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[01:31pm] august1991 : ERBB....make my Friday please.....
[01:31pm] Optimus Prime : DCTH tearng it up
[01:26pm] Imagine : hey hey,,,another week down the tubes
[01:25pm] blondeshavemorefun : GM all
[01:21pm] i_like_bb_stock : GBHL looking for the penny break here
[01:09pm] rysky007 : NGTF .22 offer pre market, moving up above yesterdays close and top Bollinger Band which is the breakout point. IMO
[12:58pm] Optimus Prime : TOPS makn noise on news -- 3rd r/s in 3 months regains compliance
[12:44pm] smoots : good day
[12:38pm] rysky007 : morning
[12:32pm] i_like_bb_stock : Good morning
[12:00pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^ maybe not tomorrow, but Monday the 21st if you say that it just might happen
[08:02pm] smoots : may the planets align tomorrow later
[07:56pm] Imagine : congrats on your profits 2day
[07:56pm] blondeshavemorefun : gotta run be back tomorrow
[07:53pm] blondeshavemorefun : IPCI quick jump
[07:53pm] Imagine : not the 10 bagger but under 20.00 pps
[07:53pm] Imagine : mentioned it here last week nobody seemed interested so,,,,,,
[07:52pm] blondeshavemorefun : same person said it would hit $22 today
[07:52pm] blondeshavemorefun : dead on there
[07:52pm] Imagine : works for me....been a cash cow for me before
[07:51pm] Imagine : 2-3k$ at a clip
[07:51pm] blondeshavemorefun : Just read this: TVIX could be a 10 bagger from this level in a month
[07:51pm] Imagine : waited for dippage play small lots
[07:50pm] Imagine : very possible,,,, just split few months ago was a bit higher
[07:49pm] Imagine : low $16z were avail coupla days ago
[07:49pm] blondeshavemorefun : some think TVIX can triple over next couple months. Read that somewhere
[07:48pm] blondeshavemorefun : got it
[07:48pm] Imagine : specially now into the fall
[07:48pm] Imagine : not a real chart play,,,itz news and emotions
[07:47pm] blondeshavemorefun : agree but not a real good chartist yet to find optimum buy sell proces
[07:47pm] Imagine : getting started about 8 in the morn is best time to catch it
[07:46pm] Imagine >11430 : re` your question day trading TVIX IMO yes,,like today if you had picked up say 100 shares at the opening low and sold few mins ago at 21.71 or into this run now that`s $400 plus profit
[07:41pm] blondeshavemorefun : CRMD looking nice end of day
[07:30pm] Imagine : TVIX sweeet day
[07:28pm] Optimus Prime : FUTL tryn an eod push
[07:16pm] smoots : OMED that 4.40 skeared um
[07:10pm] smoots : looks like the black stallion and i are going to be buddies for a while sumbiatch
[07:06pm] freebird : ITKG .037 up
[06:42pm] freebird : MARA .2539 wing
[06:41pm] freebird : posting VICA .1225 swing
[06:41pm] freebird : posted ITKG .028 last wk swing
[06:38pm] blondeshavemorefun : going to try and catch the bounce and flip again
[06:34pm] blondeshavemorefun : WOW sold SIGO just in time
[06:34pm] blondeshavemorefun : what? bell just rang said market is now open
[06:33pm] Optimus Prime : NAK testing -- this is a long hold
[06:33pm] blondeshavemorefun : back what I miss?
[06:32pm] Optimus Prime : HEMP w/nhod is gettn a lil bounce off the 50 ma from earlier @ .0225 .. 50 ma @ .025 ,, didnt touch it but close
[06:23pm] Imagine : SHIP wants to attack hod
[06:22pm] Optimus Prime : I know that ,,, I know ,,,, and Im tryn to help you
[06:22pm] Imagine : less is more sometime
[06:21pm] Imagine : nothing like realtime experience
[06:21pm] Imagine : read it in a book
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : thats a fact jack
[06:20pm] Imagine : piss poor settings
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : you tryn to keep others just lookn at all the tickers you posting ?? they just may miss out on sumpn real
[06:19pm] Optimus Prime : Day - if you really serious and want to help others make some $$$$$ -- plssss dont post anything an everything that pops up on your scanner -- most of those tickers aint doing squatt
[06:19pm] Day Trader : AGTK going up slowly
[06:17pm] i_like_bb_stock : PHIL forming a solid bottom here DD all here nothing has changed
[06:17pm] i_like_bb_stock : TMXN added 0305 this is ridiculous
[06:14pm] Day Trader : MJTK looking good
[06:13pm] Day Trader : CRMD
[06:11pm] Day Trader : MJTK going up now
[06:10pm] Day Trader : ARLZ
[06:09pm] Day Trader : ESEA just open a new range
[06:06pm] Day Trader : RXII just open a new range and going up now
[06:03pm] Imagine : if i help you out any more i would have to make the trades for you
[06:03pm] Imagine : gee homer never knew you thought so highly of me lol
[06:01pm] Optimus Prime : :E
[06:01pm] Blackjack : SORRY was busy w my bong :D
[05:59pm] Blackjack : AMHD .0003 Next AZFL?
[05:58pm] Day Trader : IMUC on watch
[05:58pm] Day Trader : IMUC is fighting to go back up
[05:55pm] Day Trader : UGHL low volume with lots of pressure on watch
[05:37pm] Day Trader : LL
[05:37pm] Day Trader : LOL
[05:37pm] Imagine : i`m the only 1 here that can be the azzhole lol
[05:37pm] Day Trader : lunch time... se you soon
[05:36pm] Imagine : coming real close to insultingpeeps intelligence you are
[05:34pm] Day Trader : i meant to say IMUC looks good LOL
[05:33pm] Day Trader : IMUC hitting the top band of the bollinger bands, going up on MACD and over 70 on RSI go go IMUC go
[05:30pm] Day Trader : IMUC getting strong
[05:28pm] Day Trader : IMUC going up now
[05:26pm] Day Trader : me too
[05:22pm] Imagine : i dont sell at bid!!!! that does nothing to create interest in stock
[05:21pm] Day Trader : corrected thank you Imagine
[05:19pm] Optimus Prime : JAGX makn noise
[05:18pm] Day Trader : HEMP bong bong happy happy LOL
[05:16pm] Day Trader : we ae only humans.... no gods
[05:13pm] Optimus Prime : HEMP tryn to get a bounce off the 50 ma
[05:13pm] Day Trader : yes, my little grasshopper LOLLLL
[05:13pm] Imagine : going to blame rysky for misleading me
[05:12pm] Optimus Prime >126 : yeah me to ,, all wrong ... Im taking down notes on this new stuff ... ;)
[05:11pm] Optimus Prime : teacher / student .... I saw that show before ... was called Kung Fu ...I think
[05:11pm] Imagine >111 : we been doing this stuff all wrong for a while now
[05:10pm] Day Trader : we are here to help each other after all...
[05:09pm] Imagine : were you teaching me? seriously!
[05:09pm] Day Trader : sometimes the teacher become the student
[05:08pm] Imagine : that`s how you blow pm action
[05:08pm] Imagine : there are lil gremlins that steal your stock over night
[05:08pm] Day Trader : and trying t make some money LOL
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