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[02:56pm] Blackjack : HTGM ADHD both going
[02:51pm] Blackjack : BYOC mega runner
[02:50pm] Optimus Prime : NFEC $1 break challenge
[02:49pm] Optimus Prime : ROKA $2 break
[02:43pm] i_like_bb_stock : CHIT added 9s looks clean now any volume it can go should see a big bounce always does from this levelv
[02:41pm] Optimus Prime : GRCV makn a move
[02:41pm] Imagine : NSPR movin,,,news
[02:36pm] Blackjack : shes busy shavin
[02:35pm] august1991 : Same with RMRK.....Wheres Blondes?.......RMRK....could be really fun for her today.....and me.....
[02:34pm] Blackjack : FUTL .00095 looks ready to pop!
[02:30pm] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI 33s up boomage coming keeps those notes at bay and we can rock here great S/S
[02:28pm] smoots : clear was the simile
[02:27pm] Optimus Prime : MSDI tryn to busta move here
[02:27pm] Imagine : isis duck!
[02:27pm] MagicStock : CLEAN AS A WHISTLE - the old simile describes the whistling sound of a sword as it swishes through the air to decapitate someone
[02:24pm] RockinTop : lol
[02:23pm] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI clear as a whistle here ready to run
[02:22pm] Optimus Prime : GAHC makn all the right noises
[02:20pm] Blackjack : yup
[02:20pm] Optimus Prime : PNTV nhod and testing
[02:19pm] Imagine : the bitcoins continue
[02:16pm] Optimus Prime : PNTV nhod and testing
[02:15pm] smoots : :)
[02:14pm] Optimus Prime : hod as of now in normal sessin @ .194 ... lets see how it handles that level ...if it can get there
[02:14pm] Blackjack : TONITE GAME SHUD BE BETTER a strassaburger wont pitch tonite
[02:13pm] Imagine : honestly can`t believe nobody grabbed shares Tuesday
[02:13pm] smoots : watching
[02:12pm] Optimus Prime : SPI givn 2nd chances ... rounded the bottom from the pull and makn another move ^^^ -- pre.mkt high of .25 may get a challenge
[02:11pm] Imagine >9739 : heartbreaker last night Cubbies
[02:10pm] Blackjack : FUTL .0009
[02:09pm] Imagine : DIGAF low vol bitcoin but well figure it out
[01:58pm] alchemytrader22 : RMTD .0002 constant hits. waiting on big hits
[01:51pm] Mr.Momo : KTOVW....24% = 1.04 > Jump Street.
[01:51pm] Imagine : PUFXF gaining momo 110k vol break looms,,,,420 med stuff
[01:49pm] i_like_bb_stock : CWIR bottoming out here
[01:49pm] Imagine : SANP yada yada
[01:49pm] Optimus Prime : ok,, it aint so ...
[01:48pm] Imagine : say it ain`t so,,, bitcoin up !
[01:48pm] alchemytrader22 : RMTD .0002 hitters...could get nutzzzzzz
[01:48pm] Optimus Prime : BTSC and BTCS in a battle for the higher % move today
[01:45pm] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC little dip before the rip here 02 break inevitable
[01:44pm] alchemytrader22 : RMTD .0002s starting
[01:41pm] i_like_bb_stock : PFWI very thin dilutor staying off the ask nice sideways action for several days gonna break out up here soon
[01:40pm] alchemytrader22 : RMTD .0001 big dd found. RMTD is owned by VERIZON!!
[01:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : TAUG looks good to go here dilutors staying off the ask very thin with more news
[01:37pm] Optimus Prime : PJET had news ... and movn ^^
[01:36pm] Imagine : gave ya prediction on bitcoin value reaching 10k has broken the 5k mark
[01:32pm] Optimus Prime : INFI
[01:30pm] Imagine : PUXFX novel concept in 420 arena
[01:30pm] Optimus Prime : anyways with the charts being opposite from Pro and -- I went with Pro to fill the gap ^^^ not stockcharts with the gap down ..
