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[05:21pm] Optimus Prime : 1 eye on PSID for a possible squirt setting up ..
[05:09pm] RockinTop : .oO patience grasshopper
[05:08pm] Imagine : no doubt in my mind
[05:08pm] RockinTop : but what do I know
[05:07pm] RockinTop : a littel
[05:07pm] Imagine : scary ain`t it
[05:07pm] RockinTop : said ^
[05:07pm] RockinTop : I swear I was about to type that you to me already lmao
[05:06pm] RockinTop : lol
[05:06pm] Imagine : patience grasshopper lol
[05:05pm] RockinTop : it needs to surge up on over $11 :D
[05:03pm] Imagine : TVIX resurgin
[04:44pm] NYCguitar : is this a good time to get in MRDN?
[04:31pm] Optimus Prime : lol.. ^^^^ was lookn at sumpn else
[04:26pm] Optimus Prime : MRDN news just out
[04:24pm] Optimus Prime : thnks shadow
[04:24pm] Optimus Prime : VTNL makn noise
[04:23pm] shadow1461 : nice call on QRHC, op
[04:23pm] shadow1461 : APHB....decent move this am
[04:13pm] Imagine : dos it ever stop?
[04:08pm] Grizzly : GE nice also
[04:08pm] Grizzly : OPHT holding nice
[04:06pm] Imagine : movin nice
[04:05pm] Grizzly : No
[04:05pm] Imagine >13175 : you get more GE?
[04:00pm] Imagine : PRELF bitcoin rebound GE n/hod after yest
[03:58pm] Imagine : BNSO low vol nice action,, was lil active yest
[03:57pm] Grizzly : Picked up some 105"S hoping for 115 stop at 100
[03:57pm] Optimus Prime : BVTK pressure building after taking a nap for a while
[03:55pm] Grizzly : YY set an forget it
[03:54pm] Imagine : primary focus nuture HMNY TVIX pick up a stray here n there
[03:53pm] oreo : ENRJ getting some energy here
[03:52pm] Blackjack : jeez
[03:52pm] Imagine : purple rain
[03:51pm] RockinTop : lol
[03:51pm] Blackjack : purle haze
[03:51pm] Blackjack : what re u smokin
[03:50pm] Imagine : just gonna say itz great to be in position to be very picky,,,coff coff
[03:50pm] Optimus Prime : RHE reaching out
[03:48pm] RockinTop : and today even
[03:46pm] Imagine : small yeah but still on watch
[03:46pm] RockinTop >126 : I see MEET did some climbing yetsrerday
[03:42pm] oreo : glad i didnt chase.. killed me so many times
[03:34pm] oreo : damn NSPR looks like it could be good.
[03:23pm] Grizzly : YY ROKU
[03:23pm] Imagine : no cause for alarm but DCIX booyah
[03:19pm] Optimus Prime : NSPR wants more it appears
[03:15pm] Blackjack : :E
[03:15pm] Optimus Prime : ECMH keeps testing that .002 headbang
[03:09pm] Optimus Prime : MYOS on the move
[03:07pm] Optimus Prime : PURA w/several nhods ..lookn good
[03:05pm] Grizzly : CHFS
[02:56pm] Grizzly : BLOZF heading for 2$
[02:54pm] Optimus Prime : DCTH with a D wants to run again
[02:52pm] Optimus Prime : and of course BLOZF for another continuation day after it broke $1 yestrday
[02:52pm] Grizzly : BLOZF rippa
[02:50pm] Optimus Prime : LXRP for a $1 and maye break
[02:48pm] Optimus Prime : wow TTCM on low vol/trades gettn it !
[02:42pm] Imagine : HMNY been tellin ya for 2 days ,,,,be aware ,,,earnings etc coming
[02:41pm] Imagine : CREG payin attention?
[02:40pm] Imagine : 10 cometh
[02:40pm] Imagine : and the song says how you like me now!
[02:39pm] RockinTop : :D
[02:39pm] Imagine : :D
[02:36pm] Imagine : do it baby,,,
[02:33pm] Imagine : higher highs and higher lows = soon boomage
[02:33pm] Optimus Prime : QRHC
[02:32pm] Imagine : ;)
[02:32pm] RockinTop : looks like TVIX gonna roll this am
[02:31pm] RockinTop : good morning
[02:23pm] Imagine : :)
[02:21pm] august1991 : GLFMQ..... From yesterday...announced that it has completed its financial restructuring plan and emerged from bankruptcy protection under chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The Company’s court-approved Plan of Reorganization (the &ldq
[02:11pm] Optimus Prime : CEI w/pre mkt noise and increased activity
[02:07pm] Grizzly : Todays watchers SORL MOSY JAGX ACOR
[02:07pm] Blackjack : yupppie
[01:55pm] Optimus Prime : AZFL w/some news this a.m.
[01:12pm] Grizzly : Morning Folks :)
[09:04pm] Grizzly : Later all see ya in tha am peace
[09:03pm] Imagine : day is done,,,later
[09:02pm] Blackjack : bingo
[09:01pm] Blackjack :
[09:01pm] Blackjack : wtf
[09:00pm] Grizzly : lol still dead link
[09:00pm] Blackjack :
[09:00pm] Blackjack :
[08:59pm] Blackjack : ohI love that stock ATPT what s figgin sexy chart
[08:57pm] Grizzly : higher highs higher lows if not bye bye
[08:57pm] Grizzly : chit couple ticks against me Im out now
[08:56pm] Imagine : over 25% down bail
[08:56pm] Grizzly : 40k shares
[08:55pm] Grizzly : but once its down 80% I mean why not only few bucks left in it anyway
[08:55pm] Grizzly : I realize now
[08:55pm] Imagine : they rarely come back
[08:54pm] Imagine : personally cant stand dead money in my accounts for that long specially those pennies orsubs
[08:53pm] Grizzly : If you a dumb MF it cost more plain an simple lol
[08:52pm] Grizzly : You gotta pay for education ... some have to pay more than others
[08:50pm] Grizzly : Maybe if Im lucky someone is loading it for a pump
[08:48pm] Grizzly : Its all good brah .. lessons learned yeah know
[08:45pm] Grizzly : Yeah bought .014 came back from work on 3 /28 bought it right at open 2 days later under penny never came back
[08:34pm] Imagine : puter on itz monthly
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