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[06:21pm] aahepp : Too rich for the blood. what you got in the line of .0003
[06:21pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 10:31 AM KBLB = havnt seen that for a long long time ,,, had a bit-o-news earlier .... spider silk .... that was like 5 years ago or so ??? now spider silk fabrics ...
[06:17pm] Optimus Prime : just so ya know Im not just throwin out tickers that are up in % on the day ..... these are real alerts
[06:17pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 9:40 AM UXIN off news movn
[06:15pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 9:31 AM YUMA on pop watch
[06:14pm] Optimus Prime : UXIN lookn at $3 now an possible break
[05:55pm] rysky007 : nice
[05:54pm] rysky007 : nicew
[05:52pm] TexasTraderWayne : VBLT has some news
[05:00pm] aahepp :
[04:59pm] Blackjack : :D
[04:54pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL trading at the hod ask; maybe ww if it breaks through
[04:01pm] Blackjack : TTCM .004 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
[02:30pm] aahepp : PVDG Day 2 Jus Sayin
[02:30pm] aahepp : PDVG day 2 Jus Sayin
[02:29pm] Optimus Prime : IPWR ever so close now
[02:08pm] Blackjack : TTCM .0034 WOW
[02:06pm] Optimus Prime : HSDT new 2.99 high tryn to break $3 ... $3 break could sling it
[02:06pm] Blackjack : not in but nice
[02:03pm] Optimus Prime : KONA was an alert from yesterday ...
[01:55pm] rysky007 : damn, where did KONA come from
[01:49pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^ over yesterdays high
[01:49pm] Mr.Momo : IRNC...28% = .036 >> Rising cake.
[01:47pm] Optimus Prime : TPNI out trips with a lil authority
[01:46pm] shadow1461 : morning
[01:43pm] Blackjack : TPNI .0013
[01:36pm] rysky007 : IPWR leading
[01:34pm] Blackjack : ^
[01:34pm] rysky007 : very nice
[01:31pm] Blackjack : TTCM .0023 LOVE MY .0005
[01:24pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:21pm] Oneputtkip : Gooc morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[01:00pm] Blackjack : yup
[12:50pm] Optimus Prime >9739 : you musta been busy when I tried to get your attention
[12:49pm] rysky007 : good morning
[12:49pm] Blackjack >111 : UPCO THAT S GOOD CALL I overlooked that one!
[12:48pm] august1991 : Grabbed a few DPW....
[12:27pm] Blackjack : GM
[11:02am] aahepp : DPW jus sayin
[06:05pm] aahepp : PVDG nhod +85%
[05:37pm] Optimus Prime : [07:51:00] Optimus Prime: [h[PRPO]] .. would start seriously thinking of an exit soon
[05:27pm] aahepp : PVDG jus sayin
[05:05pm] shadow1461 : :D
[05:05pm] shadow1461 : back from dr. in IRNC from Friday .009
[04:59pm] Optimus Prime : IRNC moe new highs
[04:04pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^ new highs printing
[04:04pm] Optimus Prime : [06:31:37] Optimus Prime: [h[IRNC]] anyone
[03:53pm] Optimus Prime : CBGH same kinda pos
[03:52pm] Optimus Prime : Black = UPCO
[03:43pm] Optimus Prime : [06:36:47] Optimus Prime: [h[AKAO]] lookn to busta move
[03:35pm] aahepp : CMGO nhod
[02:54pm] aahepp : HSDT eyeballs
[02:54pm] aahepp : last nugget of the day.
[02:51pm] Optimus Prime : PRPO .. would start seriously thinking of an exit soon
[02:49pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 57 AM CMGO trying to get right with the LAwd aahepp 10 : 18 AM CMGO testing major. going to need additional volume to push it. IF played from early would look to bail if the volume does not come in aahepp 10 : 45 AM CMGO got
[02:35pm] aahepp : free nugget: Eyeball APTY over .0007 should get new buyers
[02:34pm] aahepp : AMRS nhod
[02:24pm] Optimus Prime : 1.04 a share ACB is buying out HMPPF
[02:23pm] aahepp : BOXL jus sayin
[02:20pm] aahepp : lol. you all really need to add context instead of just alphabets
[02:20pm] aahepp : aahepp 10 : 04 AM TTCM eyeballs over .0015 should get new buyers aahepp10 : 13 AM TTCM uptick spread now together and going to test the .0015 major
[02:19pm] Blackjack : whoa baby TTCM .0019
[02:17pm] Blackjack : TTCM .0016
[02:14pm] Blackjack : TTCM .0015
[02:12pm] aahepp : nugget: aahepp 8:34 AM AMRS light continuation so far aahepp 8:35 AM over the y/h should put it in play
[02:06pm] Blackjack : TTCM .0014
[02:06pm] Blackjack : thumb up
[01:59pm] Optimus Prime : AHIX hod test coming
[01:51pm] Optimus Prime : IRNC new highs
[01:50pm] Optimus Prime : PURA positioning off news/pr this a.m.
[01:48pm] Optimus Prime : ^^ new high .0013
[01:48pm] Optimus Prime : AHIX jiggy on sudden activity = check it !
[01:44pm] shadow1461 : RSCZF
[01:36pm] Optimus Prime : AKAO lookn to busta move
[01:33pm] aahepp : SFRX jus sayin
[01:31pm] Optimus Prime : IRNC anyone
[01:30pm] Optimus Prime : BLIN lookn to get its bling on
[01:25pm] ciao : gm
[01:25pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:10pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Eveyrone. Happy Tuesday.
[01:07pm] Blackjack : GM
[12:31pm] Optimus Prime : RWLK news just out an on da move
[12:31pm] shadow1461 : ATAI
[12:23pm] shadow1461 : PRPO continues pm
[12:19pm] aahepp : RNN jus sayin
[07:42pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL back to hod; an .0016close or better may be a predicate for tomorrow
[06:58pm] august1991 : OP PRPO...Thanks ...loaded some this morning...
[06:37pm] Blackjack : DGTW .0037
[06:37pm] Blackjack : thumb up
[05:42pm] Oneputtkip : ACRL hod + 23% and trading at the ask
[04:15pm] Blackjack : dgtw .0034
[03:55pm] Optimus Prime : lol... I cant feel my face ... do I look ok ? am I melting ...feels like Im melting ...
[03:53pm] rysky007 : horrible stuff
[03:50pm] Optimus Prime : gonna have a bunch of woman with numb faces
[03:49pm] rysky007 : nice
[03:41pm] rysky007 : GCAN
[03:41pm] rysky007 : any one catch that?
[02:29pm] august1991 : UCLE....anyone else playin?
[02:27pm] Optimus Prime : PRPO alrm must have gone off ...wakn up again ..........testing the tougher headbang levels now
[02:24pm] Chemist : ANY on the move. Low float. On pullback. Watch it
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