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[06:05pm] Blackjack : PLSB .0009 clearing
[05:56pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC looks like it may recover; ww
[05:44pm] Blackjack : PLSB .0009
[05:44pm] dave5655 : might be somthn going on with HMNY anyway
[05:20pm] Blackjack : PLSB .0007
[05:19pm] aahepp : ALRN continuation. testing 54d
[05:12pm] Blackjack : plsb .0006
[05:06pm] aahepp : GTXI testing hod
[04:58pm] Blackjack :
[04:58pm] Blackjack : he Beverage Corp. Announces Pre-Merger and Finalizes Cannabis Infusion Beverage
[04:58pm] Blackjack : PLSB .0005 going on news
[04:50pm] donniedarko : hi guys
[04:21pm] Homebrew : AGRX might have a nie bounce up here if Lunch Buyers so decide
[04:08pm] dave5655 : Live nation to pay 691 mill all cash deal per
[03:57pm] dave5655 : raising price for more dillution
[03:56pm] dave5655 : saying .53 if true, i call bs but just dont know
[03:51pm] dave5655 : HMNY activity rumor buy out
[03:51pm] fresh1 : HMNY up to its old tricks again...
[03:39pm] Oneputtkip : low vol pos EQLB showing signs of life
[03:05pm] Blackjack : nice
[03:01pm] smoots : American Diversified Holdings Corporation ("ADHC"-PK) Formally enters $200 Billion Cannabis Industry by forming Operating Business: American Cannabis Holdings, Inc.Press Release | 10/16/2018
[02:47pm] Blackjack : VRUS .0045
[02:31pm] smoots : CRIS
[02:08pm] aahepp : ALT buyers
[02:04pm] aahepp : GTXI nhod
[01:59pm] aahepp : GTXI getting some buyers off bottom
[01:48pm] Kylefrink : LODE Up
[01:38pm] Optimus Prime : MLHC moe news just out
[01:37pm] smoots : HIPH shes liquid
[01:37pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC hod, +18%
[01:36pm] Homebrew : AGRX
[01:35pm] Kylefrink : LODE
[01:35pm] rysky007 : UPPR moving up on news
[01:34pm] rysky007 : NWGFF off to the races
[01:31pm] bullshead : DIRV some love this morning
[01:26pm] rysky007 : NWGFF, if it will hold on to the .10 level now it could break out from this point. IMO
[01:26pm] smoots : CIIX selling CBD skincare on Alibaba
[01:25pm] bullshead : KOOL
[01:25pm] bullshead : kool
[01:21pm] rysky007 : nvm LODE , well nvm they fighting for first place :0
[01:21pm] rysky007 : PRPO just took first place
[01:19pm] rysky007 : PRPO second in place
[01:19pm] rysky007 : TYHT
[01:19pm] rysky007 : LODE with news leading pre market scanners
[01:18pm] rysky007 : UPPR big news out Tuesday, October 16 2018 9:15 AM, EST Upper Street Marketing, Inc. and Cannabis Company Growing Springs Holdings Announce Growth Plans and New Management
[01:16pm] aahepp : LODE buyers. Looking to test recent highs
[01:15pm] Kylefrink : SQ Broke $75.50
[12:58pm] smoots : CRUZANI is also exploring the feasibility of adding a reformulated version of the current beverage line, to include infused CBD which could be launched into various jurisdictions that require non-psychoactive CBD permitting and licensing to
[12:57pm] smoots : CZNI CRUZANI to Acquire Vitamin Infused Water Beverage Company as First Step to Entering New Infused Products Market
[12:50pm] aahepp : SLS watch for scalp play on 1.72 break
[12:49pm] aahepp : LCI getting some buyers
[12:42pm] Homebrew : AGRX UP 11% Pre market
[11:34am] Kylefrink : (Long-Trade) If SQ Breaks 75.50 it should head up soon
[11:36pm] Kylefrink : TOPS also one off the Pullback
[11:36pm] Kylefrink : NBEV Aftermarket Up, If it passes $8 tommorow...
[07:34pm] chrisnsonelectric : is nbev the company that coke is buying?
[07:15pm] Kylefrink : OAS
[07:15pm] Kylefrink : NBEV Hold for Tommorow, Tops still moving, Oas Moving aslo
[07:01pm] smoots : anybody trade GLBS after the R/S
[06:38pm] Kylefrink : TOPS Running of bottom
[06:22pm] Blackjack : RBIZ .0035 going
[05:58pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC trying to bounmce
[05:58pm] bigrmorale : EARS looking to breakout
[05:57pm] Kylefrink : and its been in an uptrend since last month
[05:56pm] Kylefrink : news
[05:55pm] Blackjack : WHY IS EARS hot?
[05:47pm] bigrmorale : Watching EARS?
[05:00pm] smoots : whoop there it is
[04:58pm] Kylefrink : EARS Nhod
[04:49pm] Homebrew : AGRX New hod
[04:17pm] Homebrew : WWatching to see if Lunch Buyers push AGRX higher
[03:33pm] smoots : MSRT kickin a little butt
[03:28pm] Kylefrink : NBEV going to test High again
[02:56pm] smoots : FRLF going for hod
[02:51pm] Kylefrink : NBEV Chart alert
[02:50pm] smoots : AGRX ^1.10 and shes in the gap
[02:48pm] smoots : nice wake-up on PURA FRLF rysky
[02:44pm] smoots : AGRX go cat go
[02:38pm] smoots : EARS nhod
[02:36pm] smoots : very nice
[02:35pm] smoots : FRLF wants nhod
[02:24pm] smoots : there it is gentlemen all time high and blue skies PURA
[02:22pm] Blackjack : CAVR .0007
[02:21pm] smoots : nhod
[02:18pm] smoots : PURA over .19 blue skies smilin at me, nothin but blue skies
[02:11pm] smoots : FRLF blue skies
[02:06pm] smoots : IMTV .0007
[02:00pm] Kylefrink : EARS up 55%
[01:54pm] Oneputtkip : MLHC nhod
[01:52pm] Kylefrink : CEI, Headed up on Chart
[01:46pm] rysky007 : NWGFF .10 breakout point IMO
[01:46pm] rysky007 : NHPI cilmbing
[01:46pm] rysky007 : KIQ
[01:46pm] rysky007 : LFKS
[01:46pm] rysky007 : FFRMF
[01:46pm] rysky007 : FRLF
[01:46pm] rysky007 : ALKM
[01:46pm] rysky007 : POTN
[01:46pm] rysky007 : AGRX leading scanners
[01:46pm] rysky007 : PURA second
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