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[01:57pm] Andrew : TNXP running on news and super low float after the reverse split yesterday.
[01:55pm] Andrew : CPRX moving on premarket news in-regards to FDA approves Firdapse for the treatment of Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome. Pre-market high around 3.30. Now down to around 2.97. Maybe a long play.
[01:50pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^news
[01:09pm] aahepp : TNXP on the move again
[12:32pm] Homebrew : GM
[08:16pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB anutter hod, +38%
[07:05pm] Blackjack : NHPI .0075 BOOOOOOOOOM
[07:03pm] racoonracoon : SRRA AKAO FBIO SPHS CPRX
[07:01pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB hod, +26%, maybe ww if it can break .001
[06:22pm] Oneputtkip : Trying ALQA @ 4.05 for bounce
[05:25pm] Blackjack : NHPI .0062 now ready after profit taking
[05:24pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB hod, + 20%, maybe ww
[05:22pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP profit taking
[03:46pm] Blackjack : PVHO .0095
[03:31pm] Oneputtkip : shmp annuter hod ,+ 56%
[03:27pm] Blackjack : ACRL .0009
[03:27pm] Blackjack : PVHO .0088 something is up
[03:17pm] Optimus Prime : .0013 print
[03:14pm] Optimus Prime : Harrison Vickers an Waterman = HVCW
[03:13pm] Optimus Prime : .0012 new high over .0011 headbang
[03:12pm] Optimus Prime : Harrison Vickers an Waterman lookn to break over recent highs
[03:07pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^ ALQA current new high 4.89
[03:06pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP nhod
[03:06pm] Optimus Prime : gonna slap da chit out 4.75 here soon
[03:03pm] Optimus Prime : ASNS back on
[03:01pm] Optimus Prime : yes Kip....The Lord is good !
[03:00pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^^Good Lord, OP
[03:00pm] Optimus Prime : ASNS halt ...been climbing group news/pr this a.m.
[02:59pm] Blackjack : HPIL .0003 going
[02:56pm] Optimus Prime : ALQA new highs
[02:56pm] Optimus Prime : pushing hard now
[02:55pm] Blackjack : not in
[02:54pm] Blackjack : OTTV .114 News w comcast
[02:54pm] Optimus Prime : ALQA back on
[02:53pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^ bust that $2 with some strength and she on
[02:52pm] Optimus Prime : HZN pinch lookn to get activated
[02:49pm] Optimus Prime : halted
[02:48pm] Optimus Prime : ALQA killn it ..was holding around +50% but busted out
[02:48pm] Blackjack : CNHC .0055 150m as 1 filing update in 11 yrs
[02:46pm] Blackjack : LVGI .0003 7 FLINGS out for a long time cud go will see
[02:45pm] Optimus Prime : MGTI makn a lot a noise on low vol/trades
[02:45pm] Optimus Prime : have eyes everywhere Black ... could use a few more sets of eyes
[02:45pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^
[02:44pm] Blackjack : RHSN news wow that s huge
[02:43pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB lil bounce
[02:43pm] Optimus Prime : RSHN news just out
[02:41pm] Optimus Prime : ICBU doing the slow climb after a pop run yesterday
[02:39pm] Optimus Prime : DPW in the game
[02:37pm] Blackjack : NHPI .006 bounce back coming?
[02:33pm] Optimus Prime : MARA bounce status
[02:29pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP gapping
[02:18pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP indicating a strong opening and continuation from yesterday.
[02:18pm] rysky007 : IMEXF offer gapping up from yesterdays downtrend, could pop again
[02:15pm] rysky007 : FRAY climbing pre market scanners
[02:07pm] rysky007 : IPCI pre market action
[01:59pm] Optimus Prime : NSPR news
[01:54pm] DTT : gm
[01:45pm] Blackjack : mmorning all
[01:41pm] Homebrew : CGC , MNGA 2nd News stroy
[01:38pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone.
[01:37pm] rysky007 : morning
[08:35pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^nhod, up 70%
[08:00pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP trying for more
[07:18pm] butterfly_strangler : Dscw_aXUwAYUKXQ[1].jpg
[07:15pm] DoosmanJones : i forgot that was even an indicator, til i saw that
[07:15pm] DoosmanJones : lol
[07:15pm] butterfly_strangler : wonder where he got that fom
[07:14pm] butterfly_strangler : lol , BR style trix ?
[07:14pm] DoosmanJones : nah
[07:14pm] butterfly_strangler : at ?
[07:14pm] DoosmanJones : complete w/ your BRstyle TRIX
[07:14pm] butterfly_strangler : you a member ?
[07:14pm] butterfly_strangler : okay
[07:13pm] DoosmanJones : its got your settings
[07:13pm] butterfly_strangler : or is it the standard free version ?
[07:12pm] butterfly_strangler : you see my settings ?
[07:11pm] DoosmanJones >14410 : thats what my stockcharts setup looks like too...its my trend chart setting
[07:10pm] butterfly_strangler >13202 : :D
[07:04pm] butterfly_strangler >13202 :
[06:32pm] chain_breaker : doubt it breaks it
[06:32pm] chain_breaker : the market just keeps rejecting this 2675 on spx .. so many rejections
[06:25pm] DoosmanJones : ooh, i gotta join these 1 lot wonders and grab the Euro for a swing here
[06:23pm] DoosmanJones : yep, everyone that got a job during the "recovery", better cling to it
[06:21pm] chain_breaker : cost of living getting hard for the average person
[06:19pm] chain_breaker : layoffs everywhere
[06:18pm] chain_breaker : looks like a big ol reversal candle on the yearly
[06:16pm] DoosmanJones : SPX struggling to stay positive on the year
[06:15pm] chain_breaker : IWM breaking new lows .. leading the way!!!!
[06:14pm] Blackjack : GTHP .001
[06:12pm] chain_breaker : all these fund managers are caught
[06:12pm] chain_breaker : ATH in 30 days!!!! .. no way
[06:12pm] chain_breaker : cnbc still sending out people to say santa clause rally
[06:12pm] chain_breaker : lol
[06:01pm] chain_breaker : well hey
[04:25pm] aahepp : OCSY gapping
[04:23pm] aahepp : OCSY eyeballs. Trying to get more buyers to step up
[04:08pm] Optimus Prime : badda bing 2.fitty closing in
[04:07pm] Optimus Prime : ASNS speeding up
[03:59pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP huge bid building
[03:42pm] Optimus Prime : Homebrew was just a day early on SHMP
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