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[02:26pm] smoots : Heard hedge funds loading WLB ? gonna watch
[02:25pm] Imagine : sup
[02:25pm] whirl : morning
[02:24pm] Imagine : hola rock
[02:23pm] Imagine : que pasa shadow
[02:23pm] RockinTop : Hola!
[02:23pm] Imagine : heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[02:20pm] smoots : cant spell it either, lol, si senor
[02:18pm] smoots : se senor
[02:18pm] shadow1461 : lovin the life
[02:18pm] shadow1461 : :E
[02:18pm] RockinTop : nice!
[02:17pm] shadow1461 : buenos dias from sunny, warm Los Cabos😎
[01:39pm] fresh1 : Inflation Report not good..TVIX jumping
[01:31pm] i_like_bb_stock : Good morning
[12:27pm] alchemytrader22 : gm
[10:00pm] smoots : gotta go, cya tamali
[09:21pm] Imagine : <<< zoom l8r
[09:20pm] Imagine >2968 : you disappeared!!!! ZN nice quik phatty
[09:17pm] Imagine : 4.84
[09:17pm] Imagine : 4.83 hmmmm not that far from 5$
[09:16pm] Imagine : oh my
[09:15pm] Imagine : 4.75 was hoping for sweeeet,,,and gone
[09:14pm] Imagine : cmon baby
[09:14pm] Imagine : nice
[09:05pm] Imagine : you seeing that
[09:05pm] Imagine : weeeeeeee
[09:02pm] Imagine : looking at aft hours more exciting
[09:02pm] smoots : that deserves a nice look at miss jessi,,,
[08:58pm] Imagine : was ready to pull trigger
[08:58pm] Imagine : pop that happened for 3 seconds and dipped
[08:58pm] Blackjack : Yeah saw that
[08:58pm] Imagine : almost got screwed on that unhalt
[08:57pm] Imagine : it bounced around a lil for sure
[08:56pm] smoots : was in the kitchen fixin me some green tea, heard to bells,,, got in @ 3.37 and me butt was puckerin for awile,,, lol
[08:54pm] Blackjack : SMOOT! ZN running HARD
[08:53pm] Imagine : in at 3$ and quite happy atm
[08:52pm] smoots : higher highs and higher lows, could this be a bullish trend? looks like for another couple days anyway,,,, This is obviously very exciting news and as a result, we have decided to continue to drill up to another 70 meters (~230 feet). We expect that
[08:40pm] Imagine : SFOR relaxing for tomorow
[08:38pm] Imagine : CNET hanging
[08:38pm] Imagine : AQMS not done
[08:38pm] Imagine : ZN re-zoom
[08:33pm] Imagine : WD-40
[08:33pm] Blackjack : lol
[08:32pm] Imagine : use Liquid Silk or KY lol
[08:32pm] Blackjack : still need oi to lubicate electric etc
[08:32pm] Imagine : and we going electric!!!!!
[08:31pm] Imagine : we dont depend on arabs for oil that much anymore anyway plenty right here
[08:29pm] Blackjack : Nice hope ISREALI get oil! fu-k arabs
[08:25pm] Imagine : just play it for what it is at the moment
[08:25pm] Imagine : good DD
[08:24pm] smoots : alot more to this one than just an oil play, imo,,,
[08:21pm] smoots : 2/24/09 17.68 high
[08:18pm] Imagine : zoom
[08:18pm] smoots : could be tied to the golan hieghts crude, maybe even a deeper pool,, you can bet your buns there are israelis buying today
[08:16pm] Imagine : ZN kicking
[08:15pm] smoots : WOW!
[07:44pm] Imagine : ZN
[07:09pm] Imagine : yeah
[07:08pm] smoots : yall still watchin ZN
[06:58pm] smoots : :)
[06:57pm] Imagine : yeah smoots did good nice calls
[06:57pm] Imagine : CNET hit hod 2.89 nuttin to hold it back cept traders
[06:55pm] Optimus Prime : good eye Smoots on a couple of those tickers you posted earlier,, havn a look at posts from before I entered the room ,,
[06:44pm] Optimus Prime : nice call on that NTLK Dec .008 test/challenge
[06:20pm] i_like_bb_stock : DTII 1:1500 R/S PRE14 out
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : was up +60% and just got wacked
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : FROT musta found a quart of oil in the shed also
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : pr reads they found oil during a different process ?
[06:19pm] Imagine : whew ZN un-halt almost got me
[06:11pm] Optimus Prime : ZN halted
[06:10pm] Optimus Prime : ZN news just out
[06:04pm] Imagine : CNET hehe
[06:00pm] Imagine : DRYS keep going !
[05:58pm] Imagine : the ebb and flow of DGAZ makes one dizzy but 35$ plusis coming
[05:53pm] Imagine : imo of course
[05:53pm] Imagine : CNET a sure thing for 3$ plus
[05:41pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK 008 at Decembers highs
[05:31pm] Imagine : DRYS sailing on
[05:28pm] smoots : chooglin away,,,, SUWANEE, GA, Feb. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SANUWAVE Health, Inc. (OTCQB: SNWV) is pleased to announce a partnership agreement has been reached with Premier Shockwave Wound Care, Inc. and Premier Shockwave, Inc. (collectivel
[05:25pm] smoots : my mistake, got my colors mixed,,, OSN above the 8ema, sorry bout that
[05:13pm] Imagine : CNET huh
[05:12pm] smoots : OSN
[05:07pm] Imagine : AQMS ;)
[05:05pm] smoots : OSN now above the 13ema
[04:55pm] Imagine : DRYS alive
[04:54pm] Imagine : Shaun White 98.50 score snowboard comp Chloe Kim yest was awesome
[04:44pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR court hearing approaching here @ 9am PST 12pm EST to determine whether Jospeh Arcaro gets custodianship of the shell
[04:32pm] Imagine : AQMS there`s that 3$
[04:29pm] smoots : bammers
[04:29pm] smoots : KBSF wants nhod
[04:27pm] Optimus Prime : AEXE testing hod
[04:17pm] Imagine : WNDW perking right up
[04:12pm] Optimus Prime : TMXN keeps plowing away
[04:11pm] Optimus Prime : Im good ,, thanks ,,, have a project to do .. 5 day project, but the rain kinda messed up the schedule .. back on tomorrow and for the rest of the week will be away
[04:11pm] Imagine : now i can take a finger break
[04:10pm] Imagine : you ok bud?
[04:10pm] Optimus Prime : where ? who ? someone didnt close the door behind them
[04:09pm] Imagine : new trader in the house!!!!!
[04:09pm] Optimus Prime : AEXE news out 10 mins ago
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