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[01:56pm] whirl : CWNR chart is nto bad
[01:51pm] rysky007 : things moving today, i like it
[01:48pm] Oneputtkip : 85%
[01:47pm] Oneputtkip : ^^+ 64%
[01:46pm] Oneputtkip : CWNR
[01:34pm] shadow1461 : SNTX
[01:28pm] whirl : morning
[12:13pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Tuesday.
[11:44am] khalefa : hi
[06:37pm] aahepp : LCI just sayin
[06:00pm] aahepp : BNGI 6s being tapped
[05:35pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^Now vol alert
[05:09pm] Oneputtkip : DAVC hod
[02:59pm] rysky007 : nice
[02:59pm] rysky007 : PTAM any chance?
[02:58pm] Oneputtkip : Watching IPIX and VSTR
[02:57pm] rysky007 : TTCM
[02:57pm] rysky007 : IPIX anyone playing htat one?
[02:57pm] rysky007 : VSTR
[02:57pm] rysky007 : DLYT
[02:57pm] rysky007 : APHD
[02:56pm] rysky007 : morning
[02:09pm] alchemytrader22 : DLYT - .0012 tiny floater perking. could run here.
[01:32pm] aahepp : Told you a few weeks ago. You may want to put your eyes on BNGI
[01:03pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Monday.
[11:15am] aahepp : TRNX jus sayin
[07:46pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB news
[07:44pm] Oneputtkip : PVDG r/g
[04:12pm] Homebrew : $OTLK Bounce off support. Move good now
[03:36pm] KOSTOCKS007 : BYOC starting
[03:19pm] august1991 : FBIO 1.41
[02:55pm] KOSTOCKS007 : surprised after all it has been through
[02:55pm] KOSTOCKS007 : ya saw that just now
[02:55pm] aahepp : CEI nhod
[02:32pm] KOSTOCKS007 : just keeps going
[02:32pm] KOSTOCKS007 : PCTL my god
[02:27pm] KOSTOCKS007 : PCTL AURI BRTE on watch
[02:26pm] aahepp : Should of ripped the band-aid off that one days ago. It was a P&D and now its going to just be dead money sitting there
[02:22pm] Oneputtkip : CWNR r/g
[02:15pm] KOSTOCKS007 : $MTP most volume so far in low priced stuff
[02:15pm] KOSTOCKS007 : $ANY keep watch here
[02:14pm] KOSTOCKS007 : TEDU was a quick pop and drop
[02:08pm] aahepp : CEI jus sayin
[02:05pm] august1991 : did you catch it low?
[02:05pm] august1991 : FBIO
[02:05pm] august1991 : FBI...movin
[01:58pm] KOSTOCKS007 : everyone is silent , I only saw one person this morn beside u
[01:54pm] aahepp : May want to retune the scanners in here. No mention of NEWM HBIO MGI or ENT
[01:35pm] KOSTOCKS007 : PCTL moving
[01:35pm] KOSTOCKS007 : keep watch
[01:33pm] aahepp : TEDU jus sayin
[01:04pm] KOSTOCKS007 : anyone here?
[12:44pm] KOSTOCKS007 >11438 : what do u have on ur radar?
[12:44pm] KOSTOCKS007 >14208 : $MTP good moves pre market, wounder if it can hold
[12:44pm] KOSTOCKS007 : happy Friday
[12:43pm] KOSTOCKS007 : hey bud
[12:41pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Friday.
[11:38am] KOSTOCKS007 : history wise, it likes to hold gains
[11:38am] KOSTOCKS007 : may already be topped out so trade with caution
[11:38am] KOSTOCKS007 : MTP strong moves pre market
[11:38am] KOSTOCKS007 : gm
[07:49pm] august1991 : FBIO..... :8 ..not usual.....dipped 1.21
[07:01pm] KOSTOCKS007 : strong market
[07:01pm] KOSTOCKS007 : my goodness
[06:28pm] august1991 : and the market is green....
[03:57pm] Oneputtkip : PVDG
[03:19pm] aahepp : TEDU jus sayin
[02:36pm] KOSTOCKS007 : ya been a while right?
[01:43pm] KOSTOCKS007 : does he still come here?
[01:43pm] KOSTOCKS007 : what happend to optimusprime?
[01:41pm] KOSTOCKS007 : history wise it holds gains
[01:41pm] KOSTOCKS007 : nice find
[01:41pm] aahepp : OTLK jus sayin
[01:33pm] KOSTOCKS007 : CODX already dropping caution
[12:04pm] KOSTOCKS007 : ANFI Announces $18 M Contract With New Customer
[11:59am] KOSTOCKS007 : $ACST on watch
[11:53am] KOSTOCKS007 : i may go short
[11:31am] alchemytrader22 : *1.83
[11:31am] alchemytrader22 : CODX - 1.33 gapper
[07:57pm] Homebrew : $GHSI May have good morning GAP up..
[07:39pm] KOSTOCKS007 >12792 : did u heare something about FBIO ?
[07:38pm] KOSTOCKS007 >14208 : lets see if the volume can increase. I think that is a big indication
[07:22pm] august1991 : FBIO.....always....<3
[06:52pm] aahepp : Nothign about that says it is trying again. Those plays especially being up that much for the 2nd day is a get in and get out. Put another Samsonite in the closet and hope for the best
[06:43pm] Oneputtkip : CWNR trying again
[05:29pm] aahepp : NTRR +134%
[03:01pm] KOSTOCKS007 : GHSI offering after market very possible
[02:17pm] KOSTOCKS007 : small lots at a time
[02:17pm] KOSTOCKS007 : GHSI size ur short if u go into it.
[02:17pm] KOSTOCKS007 : Gold making a strong comeback today
[02:14pm] KOSTOCKS007 : short entry here 2.40 range
[02:14pm] KOSTOCKS007 : GHSI fade starts now
[02:10pm] aahepp : 109%
[02:09pm] aahepp : NTRR + 90%
[02:08pm] aahepp : PVDG jus sayin again
[01:47pm] aahepp : +111%
[01:45pm] aahepp : CWNR + 93%
[01:40pm] KOSTOCKS007 : GHSI potential short above $2.20
[01:39pm] aahepp : NTRR jus sayin
[01:38pm] KOSTOCKS007 : volume is building up
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