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[03:58pm] aahepp : HMY swing trade. Use 1.56 as max loss. Normally want to see over 1.61, but large blocks when bought on the ask little bit ago, so speculation trade
[03:56pm] aahepp : IMTV still getting a push with new buyers
[03:45pm] aahepp : PACV pre-loaded pump now getting organic buyers. Careful if played
[03:14pm] Optimus Prime : nhod print ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ news out 15 mins ago on AXXA
[03:13pm] Optimus Prime : AXXA activity increasing and test/challenge hod @ .0245
[03:13pm] Imagine : say it ain`t so CHOOF 1$ plus today hmmmmm
[02:59pm] dave5655 : AXXA makn a move
[02:54pm] aahepp : CODX buyers. 4.75/85 resistance minor up over head
[02:44pm] smoots : CHOOF achoofa burnin love
[02:19pm] aahepp : TFVR over 65 for the continuation
[02:11pm] aahepp : if you played BIOAQ or still holding, looks to lighten you load
[02:10pm] aahepp : welcome to chitty wok can I take your chitty order
[02:10pm] smoots : u wont flied lice wif egg wo
[02:10pm] aahepp : you tell the North korean government that
[02:10pm] aahepp : lawd
[02:09pm] bullshead : Chinese co. could do anything, no control
[02:07pm] aahepp : but SEII can pop as there is no retail shop that has shares to lend out. so only shorts are coming from foreign or prop firms, so they have no retail help if it tries to squeeze
[02:05pm] smoots : or cry them into it
[02:05pm] bullshead : lol
[02:05pm] Imagine : just play the chit for what you can get,,,dont fall in love
[02:05pm] smoots : Rodman L talkem into it, LOL
[02:03pm] bullshead : SEII i like the news because Chinese Co. could do business in N.Korea
[02:03pm] smoots : ;)
[02:02pm] Imagine : part of my foreign 420 DD prior to canada vote choof
[02:02pm] aahepp : BIOAQ day 4 on the pay train
[02:01pm] smoots : secures Aurora as 7M cornerstone investor
[01:59pm] Imagine : yes it is at last puff puff
[01:59pm] smoots : CHOOF movin
[01:58pm] Imagine : SEII sure hope ya got somma dat
[01:57pm] Blackjack : :E
[01:56pm] Imagine : ONward and especially UP!ward
[01:54pm] smoots : For the times, they are a changin.......
[01:51pm] Imagine : new horizons out there as the world changes almost daily,,, Canada passing 420 and the Korean stuff should open new avenues lined with profits
[01:48pm] smoots : ZN on the pull
[01:46pm] Imagine : BLNK showin off again
[01:45pm] Imagine : sizzzzzzle SEII
[01:37pm] Optimus Prime : PULM news .....going for the gap fill
[01:33pm] Blackjack : SWET .0006 news
[01:32pm] Blackjack : QEDN .0006
[01:32pm] Blackjack : OTTV .0007 news
[01:30pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:30pm] smoots : DRUS ENPH
[01:24pm] Blackjack : gm
[01:14pm] Andrew : SEII working on profitting off North Korea being in the news.
[01:13pm] Andrew : SEII with news in-regards to securing a license from Hong Kong-based Ecrent Capital Holdings to develop, launch and operate an online sharing platform in North Korea.
[01:11pm] Andrew : Wathing "CANF" to see if it can break above 200 Day at 1.60.
[12:56pm] smoots : NTRB signs LOI to aquire Carmel Biosciences
[12:53pm] Chemist : On Watch this morning is CANF VTGN and AYTU so far
[11:31am] alchemytrader22 : CANF - 1.56
[11:06am] pnaymik11 : ENPH gapping
[10:51am] pnaymik11 : wakey wakey all.....time to make the money
[08:00pm] Homebrew : LOL
[08:00pm] Homebrew : Good evening all
[07:55pm] Imagine : its like its on cialis or sumpin does not wanna go down
[07:55pm] Imagine : weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[07:53pm] Imagine : saweeeet
[07:52pm] Homebrew : That was fun!
[07:50pm] Imagine : dont blink lol
[07:48pm] Homebrew : now that is movement!
[07:48pm] Homebrew : BLNK has its High Beams on
[07:48pm] Imagine : booyah
[07:47pm] Imagine : roll tide roll
[07:46pm] Homebrew : New hod BLNK $6.
[07:46pm] Imagine : bingo
[07:46pm] Imagine : cmon BLNK
[07:31pm] aahepp : BIOAQ mentioned it last Thursday. Well Friday it paid, yesterday it paid, and today it is paying again. Jus sayin
[07:31pm] Imagine : cmon
[07:28pm] Homebrew : BLNK nearing hod
[07:27pm] Imagine : BLNK cmon 6$ you can do it and more,,,,hold it
[07:21pm] Homebrew : BLNK
[06:50pm] Homebrew : SNAP $13.62 IN
[06:48pm] Homebrew : or I might wait a few seconds...sudden drop
[06:47pm] Homebrew : I am going to Buy SNAP here again...Have had great luck last 8 days or so trading it Long. Sitting at Resistance $13.64 range...could go either way trst support or test HOD
[05:59pm] Blackjack : GMCO .008 aim for yuge grand slam!
[05:52pm] Bennylati : $354 to $345***
[05:51pm] Bennylati : Shorted TSLA got rid of my contracts at $145 from $154 Walked about 55% profit
[05:49pm] Imagine : Jake A sorry he went to philly
[05:49pm] Blackjack : excellent play
[05:49pm] Blackjack :
[05:49pm] Imagine : been playing good ball
[05:48pm] Imagine : lil bit
[05:47pm] Blackjack : did u see cubs game last night wow
[05:47pm] Imagine : :D
[05:46pm] Blackjack : wow what a double play
[05:43pm] Imagine : :b
[05:43pm] Imagine : can`t play with just one ya gotta man up and do the sisters BLNK and BLNKW
[04:59pm] Imagine : we all know you can`t BLNK ya might miss it
[04:50pm] Bennylati : Or is it BLNK trying for that run
[04:49pm] Bennylati : Shorting TSLA anyone?
[04:46pm] Imagine : AMDA spose to been awarded clearance RGLS same ,,,news no released yet according to the talking heads
[04:43pm] Blackjack : yea that s funny
[04:43pm] Imagine >9739 : lmao the pic
[04:42pm] Blackjack : yea but good for trading
[04:42pm] Imagine : dodd-frank banking stuff been lifted being hacked might be mild compared to the f`ing banks can do again
[04:41pm] Blackjack : pic{1528821707250.jpg}
[04:39pm] Imagine : GLMD the 19$z a few mins ago were a gift,,,,ran like a scalded dog this morn
[04:38pm] Blackjack : cool
[04:38pm] Imagine : got in favs to keep eye on it
[04:37pm] Blackjack : saw that cool but not touch the hackable bitcoin
[04:36pm] Imagine : site on t-shirt worn by Rodman last nite at summit
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