[01:29pm] Optimus Prime : guess so .. lol
[01:27pm] Imagine : OP guess you need to rsvp next time lol
[01:27pm] Imagine : offering 2 days ago .10-.11 just saying
[01:26pm] Imagine : SPI paid over 100% pm if ya paid attention
[01:25pm] Imagine : PUFXF lil gappage
[01:25pm] Optimus Prime : sure did invite ...
[01:25pm] Imagine : HMNY dipped to 22 aft hrs anybody dip in
[01:24pm] Imagine : well that`s the way i read it anyway
[01:24pm] rysky007 : sorry must of not been here :(
[01:24pm] Imagine : OP literally extended an invitation to buy SPI
[01:23pm] rysky007 : mine? dont remember the invite :(
[01:23pm] Imagine : did ya exersize your invitation to buy SPI 2 days ago,,,,just curious
[01:22pm] rysky007 >126 : morning, u see PUFXF news?
[01:22pm] Imagine : sweet morning all
[01:20pm] RockinTop : Interesting news on LTBR
[01:19pm] Optimus Prime : TAUG news again = yesterdays news created activity and moved it and then it pulled.. should move again
[01:02pm] RockinTop : good morning
[12:51pm] smoots : oops scratch that
[12:51pm] smoots : neothetics
[12:43pm] rysky007 : PUFXF huge Acquisition news
[12:37pm] Optimus Prime : SPI news and got busy
[08:00pm] Imagine : zoom zoom ,,,
[07:57pm] Imagine : CLSN gettin loaded
[07:55pm] Blackjack : go cuubie!
[07:54pm] Imagine >9739 : Cub Power!
[07:51pm] Imagine : action day tomorrow,,, aft hrs/pm keep your shares close by bubba
[07:41pm] Imagine : not an issue for me :E
[07:35pm] itzpetergriffin : HMNY volume @ 21M when shares are 9M
[07:33pm] Imagine : GOVX news bout 45 mins ago>>>
[07:32pm] smoots : highest volume day yet with 30min to go
[07:26pm] Imagine : farming not profitable now so bet the farm
[07:26pm] Imagine : HMNY you had your chance for high 32z and 33z,,,now we close strong for banner day tomorrow
[06:53pm] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC going for 02 ASCM is scrambling
[06:39pm] i_like_bb_stock : BYOC DTC issues lifted now tradeable at TDA and others where you cant trade stocks with DTC issues grab em now
[06:30pm] smoots : WPCS
[06:02pm] Optimus Prime : ZSAN testing headbang level @1.09/1.10
[05:53pm] Imagine : was watching financial prog last night hedge fund guy predicting bitcoin value to hit over $10k going forward and not too far off in time,,,,itz over $4k now and climbing,,,,watch some of the cheapies IMO
[05:53pm] Optimus Prime : ZSAN crackn $1 again ....lil moe energy behind it this time
[05:42pm] Imagine : LBIX havin soup and sammich for lunch on the rise
[05:32pm] Blackjack : SOUPQ nice dip grab more (dip) crackers
[05:31pm] Blackjack : impressive tho
[05:30pm] Blackjack : OP OCSY .0005 dang
[05:28pm] Imagine : seems to be a 007 trend IMO ,,,,selling too soon
[05:27pm] Imagine : closed at 0007 day you sold
[05:26pm] Imagine : smoots you sold after it started moving,,,had a gut feeling you sold too soon
[05:25pm] Imagine >4227 : lol geez man itz designed so you can raise it and STAND instead of sitting on your azz all the time
[05:21pm] poor homer : Your arm is going to det tired with key board that high up
[05:20pm] smoots : mental midget, , like me with SANP, , i walked with 66% instead of 833% , , need to know all to look for in such a stage of a trade :[
[05:15pm] Imagine : HMNY took a dip the mental midgets got scared was a great buying opp dip got scarfed up bada bing
[05:05pm] Imagine : butt get tired? leg circulation issues during the day? just tired of sitting? check this out,,,just ordered 1 for me >>>;Color:Black
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