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[12:39pm] i_like_bb_stock : Good morning
[12:16pm] Optimus Prime : MNGA w/news
[12:05pm] Optimus Prime : SPI CNET makn a run
[11:52am] pnaymik11 : gm all
[07:53pm] i_like_bb_stock : PAOG over 008 here nHOD
[07:50pm] Imagine : nice day here,,,, i`m out
[07:48pm] Imagine : 420-z holding up into close,,,maybe this time a more solid future
[07:46pm] i_like_bb_stock : EOMN close to new highs here
[07:45pm] Imagine : TVIX more dippage
[07:44pm] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC 07 break wowsa
[07:39pm] i_like_bb_stock : UOIP in some here rumors swirling around bout potential settlement on patent infringement
[07:38pm] Imagine : a better link,,,milf!
[07:38pm] Imagine : milf
[07:37pm] Homebrew : " In a tweet Monday morning, Trump fired off a somewhat perplexing thought about China, Russia, currency devaluation, and U.S. monetary policy. All in just 116 characters "
[07:17pm] Optimus Prime : .0012 support building nicely
[07:14pm] Imagine : CRON yeah boi
[07:13pm] Imagine : ty _bb_ & OP nice to know someone else has some stock opinions
[07:12pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^ ERBB
[07:10pm] i_like_bb_stock : SMCE nHOD red to green super low floater came down from 02 can get back there quickly
[07:07pm] Imagine : CRON smoke it if you got it,,,medical reasons only lol
[07:04pm] Imagine : LDSI still
[06:57pm] Imagine : TVIX 8$ mark cracked
[06:55pm] Imagine : HMNY with a lil action,,,once again peeps screaming bouta squeeze for the untold number of times
[06:53pm] Imagine : TVIX inching back to 8$
[06:50pm] Imagine : CRON giddy up go gimme a n/hod
[06:28pm] Imagine : booyah up .10 in just a few mins
[06:28pm] Imagine : kick it
[06:27pm] Imagine : chat window MNTR ,,,lets get paid!!!!!
[06:26pm] Imagine : told ya
[06:16pm] Imagine : MNTR IMO ready with a lil love to reward
[06:08pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR highly possible we may see a new 52 wk high today this sucker is mighty tight
[05:55pm] Homebrew : yep!
[05:46pm] Imagine : TVIX now is getting into buy time 7.80 and below
[05:45pm] Imagine : quite a nice monday ya know
[05:44pm] Imagine : LDSI fyi has continued to pay,,,nothing outrageous but better than a sharp stick in the eye
[05:22pm] Optimus Prime : DSGT gettn up for a squirt
[05:22pm] Optimus Prime : nhod just printed
[05:11pm] Imagine : CRON :D
[04:58pm] Homebrew : TVIX looking like about buy time
[04:52pm] Imagine : LTBR keep an eye
[04:52pm] Imagine : TVIX come to me baby got something for you
[04:51pm] Imagine : CRON nice
[04:51pm] Imagine : CANN is ^^^!
[04:16pm] Imagine : TVIX under 8$
[04:15pm] rysky007 : GRCU back in the races, that one runs well when it moves
[04:12pm] bobh420 : GRCU new high
[04:08pm] bobh420 : GRCU testing
[04:05pm] bobh420 : RGSE pop
[03:36pm] i_like_bb_stock : AFTC 0027 new 52 wk high coming
[03:27pm] i_like_bb_stock : EOMN 10Q out OS: as of April 16, 2018 was 93,710,059 Revenue now 1.2 mil in revenues 6 months ended 2018 was a 500K loss for 6 months ended Feb 2017
[03:23pm] Imagine : ISNS be aware
[03:20pm] bobh420 : I & FTD new highs no stopping since alerted weeks ago
[03:16pm] bobh420 : ACOL new high
[03:11pm] Imagine : MNTR MYHI just sayin
[03:08pm] Imagine : TVIX cmon down baby
[03:06pm] Imagine : CBDS thin as a mutha another 100k vol and it boom boom pow!
[03:05pm] Optimus Prime : PFWI over fridays high
[03:03pm] Optimus Prime : RMHB wants more
[03:03pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR breaking 02 filings coming at any time Arcaro shell reinstated a few weeks ago now awaiting filings ahead of a merger
[03:03pm] Optimus Prime : MYHI slow sneaking up all morn
[03:02pm] Optimus Prime : EAPH just killn it on that news ... another mj ticker
[02:59pm] RockinTop : damn my isp sucks
[02:58pm] sc0pe : CELZ
[02:57pm] Imagine : CANN $$$$$ booyah take it up!!!!
[02:45pm] i_like_bb_stock : PAOG added 73 ready for another of its big runs
[02:35pm] i_like_bb_stock : BRNE volume coming in 001s are up moved last yr round this time looks to be doing it again
[02:34pm] bobh420 : GRCV new high
[02:32pm] Imagine : CRON hmmmm will she hit 10$ again,,,only canadian 420 on nasd
[02:28pm] bobh420 : MCOA new high test
[02:27pm] Imagine : TVIX bout to get me in that Pac Man mode,,,,wocka wocka wocka cmon below 8$ i dare ya
[02:19pm] i_like_bb_stock : BKEN breaking out here
[02:18pm] Imagine : NUGS just like before just ez money
[02:11pm] Imagine : CANN large
[02:11pm] Imagine : AMMJ CNAB CGRW the list goes on and on
[02:09pm] i_like_bb_stock : DLCR so thin 500M AS dilutor gone since Friday morning wll get noticed
[02:09pm] Imagine : the sector is hot again IMO get your heads out of your a _ _ errrr the sand lol
[02:07pm] Imagine : CANN dances with 5$ hola,,,was low as 2.27 neighborhood few days ago
[02:07pm] RockinTop : interesting
[02:06pm] Imagine : dui tester for 420
[02:05pm] Imagine : BLOZF news lil bit ago be aware,,,patent,,,,Cannabix Technologies Files FAIMS Cannabis Detection Patent - Enters into License Agreement with University of Florida and Provides Technology Update
[02:03pm] Imagine : CANN yes it can make you $$$ puff puff
[02:03pm] bobh420 : GNIN test
[01:59pm] Imagine : BRKK lol too legit to quit
[01:58pm] Imagine : NUGS told ya
[01:55pm] RockinTop : lol
[01:55pm] Imagine : CBDS thin as my ex mother-in-law lies busted 5$ again
[01:54pm] RockinTop : yeah... was a little slow on the trigger for sure
[01:54pm] bobh420 : GRCV new high
[01:53pm] Imagine : i do recall telling you over a month ago about 2.50 range was my only worry,,,it happened and i captured the moment ,,,,sweetness
[01:52pm] RockinTop : lol
[01:52pm] Imagine : good but don`t know why you waited so long to dip in,,,coff coff
[01:49pm] RockinTop : my 3.90 CANNs looking good right now ;)
[01:48pm] Imagine : gave you last week mainly friday TRTC SRMX NUGS CBDS CANN CRON am i spinning my wheels or is all the interest in the lil chat window
[01:43pm] i_like_bb_stock : SMCE on sale again @ 004
[01:41pm] bobh420 : you welcome
[01:40pm] bobh420 : CGIX new high
[01:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC looks like reversal is coming here
[01:37pm] bobh420 : CELZ pop
[01:37pm] august1991 : NVCN!!! DIP.....Want ANY!!???
[01:34pm] Imagine : crystal ball works still CRON swooooosh
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