a happy camper
[03:06pm] Imagine : wow somebody actually listens lol
[03:00pm] alchemytrader22 : HMNY tearing shorts a new asshole
[02:55pm] i_like_bb_stock : MSPC 8s hitting about to see why I held this for so long
[02:52pm] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC red to green coming back over 07 like clockwork
[02:52pm] Optimus Prime : yur welcome hendo
[02:51pm] hoppercheng : ;)
[02:51pm] Imagine : for what that`s worth
[02:51pm] Imagine : HMNY told ya yest peeps yelling squeeze in play
[02:50pm] hoppercheng : HMNY Volume surge
[02:50pm] hendo83079 : Thanks for the heads up on SING Optimus
[02:50pm] Imagine : CRON coming back come on baby no bong action you need to be a phat blunt
[02:50pm] Optimus Prime : oh yeah .. SING ..charts just auto adjusted for more room going up
[02:44pm] Imagine : MNTR gave you yest
[02:44pm] RockinTop : lol
[02:43pm] i_like_bb_stock : MSPC added 6s
[02:43pm] Optimus Prime : canman flew the coop .... new handle = cant-man
[02:41pm] Blackjack : MJNA .1189
[02:39pm] Optimus Prime : NXGH Hmmmm.. sumpn cookn ? on low vol/trades
[02:38pm] i_like_bb_stock : MSPC nice tweet out $MSPC has been in constant conversations with OTC Markets, our financials are being reviewed. We expect “Yield” sign to be removed very shortly
[02:35pm] Imagine : RXMD LDSI both small uptickage
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : ICNB tryn to get off the ground on low vol/trades ....atm
[02:32pm] Optimus Prime : nhod print
[02:28pm] Optimus Prime : dance lil sister dance
[02:28pm] Imagine : lets bust a move
[02:27pm] Imagine : i`m still green too
[02:27pm] Optimus Prime : also news on audit complete and form 10 to become fully reporting
[02:27pm] RockinTop : I still got some too :)
[02:27pm] RockinTop : lol
[02:26pm] Imagine : wtf oh well
[02:26pm] Imagine : lol
[02:26pm] Imagine : still holding some here,,,maybe i`m a dreamer huh
[02:26pm] Optimus Prime : SING startn to react to group pr from this a.m.
[02:25pm] Imagine :
[02:25pm] Imagine : RXMD
[02:21pm] Imagine : HMNY still trying
[02:19pm] Imagine : BRKK bounce
[02:14pm] Optimus Prime : TLNUF wont stop poppn on low vol/trades
[02:08pm] Imagine : VLRX ridin high in april will it be shot down as well
[02:06pm] Imagine : CANN CBDS gettin spanked a bit
[01:57pm] Optimus Prime : EQLB wants up !
[01:56pm] i_like_bb_stock : RSII looking ready here seller whose been keeping it down looks out now
[01:56pm] bullshead : OPGN getting hits
[01:52pm] Optimus Prime : BRKK bounce status today = beware
[01:51pm] Optimus Prime : spread tightened right up
[01:51pm] Optimus Prime : SGTN low vol/trades ....atm gappn ^^
[01:50pm] canman282000 : optimus how do u find these runners etc u have a scanner obviously that tracks these
[01:48pm] hoppercheng : add more around 7
[01:47pm] hoppercheng : In TVIX 7.4
[01:46pm] Optimus Prime : involves TNKE .. the lil runner over the past couple weeks
[01:46pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^ 7 mins ago
[01:46pm] Optimus Prime : trip 0 TRSI tappn away on news out
[01:44pm] Optimus Prime : VLRX = Bamage turning into BLAMAGE !
[01:43pm] Imagine : TVIX come to poppa
[01:43pm] Optimus Prime : 6:41:21 time stamp
[01:43pm] RockinTop : lol
[01:43pm] Optimus Prime : Bamage ! VLRX
[01:43pm] canman282000 : no just trying to see it
[01:43pm] Optimus Prime : VLRX back on
[01:43pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR gearing up for that 027 area 52 week high break float is super tight expecting filings any day now
[01:42pm] Optimus Prime : see your typo there ???
[01:42pm] Blackjack : :(
[01:42pm] canman282000 : will do
[01:41pm] Optimus Prime : hey ! if ya gonna address me ,,, address me correctly plzzzzz
[01:41pm] canman282000 : i was watching it and toought maybe my platform is messing up optimud
[01:41pm] Optimus Prime : ahh ok, well welcome back ..
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : lol VLRX halt/paused
[01:39pm] i_like_bb_stock : UOIP potential settlementon patent infringement Apple settled with VHC out of court big settlement and it ran nuts worth tucking a few away
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : CLDX settn up for a possible $1 run after big tankster on a fail == also going on gap fill list after big azzzz tankster from the $2 level down to .75 level
[01:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : BRNE 001s up nice slow steady upticks
[01:35pm] Blackjack : MJTK .0008
[01:35pm] canman282000 : yes havent been here in along time
[01:34pm] shadow1461 : ndev
[01:33pm] Optimus Prime : @ canman282000 new chat ?
[01:33pm] Imagine : CRON
[01:31pm] august1991 : INPX some news out
[01:30pm] hoppercheng : gotcha
[01:29pm] Imagine : mjna don`t follow but its 420 so pay attention
[01:29pm] canman282000 : oh here is everyone kewl hi optimus like the new chat
[01:29pm] hoppercheng >126 : LOL... Ok, sounds good. Any thoughts on MJNA?
[01:29pm] Optimus Prime : VLRX killn pre mkt. on news
[01:28pm] RockinTop : lol
[01:28pm] Imagine >14036 : !!!!!!! =back up da truck TVIX is ready to be loaded CRON too
[01:27pm] Optimus Prime : MSRT was banging away yesterday -- news this a.m.
[01:25pm] shadow1461 : good morning all
[01:22pm] rysky007 : CRUUF news out : uesday, April 17 2018 8:30 AM, EST Cameo Resources Corp.: Softbank Group Makes Strategic Investment In Nemaska Lithiums Proposed Whabouchi Mine
[01:13pm] Imagine : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:53pm] hoppercheng : holding a lil SPI also
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