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[02:03pm] Blackjack : on watch DGTW .0029
[02:01pm] Blackjack : gonna go big
[02:01pm] Blackjack : YUP no question!
[01:57pm] Optimus Prime : GXXM may suprise ?
[01:57pm] aahepp : 1 trade. volume up. You pump is better suited for a location where someone will not call you out on it
[01:51pm] eanalytics : volume up
[01:45pm] aahepp : hit 3.12
[01:45pm] aahepp : scalp paid
[01:45pm] aahepp : just a nugget you get when you know where to look
[01:45pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 40 AM ATAI over 2.91 worth a scalp
[01:44pm] aahepp : freidns and family alert
[01:44pm] aahepp : lol
[01:44pm] eanalytics : Pre promo notice. Add to watchlst and keep an eye on it
[01:43pm] aahepp : well the "lots of chatter" has yet to generate a trade take it else
[01:42pm] aahepp : ATAI jus sayin
[01:41pm] eanalytics : $NMRD new promo starting on Ihub. Lots of chatter everywhere, this thing is going to move
[01:40pm] Blackjack : GXXM
[01:37pm] Blackjack : FTWS
[01:35pm] rysky007 : SBES
[01:35pm] rysky007 : ONCS
[01:35pm] rysky007 : DVLP moving with news
[01:35pm] rysky007 : ALYI
[01:34pm] aahepp : FCSC jus sayin
[01:34pm] racoonracoon : KNOS holding BRKK nice
[01:32pm] Optimus Prime : SBES kickn it up
[01:31pm] Optimus Prime : DVLP off news
[01:30pm] rysky007 : AKAO leading the open bell scanner
[01:29pm] rysky007 : everyone is still frozen from GOT yeserday
[01:29pm] rysky007 : open bell might be slow
[01:27pm] rysky007 : its been having some interesting days on news
[01:27pm] rysky007 : MCOA one trade so far pre market on news
[01:27pm] rysky007 : awesome
[01:24pm] Blackjack : I sure did!
[01:23pm] Blackjack : GM
[01:23pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:23pm] rysky007 : hope everyone had an amazing weekend
[01:23pm] rysky007 : nice catch
[01:22pm] august1991 : UCLE......Bid ....bumping....
[01:00pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:00pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Monday.
[12:55pm] rysky007 : AMRH with news
[12:55pm] rysky007 : JAGX
[12:55pm] rysky007 : PRPO
[12:55pm] rysky007 : FLKS pre market
[12:55pm] rysky007 : Good morning
[12:55pm] rysky007 : CUR moving pre market
[12:55pm] rysky007 : MCOA news
[05:41pm] rysky007 : lets save the accusations and assumptions until you have been here on a market day
[05:41pm] rysky007 >14524 : u signed up this morning and its your first time in our chat
[05:40pm] rysky007 : bots?
[05:25pm] joejoe : bunch of bots
[04:31pm] rysky007 : Mimosa, its Saturday after a good week of trading
[04:27pm] alchemytrader22 : haha. j/k. my life isnt as exciting as it sounds. but cant wait for brunch though. starving
[04:26pm] alchemytrader22 : yes. not sure if i should get coffee or go all out and start my day with a mimosa!
[04:25pm] alchemytrader22 : the anticpation of waiting though. oh my :)
[04:25pm] rysky007 : brunch sounds tasty
[04:25pm] alchemytrader22 : and then go to brunch
[04:25pm] alchemytrader22 : wait for the barber to open his doors at 10, then get a haircut
[04:25pm] alchemytrader22 : go home and shower
[04:24pm] alchemytrader22 : i have a really excited day plaanned.
[04:24pm] rysky007 : cant do to much with little kids
[04:24pm] rysky007 : trips to teh zoo lol
[04:24pm] rysky007 : lol at home, or travel some places
[04:20pm] alchemytrader22 : where do you guys relax?
[04:10pm] rysky007 : onece the closing bell rings, we all take off :0
[04:10pm] rysky007 : its the weekend
[04:10pm] rysky007 : everyone is out relaxing
[04:06pm] joejoe : anybody here
[08:03pm] xmstock : imux
[08:03pm] xmstock : vtl to umux? hold? any thoughts?
[08:01pm] Blackjack : GXXM .0037 Nhod
[07:06pm] aahepp : DGTW 57%
[07:02pm] aahepp : QPRC jus sayin
[06:55pm] Blackjack : thumb up
[06:24pm] aahepp : 52%
[06:10pm] aahepp : DGTW +43%
[06:07pm] aahepp : DGTW 3s tapped
[05:26pm] aahepp : DGTW nhod
[05:01pm] aahepp : DGTW testing hod again
[04:43pm] Mr.Momo : XNNHQ....369% = .039 >> Quite a move in the last hour.
[04:38pm] august1991 : thanks
[04:25pm] rysky007 : lets look
[04:05pm] august1991 : Hi Yall!! Havent been here in awhile.... Thoughts on UCLE
[03:22pm] Blackjack : SRMX share offering @ .00024 ouch
[03:21pm] Blackjack :
[03:12pm] alchemytrader22 : SRMX 6s bounce mode! SRMX got 5s...
[02:31pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 51 AM CTRM ugly daily but over 21d
[02:31pm] aahepp : just to show if you know where to go
[02:30pm] aahepp : RBZ 27
[02:29pm] aahepp : aahepp 10 : 15 AM IRNC trying to get new buyers
[02:25pm] aahepp : Another momo for the day not posted in here
[02:25pm] aahepp : CTRM
[02:24pm] yuppee : run, run, run
[02:20pm] aahepp : by they way here was the initial alert
[02:20pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 17 AM here comes the next round of regurge aahepp 9 : 22 AM RBZ with a flood of buyers
[02:20pm] aahepp : 23 fiddy
[02:19pm] aahepp : 22 fiddy
[02:19pm] aahepp : RBZ 21.05
[02:13pm] aahepp : With Momo in your name you are not grasping the concept of it
[02:13pm] aahepp : in, out and move on
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