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[05:09pm] Mikey 2 shoes : There have been some movers the last couple of days but I keep missing the mornings
[05:02pm] Oneputtkip : Thanks, Miley!
[05:01pm] Mikey 2 shoes : Hell yeah glad your still around. Nice to see you here
[04:58pm] Mikey 2 shoes : Whats up with XNET , Daily macd histo loosing steam. Been watching for a couple of days
[04:50pm] Mikey 2 shoes >14208 : , Are there any of the old timers still on? Like OP or Ahepp? I used to go by redviper. I wanted to see if anyone used this chat. I am pretty sure I recognize your name
[04:03pm] Homebrew : $CHFS starting to Bouncing off Low . Volume still strong as earlier..Holding in there strong
[03:24pm] Oneputtkip : SSOF
[02:51pm] Homebrew : $AGRX waking up near HOD. Maybe good run on breakout???
[12:53pm] rysky007 : not today
[12:53pm] rysky007 : next week we will do two for sure
[12:17pm] ricopuerto : Are we having a mega alert today
[11:24am] giorosas : NVGT
[11:21am] giorosas : Have a great weekend!
[11:20am] giorosas : Good morning, watching CRC, XNET, AGRX, ABUS, EYPT, SPWR, DFFN
[06:53pm] racoonracoon : NVGT booming
[04:36pm] Homebrew : AGRX Volume. creeping higher..nearing hod
[03:45pm] Homebrew : AGRX Mayb be starting a Lunch time run up here. Looks like its bouncing here a bit
[02:12pm] yuppee : SBDG kaboom and slight pullback
[02:00pm] giorosas : see you tomorrow, thanks!
[01:50pm] JohnEx146 : Hope some of you shorted AGRX
[01:39pm] rysky007 : if not there is EquityFeed which is now called Scanz, they have a good platform and Quotestreem also has a good platform, not as user friendly but shows you CDN, German and US markets in one
[01:39pm] giorosas : i use the platform "ThinkOrSwim" from Ameritrade broker
[01:38pm] rysky007 : first wait and see what you get over with your broker, most of them offer a platform
[01:38pm] rysky007 : have to pay for trading platforms
[01:34pm] rysky007 : yeah, same issue in Russia
[01:34pm] rysky007 : they charge 38% a trade
[01:33pm] rysky007 : We used to have a few traders from Greece, and they were doing it through their bankers, they said was the best option
[01:32pm] JohnEx146 : Oh ok, thanks guys, will look into that
[01:31pm] rysky007 : Etrade used to have a EU program not sure if they still do
[01:31pm] rysky007 : yeah IB has higher commissions
[01:31pm] giorosas : I pay $0 commissions
[01:30pm] rysky007 : FULO is My Mega Friday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : FULO is My Mega Friday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : FULO is My Mega Friday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : FULO is My Mega Friday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : FULO is My Mega Friday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:30pm] giorosas : My broker during 10 years has been Ameritrade, now i use the platform "ThinkOrSwim"
[01:30pm] rysky007 : FULO is My Mega Friday Bottom Bounce Chart Alert
[01:28pm] giorosas : I trade stocks in between $0 - 10... daytrading, at least during a long period are not going to do "swing trading"
[01:28pm] JohnEx146 : Lithuania, eastern europe
[01:28pm] rysky007 : what country are you in?
[01:26pm] rysky007 : I do want to transition into more swing trading, but my patience is thin :(
[01:26pm] JohnEx146 : Oh, so day trading would be a better word then
[01:25pm] rysky007 : that I preferr to only hold less then a day, maybe over night
[01:25pm] rysky007 : i trade what ever has the higher potential for a solid 20%+ move
[01:25pm] rysky007 : no, everyone here trades various things
[01:25pm] Homebrew : agree. I will be watching for a large dip...then maybe entry $AGRX
[01:24pm] JohnEx146 : New to trading and this community, so yea
[01:24pm] JohnEx146 : You guys only trade in penny stocks right?
[01:22pm] giorosas : John for me $AGRX will be flat or risky all the time... imo
[01:22pm] JohnEx146 : Well it was 1.80 at one point, steadily dropping atm
[01:21pm] rysky007 : we dont see 300% pre market runners often
[01:21pm] rysky007 : not sure
[01:20pm] rysky007 : DFFN
[01:20pm] rysky007 : EKSO
[01:19pm] rysky007 : INPX
[01:19pm] rysky007 : CANF
[01:19pm] giorosas : 321% yeah
[01:19pm] rysky007 : AGRX up 300% pre market?
[01:16pm] giorosas : thanks!
[01:15pm] yuppee : possible fishhook and pinch forming, imo
[01:07pm] giorosas : I need your help... TWTR can drop till 25?
[12:55pm] giorosas : SUNW, AKS
[12:51pm] giorosas : ATIS
[12:48pm] giorosas : DFFN
[12:39pm] giorosas : Thanks yuppee
[12:38pm] yuppee : watching GPIW, ALIM, SBDG
[12:36pm] giorosas : Good morning. Watching AGRX, INPX, CANF, XNET, GHSI, GE, SPWR, TENX, DFFN, CDIX
[12:35pm] yuppee : gm
[08:28am] pulkitsaini : Mega Alert soon :)
[04:42pm] Oneputtkip : GHSI r/g after three day slump
[02:54pm] giorosas : thanks see you tomorrow!
[02:54pm] giorosas : PCG out
[02:53pm] giorosas : CUR out
[02:22pm] giorosas : PCG in 5,83
[02:19pm] giorosas : PCG in 5,97
[02:18pm] giorosas : CUR in 1,91
[02:07pm] giorosas : AR 3,29 out
[02:06pm] giorosas : CUR doing well now
[02:01pm] giorosas : AR in 3,21
[01:56pm] giorosas : AR in 3,28
[01:52pm] giorosas : BNGO out 0,92
[01:51pm] giorosas : CUR 1,88 out
[01:51pm] rysky007 : SBDG leading scanners
[01:51pm] rysky007 : low volume
[01:51pm] rysky007 : GPIW
[01:51pm] rysky007 : NVGT
[01:38pm] giorosas : BNGO in 0,89
[01:35pm] giorosas : BNGO doing well now
[01:33pm] giorosas : CUR IN 1,74
[01:27pm] giorosas : TRTX
[01:22pm] rysky007 : CLSD ONCY
[01:22pm] rysky007 : BGFV
[01:22pm] rysky007 : CUR
[01:22pm] rysky007 : ALIM
[01:15pm] giorosas : Watching GE, PCG, CUR
[01:03pm] giorosas : CUR looks interesting
[01:01pm] giorosas : Yesterday made 2 runs with PCG (4,05 - 4,30) & (4,43 - 4,90)
[12:57pm] giorosas : And with patience may be today would be able to do something with PCG again
[12:54pm] giorosas : But for instance yesterday was very close to 1k
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