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[08:33pm] Grizzly : ahhh the beauties of penny land ..
[08:32pm] Grizzly : last march
[08:32pm] Grizzly : lol it was pennies when I bought it lol
[08:32pm] Blackjack : $ATPT more filings just hit the wires you know what that means ;-) tick tock tick tock
[08:31pm] Grizzly : .0073
[08:31pm] Optimus Prime : Hmmm .. whats the pps on MJTV right now
[08:31pm] Grizzly : you guys can have all those all to yourselves
[08:30pm] Grizzly : and definitly no 00 or 000 crap
[08:29pm] Imagine : part of that PNTV stuff
[08:29pm] Grizzly : I dont play anything under 1$ anymore
[08:29pm] Blackjack : lol
[08:29pm] Imagine : mary jane tv yes
[08:28pm] Blackjack : Is it a mj tv??
[08:28pm] Grizzly : I actully think it was one of this rooms plays while back
[08:28pm] Optimus Prime : oh well then ,, good luck
[08:27pm] Imagine : :0
[08:27pm] Grizzly : dude it was .003 when I mentioned it I already own the bag
[08:27pm] Optimus Prime : pick a ticker thats got a chart that you can read
[08:26pm] Optimus Prime : that thang aint gonna do crap man ! no wonder your day trading sucks ,, MJTV w/10 trades 200k vol ... spread as wide as a ? well you figure it out ...
[08:24pm] Grizzly : bout to break a penny
[08:23pm] Grizzly : MJTV been telling you guys bout to run now
[08:18pm] Grizzly : its been in long down trend even tho the market is up
[08:17pm] Grizzly : Been watching KHC for entry currently own none looking for 50 shares staart position
[08:16pm] Grizzly : I do awesome in the long term,s usally its the day trading that steals my money lol
[08:15pm] Grizzly : 17 shares free plus Drip shares as well 2.78 chares there
[08:13pm] Grizzly : Took all my invest back kept what was left ..
[08:12pm] Imagine : if they did not double or go up crazy how you get freebies
[08:09pm] Grizzly : luck on that one lol
[08:09pm] Imagine : good move
[08:08pm] fresh1 : Sumbuddy sayyy freshhhh?
[08:08pm] Grizzly : Wow Literally just added VSAT to portfolio 2 weeks ago for 64$
[08:05pm] Imagine : BBEPQ clear sailing now
[08:04pm] Grizzly : KO with fresh new highs :) PHat
[08:03pm] Grizzly : I have some at 25$ and some more at 20 so maybe wait a little longer but man tempting
[08:01pm] Imagine : more bad news cometh me expect
[08:00pm] Imagine : almost dipped at 18 for a few glad i waited
[07:59pm] Grizzly : Dam GE Thinking might add some here long term I already own some also
[07:56pm] Grizzly : Nice call On the BLOZF op
[07:54pm] Grizzly : CCCL pump ?? hmmmmm dry now
[07:51pm] Imagine : sweet vol increase
[07:46pm] Imagine : word not out yet
[07:46pm] Imagine : and up up it goes
[07:46pm] Imagine : NXTTF halt lifted
[07:44pm] Grizzly : XXII hitting scanner
[07:43pm] Imagine : BBEPQ still uptickin
[07:42pm] Optimus Prime : well, that parts not so funny ..........just all the ther chit
[07:41pm] Imagine : ran from RTNB like it`s aids yest,,,yes at a loss
[07:39pm] Optimus Prime : RJDG testing another nhod
[07:38pm] Optimus Prime : ahhhhhhh ,, thats funny chit boy ! ..... looked at RTNB yesterday due to T-12 being lifted ..... idt even bother with it and decided to have a look ,,, had after hrs news late yeasterday,, ohh lol... its all over for root9B...discontinuation of
[07:34pm] Grizzly : Dam MARK shoulda jumped on thaat suker
[07:25pm] Optimus Prime : MSRT takn its time ,, maybe its waiting for the last hour of trading to get its pinch on
[07:21pm] Optimus Prime : RJDG setting up ... battle with the 20 ma @ .008.. and testing w/nhod @ .0082 .... close above .008 would be nice for possible continuation tomorrow. ?
[07:18pm] Blackjack : :E
[07:17pm] Imagine : bong you say? lol roll em roll em
[07:17pm] Imagine : BBEPQ doin good
[07:16pm] Imagine : MMEX yes told you heads up,,,, HMNY next coupla days be prepared
[07:16pm] Blackjack : :D
[07:16pm] Blackjack : lay off the bong
[07:16pm] Imagine : ok back
[07:01pm] Blackjack : QEDN going
[06:11pm] Blackjack : frzo s up
[05:54pm] Blackjack : ECMH dippy
[05:54pm] Optimus Prime : BDR may suprise here
[05:50pm] Imagine : heard that
[05:50pm] BernieMac23 >126 : rich yes .. dont wanna be famous
[05:50pm] Imagine : thought you rich n famous by now
[05:49pm] BernieMac23 : ya been long time
[05:49pm] BernieMac23 : YOO!!!
[05:49pm] Optimus Prime : CGUD news out 12 mins ago
[05:49pm] Imagine : tha real BernieMac is that you,,,,what up man long time
[05:49pm] BernieMac23 : sup folks
[05:48pm] BernieMac23 : is this real ??
[05:47pm] Blackjack : see LPTI?? op??
[05:46pm] Imagine : bozos just effed that up
[05:45pm] Imagine : yeah wtf you been doing,,,slacker lol
[05:44pm] Blackjack : ah
[05:44pm] Optimus Prime : I messed that 1 up,,,,, didnt even see it coming ,,,, only see it going now
[05:44pm] Blackjack : saw this am but step out office for while then back oh lordy
[05:43pm] Optimus Prime : why didnt ya call that TLPY out a long time ago Black ?
[05:43pm] Optimus Prime : lol...
[05:42pm] Blackjack : ACBFF dippy
[05:41pm] Blackjack : yeah lemme know how it turns out
[05:40pm] Optimus Prime : and whats even more troubling is no one else called it out so most likely means some scanners are sure in need of a tune-up
[05:39pm] Blackjack : reinstatement is hot
[05:39pm] Blackjack : TLPY reinstatement
[05:38pm] Grizzly : MARk nice pop
[05:38pm] Grizzly : MARK
[05:35pm] Optimus Prime : what happened ? TLPY where did that come from ? just now seeing it
[05:27pm] Grizzly : CGA on watch
[05:01pm] alchemytrader22 : TONR - .0003s almost gone
[04:58pm] Imagine : HMNY moved to launch area,,,,boosters primed,,,liftoff expected any time
[04:54pm] Imagine : hardees carls jr best deal 5 dolla box
[04:53pm] Imagine : whoppers on sale now 2 for 6
[04:51pm] smoots : Later, gonna go fill up and get a big MAC - ^v>
[04:44pm] Grizzly : Not sure where he bought it but been in down trend since the pop
[04:43pm] Grizzly : Easy peasy lol
[04:42pm] Imagine : out at 5`s
[04:41pm] Grizzly : :|
[04:41pm] Imagine : 250 is good for trip 1`s
[04:40pm] Imagine : a big mac?
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