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[04:52pm] RockinTop : 007 should give me boot powers 0:)
[04:51pm] RockinTop : yep that is what I saw too
[04:51pm] Imagine : well could be lol cause price posted was incorrect last printed price 15.75
[04:50pm] Imagine : nah
[04:48pm] RockinTop : That must be a bot
[04:46pm] assetappreciator : LIVE back @ 15.86
[04:46pm] smoots : lol
[04:43pm] Imagine : only the piano player don`t shoot
[04:43pm] Imagine : should see another pop or two before 2 o`clock
[04:42pm] Imagine : if it breaks hod of today up to 4.25-30 if i were holding from yest what would i do hmmmmmm
[04:40pm] Imagine : told you break was be gonna be nice
[04:39pm] Imagine : ZN the 4$ hit arrived
[04:32pm] Imagine : sweeeeet
[04:32pm] Imagine : CNET twerk on baby
[04:31pm] Imagine : ZN pay attention
[04:29pm] Imagine : CNET ba bam!
[04:26pm] Imagine : CNET
[04:23pm] Imagine : few of the bitcoin plays up %wise you should have the list
[04:18pm] Imagine : CNET on the 3$ prowl
[04:17pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK another try @ 02 here doing the 1 2 3 punch then no looking back
[04:15pm] Imagine : there it goes
[04:14pm] Imagine : ZN break that 3.84-85 range could see a nice surge imo
[04:11pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS wowsa up 50% on 780K so tight
[03:56pm] i_like_bb_stock : TFVR moving super easily now imo the patient are gonna do well
[03:51pm] Imagine :
[03:49pm] Imagine : LIVE 4;30 today Join the earnings call by dialing 866-831-8713 (or 203-518-9713 for intl)
[03:45pm] assetappreciator : LIVE is still undervalued as of the moment, whatever other say is BS
[03:43pm] Imagine : lol
[03:43pm] RockinTop >14164 : If I throw a stick, will you go away?
[03:42pm] assetappreciator : Watching LIVE get those stock price up will be fun
[03:38pm] Imagine : hehe
[03:38pm] RockinTop >14164 : with an average 10 day volume of 39,000 gonna be watching a long time
[03:37pm] Imagine : NOT!!!!!
[03:37pm] Imagine : biiiiiig volume and % increase for LIVE,,,life changer?
[03:26pm] assetappreciator : LIVE @15.86 now moving
[03:25pm] whirl : yea that short volatility trade was overcrowded, eventually it blew up and long volatility wa rewarded
[03:24pm] RockinTop >126 : I know right?, like we dont remember them in here saying the same bs about LIVE a few weeks ago
[03:23pm] Imagine : BOOYAH
[03:23pm] Imagine : SVXY
[03:22pm] Imagine : back pumping LIVE huh
[03:21pm] Imagine : helter skelter trading,,,love doing what others dont do
[03:20pm] Imagine : you know I have been ragged on and been called stupid among other flattering things about sitting on cheap TVIX but time after time it just f`ing pays handsomely,,, lol go figure
[03:19pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS green been awhile reversing here
[03:17pm] smoots : yup
[03:17pm] i_like_bb_stock : STMDF just went OTCBQ on 2/5 been on the CSE for awhile bring on the PRs
[03:17pm] assetappreciator : LIVE @ 15.88 watching closely
[03:17pm] Imagine >13710 : ZN upticking pay attention and don`t miss opp to realize decent profit
[03:16pm] whirl : March vix futres at 19.5 and April at 18.77, still slight benefit to holding long vix etfs, but can change as volatility subsides.
[03:14pm] RockinTop : oh I remember
[03:13pm] Imagine : you remember what that chart looked like before the big dip right? so i am more than willing to see TVIX go back to 5$ or less,,,,power up!
[03:11pm] Imagine : SVXY got it under control
[03:11pm] RockinTop : she too SVXY for Imagine
[03:11pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK cant hold it back breaking 02
[03:11pm] Imagine : well she is just the facts,,,no #metoo intended
[03:11pm] RockinTop : he should be looking at his SVXY
[03:10pm] whirl : CANN first higher low in weeks
[03:09pm] i_like_bb_stock : PTOP added 004 absolutely silly thinner than its ever been
[03:09pm] whirl : dont get in trouble imagine lol
[03:08pm] Imagine : Chloe Kim truly bad to the bone,,,,and 17 y/o hottness
[03:08pm] RockinTop : yes, he was ballsy right out of the gate!
[03:08pm] smoots : nhod
[03:08pm] smoots : NTLK going for hod
[03:07pm] whirl : oops, only
[03:07pm] Imagine : last run was totally bad azz alomst hit that 100 mark
[03:07pm] whirl : America sweeps all 4 snowboarding events - coincidentally their own 4 gold metals of the olympics
[03:07pm] RockinTop : last night^
[03:06pm] Imagine : Happy Valentines Day ,,,,,and congrats to Shaun White bringing home the gold
[03:05pm] assetappreciator : LIVE is not yet moving now but feels something good gonna happen
[03:02pm] Imagine : interesting hmmmmm >> Are Melania Trump’s Parents on Immigration Programs the President Wants to Cut?
[03:01pm] RockinTop : anyone playing POTN?
[02:59pm] assetappreciator : NKTR looks good
[02:58pm] i_like_bb_stock : GBHL coming back from dead here breaking 004
[02:56pm] Imagine : jesus christ
[02:56pm] Imagine >13710 : !!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!
[02:55pm] smoots >126 : chit the bed, i was thinkin the same thing, lol, still green but dang me, dang me, otta take a rope and hang me,, lol,, just have to see
[02:54pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR now your time to grab cheapies awaiting hearing results Arcaro has a good track record so far no reason to think this wont happen
[02:52pm] whirl : Backwardation in Vix futures almost over as February contracts expire, benefits off daily TVIX compounding almost flat now
[02:52pm] Imagine : SVXY git er done
[02:52pm] Imagine >13710 : ZN man hope you did right thing and bailed on that .54 pop after hours
[02:51pm] assetappreciator : Hope LIVE will surpass 16 before EOD then sky rocket tom
[02:51pm] RockinTop : lol...yep...and TVIX getting down there to good entry level
[02:50pm] Imagine : TVIX like my ex both very good to me,,,, me never speak unfavorably...TVIX dippage only helps my SVXY
[02:50pm] RockinTop >126 : SVXY lookin good for ya
[02:46pm] assetappreciator : NFLX is green today
[02:43pm] RockinTop : TVIX taking a bath
[02:42pm] smoots : i know, just watching thanks man
[02:41pm] Imagine : just saying,,,, been wrong before
[02:41pm] Imagine >13710 : dude seriously think about this>> WLB under 1$ and a coal company!!!!!! and hedge funds buying it hmmmmm seems far fetched to me
[02:40pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK going for 02
[02:38pm] assetappreciator : LIVE earnings will be released after market today.
[02:38pm] assetappreciator : hope to see some pop tomorrow
[02:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : STMDF grabbed some 34 just went OTCQB interesting techology and concept dually on the CSE
[02:36pm] RockinTop : BLDP
[02:36pm] smoots : HMPQ aquires 10 acre farm for seed production
[02:36pm] assetappreciator : watching TWLO, LIVE, NFLX
[02:35pm] Imagine : red start for the day
[02:33pm] smoots : PLFX
[02:30pm] Imagine : dont obsess over it smoots could be as volatile as that area is over there
[02:29pm] smoots : by my estimates, which could be wrong, looks like that well is about 40-45 miles from the center of the Golan Heights
[02:27pm] Imagine : need another ZN type action this morn
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