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[05:44pm] aahepp : taaa daaaa
[04:49pm] aahepp : IDNG nhod
[04:38pm] aahepp : OBLN jus sayin
[03:55pm] aahepp : HBIO nhod
[03:18pm] racoonracoon : ACHN ACST^ watching DRRX MRNS too
[02:55pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 33 AM IDNG worth a look over .0024
[02:47pm] aahepp : aahepp 10 : 11 AM SLDB looking for the 21/55 cross to the upside
[02:04pm] aahepp : VNUE trying to get noticed. Break of .0015 should bring in new buyers
[01:53pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:53pm] aahepp : HBIO just sayin
[01:37pm] aahepp : taaa daaaa
[01:36pm] aahepp : CTST nhod
[01:35pm] aahepp : REKR continuation
[11:45am] aahepp : CTST jus sayin
[11:39am] Cant1952 : Check out my blog
[11:37am] Cant1952 : OHGI One Horizon Group..Media and digital technology and software company. Announced the launch of Touchpoint, a next generation platform designed for brands and celebrities. Good entry price .019-.022...PNTV: Players Network..cultivates an
[07:38pm] whirl : TTCM and SENS on watch for tomorrow
[06:41pm] aahepp : DNAX worth an alert on the .0061 break
[06:18pm] aahepp : pic{1564078673661.png}
[06:16pm] aahepp : You know those late day moves I was making reference to that your scanners have to be tuned to pick up?
[06:16pm] aahepp : SGMA
[06:10pm] aahepp : lol. well either A) you did not sell which is fine to admit you are still holding. B) you are trying to sell your stuff to people in the room
[06:05pm] aahepp : Oh an now I do have a comment about the PVDG sell @ .0028 this is at the same time you was telling everyone it was worth a watch. "[13:30:19] Oneputtkip: PVDG recovering from shakeout; maybe ww" Then why are you alerting somethign
[05:33pm] whirl : one of my fav episodes
[05:33pm] aahepp : pic{1564075978019.jpg}
[05:32pm] aahepp : moving down the chain. Agreed
[05:31pm] whirl : tax bracket changing moves ;)
[05:30pm] aahepp : in a penny stock paid pump chat room you talking about making it rich. Now that is ther defination of rich
[05:29pm] aahepp : lol
[05:29pm] aahepp : REKR todya has had 2 plays in it. the 4.25 break for profits. and then the 4.68 break
[05:29pm] whirl : you can make a living playing singles and doubles, but you dont get rich unless you make the big money
[05:28pm] aahepp : as stated nothign wrong with keeping a piece of your original for the "just in case" but at the end of the day, you want to have the majority of your money out of that holding
[05:27pm] whirl : oh heck no, large caps are too risky to hold overnight haha, pennies are much more predictible
[05:27pm] aahepp : if you taking large caps yes. you talking microcaps then no
[05:26pm] whirl : right it depends on the chart and the enivornment
[05:25pm] aahepp : lol
[05:24pm] whirl : there are times to hold, and times not to. you dont get the big moves if you always cut ur winners
[05:24pm] aahepp : there is 5634 listed securities. There will always be a play somewhere.
[05:24pm] aahepp : when they are penny stocks. I will always say never
[05:23pm] whirl : one rule, never say never ;)
[05:23pm] aahepp : never hold
[05:23pm] aahepp : Word of advice
[05:22pm] aahepp : there is a reason these things are trading at these price levels
[05:22pm] aahepp : It has been played several times. These are not holds. you get your ROC and maybe hold a small piece into the next day
[05:21pm] whirl : july 11th would be a good entry on the daily
[05:21pm] aahepp : also it was on the play scanner which means it was a play
[05:21pm] aahepp : that means buyers are stepping back in
[05:20pm] aahepp : when it breaks a previous high which was Tuesday
[05:20pm] whirl : REKR has been on a nice run, but dont want to chase after it ran so much
[05:20pm] aahepp : Oh most import when they hit the scanners
[05:20pm] aahepp : plays are set up from the morning session trading or from the previous days alerts
[05:19pm] aahepp : Todays plays were REKR when it took out the recent high of 4.25, and YGTY on the $1 break for the scalp
[05:17pm] whirl : so you dont see any setups for today?, i want to put allerts
[05:16pm] aahepp : as far as setups. its mid day in the summer. Summer time trading is from open till about 11 then you can take off. You may get a lucky news pop after lunch but then you gotta have scanners go enough to catch them
[05:14pm] aahepp : ya buddy
[05:13pm] whirl : Guys see any pending setups?
[05:12pm] aahepp : sorry it was 3 trades
[05:12pm] aahepp : 4 total trades @ .0028 yesterday and one of them was yours
[05:10pm] aahepp : Always buy at the lowest tick and sell at the highest tick. Amazing
[05:09pm] Oneputtkip : Sold yesterday at .0028 for 47% profit
[05:06pm] aahepp : example. PVDG would be worth a trade if and only if it breaks the .0028 (previous days high) with volume backing it
[05:04pm] Oneputtkip : Mind your own business
[05:04pm] aahepp : 6 day down trend after the pop and flop has no tales of being even worth the risk
[05:02pm] aahepp : uh huh
[04:59pm] aahepp : You all really need to learn these are trading vehicles. They are not plays until they signal as being such. Getting stuck in these and holding and hoping is just a receipe for losing money.
[04:49pm] Oneputtkip : PVDG down 17% but big buy support just moved in. Maybe ww
[04:01pm] whirl : SENS is ready just needs volume
[03:55pm] rysky007 : missed it
[03:55pm] rysky007 : :(
[03:39pm] whirl : sold 1/2 at .49
[03:35pm] whirl : anybody else get in FCEL?
[01:34pm] whirl : SENS going into the gap
[12:54pm] whirl : hood morning, FCEL moving pre market
[12:53pm] rookietrader71 : good morning
[12:42pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, everyone, Happy Thursday.
[05:39pm] Homebrew : $PCTL from Red to Green...Up 21%
[05:30pm] Oneputtkip : PVDG recovering from shakeout; maybe ww
[03:34pm] aahepp : NTRR +88%
[02:53pm] august1991 : FBIO...gettin some hits off of lows....and that MBIO news....probably.....
[02:38pm] aahepp : NTRR jus sayin
[02:20pm] rysky007 : any one catch FPPP before it took off?
[02:18pm] august1991 : ;) :D
[02:16pm] august1991 : ORBC...cmon...break out....
[02:00pm] aahepp : NGCG +115% DMPI +90%
[01:53pm] aahepp : DMPI jus sayin
[01:51pm] august1991 : OKTA dip.....added....
[01:39pm] aahepp : NGCG jus sayin
[01:37pm] Oneputtkip : PVDG
[01:13pm] whirl : morning
[12:46pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[07:00pm] Homebrew : PCTL Bouncing again....
[05:57pm] whirl : OBLN in the .90s now
[04:42pm] whirl : PCTL new highs also
[04:35pm] whirl : CWNR hew high
[04:11pm] Oneputtkip : PVDC nhod. +40%
[03:51pm] rysky007 : NLBIF continues to slowly climb, alerted at .58 now at .78
[03:10pm] Oneputtkip : 007 break
[03:10pm] Oneputtkip : DAVC vol alert. Watvh for the .
[03:09pm] whirl : PCTL breakign .02
[02:54pm] Oneputtkip : PVDG
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