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[04:55pm] smoots : my ears are burning again
[04:53pm] smoots : when you say pushing do you mean break of hod
[04:52pm] aahepp : YECO here comes the $9 test
[04:44pm] aahepp : CLDC new buyers
[04:43pm] aahepp : +438%
[04:43pm] aahepp : YECO $8 test
[04:43pm] aahepp : $9 52w hi
[04:38pm] aahepp : +366%
[04:38pm] aahepp : 7 test
[04:34pm] smoots : missed it all
[04:34pm] aahepp : +330%
[04:33pm] aahepp : YECO +316%
[04:32pm] aahepp : YECO testing the 6.30 major
[04:23pm] aahepp : CLDC pop on volume
[03:44pm] Kylefrink : Sls moving also
[03:42pm] Blackjack : mj??
[03:39pm] dave5655 : GEVI huh?
[03:21pm] aahepp : YECO 4.50 next major
[03:15pm] aahepp : YECO still pushing. Pulled back to the vWAP and took back off
[03:12pm] aahepp : as it has alwasy been singe hte East Indian Trading Company started offering shares. Buy the rumor, sell the news
[03:11pm] Blackjack : maybe tomorrow will be better
[03:10pm] Blackjack : hmm pot stocks not moving at all is it cuz ppl are stoned n cant find buy button??
[03:04pm] aahepp : OMED popping on that news
[03:03pm] smoots : was just getting in for the break, im just not fast enough
[03:03pm] aahepp : low volume but keep ya eyeball on LDSR if buyers step in should be good for a scalp
[02:51pm] Kylefrink : NLST- Keep on WATCHLIST
[02:45pm] aahepp : FFHL keep an eyeball for scalp. had the pop and flop yesterday. so Stuck holder selling cheap
[02:42pm] aahepp : YECO liek a fat kind with candy. Not stopping
[02:40pm] Optimus Prime : TKAT $1 and break
[02:38pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[02:38pm] aahepp : YECO getting them topping tails. time to bail
[02:33pm] aahepp : YECO if you played the open high break you +$1/share
[02:31pm] aahepp : jus sayin
[02:31pm] Optimus Prime : YECO
[02:31pm] Optimus Prime : Yeco blasting
[02:30pm] Optimus Prime : 2.00 on da ask now
[02:30pm] Optimus Prime : 1.99 current SLS high ..... 01 cent
[02:30pm] Kylefrink : UCTT up over 12%
[02:29pm] Optimus Prime : SLS new high and .02 cents off $2
[02:29pm] Optimus Prime : YECO back on ,, off halt and a flyn high
[02:25pm] aahepp : paying better then that TACO truck from this morning
[02:25pm] aahepp : YECO jus sayin
[02:23pm] aahepp : sniffed that one out like a pig and a truffle
[02:21pm] rysky007 : damn, what sparked GEVI
[02:21pm] rysky007 : nice
[02:19pm] Optimus Prime : oppppps ! wrong window ...
[02:18pm] Optimus Prime : SLS testing
[02:18pm] Optimus Prime : Bamage ! found copper
[02:18pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that would be GEVI
[02:17pm] Optimus Prime : tight spread now and testing for coppa
[02:11pm] smoots : ADHC offering CBD infused tea on news also news yesterday
[02:10pm] Optimus Prime : see there ,,, pulled a smack back
[02:10pm] Optimus Prime : uh oh ... up now +911 % ... bad numba
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : fill da tank ...not just 5 dolla
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : .0097 for a gap up on da ask
[02:08pm] Optimus Prime : +900% atm ...
[02:07pm] aahepp : SEED with the pop and flop
[01:56pm] aahepp : Aaron H 9:33 AM Get you some of that TACO off them lows
[01:56pm] aahepp : Another gas money winner
[01:54pm] aahepp : some gas money
[01:53pm] aahepp : only got 30K shares @ .0015
[01:53pm] Optimus Prime : get it while ya can and take ya $$$$$$$$$ out of GEVI
[01:51pm] aahepp : CVU pop on volume
[01:50pm] Kylefrink : UCTT pushing 11%
[01:43pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^nhod
[01:42pm] Blackjack >11503 : Good seeing you again
[01:42pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC trading at hod
[01:40pm] alchemytrader22 : PTIE - 1.23 swing
[01:36pm] Kylefrink : MNGA -Chart
[01:34pm] Kylefrink : UCTT up 7%
[01:32pm] smoots : ADHC HIPH
[01:31pm] smoots : ISBG
[01:30pm] smoots : SGMD
[01:29pm] Kylefrink : OGEN slight premarket move up
[01:23pm] Oneputtkip : VTVT wild pm
[01:23pm] aahepp : VTVT nhod
[01:20pm] rysky007 : BLIN very red on two news
[01:19pm] rysky007 : APHB
[01:19pm] rysky007 : FLKS pre market action
[01:19pm] Homebrew : AGRX buyers
[01:18pm] aahepp : YECO slight gap on earlier news
[01:09pm] Kylefrink : UCTT Slight Premarket budge
[01:05pm] rysky007 : BPMX
[01:05pm] rysky007 : CEI
[01:05pm] rysky007 : TTNP
[01:05pm] rysky007 : RGSE
[01:05pm] rysky007 : OHGI news up premarket
[01:05pm] rysky007 : SPEX also on news green
[01:05pm] aahepp : KDMN pop on FDA news
[01:01pm] Kylefrink : Good Morning
[12:59pm] smoots : Good morning and congratulations to the people of Canada
[12:56pm] rysky007 : MNGA and FLKS leading pre market scanners
[12:56pm] rysky007 : MNGA with news
[12:55pm] rysky007 : morning
[12:43pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, All. OGEN up pm on news
[12:30pm] Blackjack : Morning
[11:13am] aahepp : VTVT continuation from AH trial data
[07:45pm] fresh1 : CBIS fisky
[07:08pm] Homebrew : AGRX
[07:01pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC back to unch; maybe ww
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