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[01:35pm] smoots : PTIE
[01:35pm] smoots : ptie shes liquid
[01:33pm] Optimus Prime : SGSI over yest high
[01:33pm] Blackjack : ARTR .0005
[01:32pm] Blackjack : nice
[01:32pm] Optimus Prime : 007 traders either forgot or just lost interest in LMFA ...
[01:31pm] Blackjack : whaddup
[01:30pm] Imagine : hey man
[01:29pm] Blackjack : mornin
[01:27pm] Imagine : CBD oil reated stuff is hott
[01:27pm] Imagine : CIIX ditto
[01:27pm] Imagine : CVSI phat day ahead me thinks
[01:19pm] Imagine : TVIX cha ching
[01:19pm] Imagine : Corona beer 4 billy infusion into CGC = canopy growth 420 stuff for that herb enhanced beer wild
[01:14pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:12pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, All.
[01:11pm] rysky007 : TDRYF news out this morning
[12:40pm] august1991 : TROV...on NEWS.........let er run today!!
[11:17am] smoots : good morning
[01:49am] justphil : Is BigRed still around and small caps boards also?
[07:51pm] Imagine : stuff bout the boys on CNN now
[07:48pm] rysky007 : nope
[07:47pm] Imagine : guess no amount of $$ or power can create class
[07:46pm] Imagine : most amazing thing today POTUS called that woman a dog,,,that`s unreal
[07:43pm] Imagine : JCP lookin good
[07:40pm] Blackjack : sicko!
[07:40pm] Imagine : no wonder so many f`ed up peeps in the world
[07:40pm] Homebrew : just read that too. Amazing!
[07:39pm] Imagine : wild
[07:39pm] Imagine : this is the real HOLY CHIT!!!!!!
[07:26pm] Imagine : had JCP stock from 18$ to 40 before,,,and at lesser pps til it went to chit
[07:16pm] Imagine : JCP picked up 600 shares yest avg 2.48,,,surprised doing decent today,,,long hold
[07:11pm] Imagine : CVSI there was yor dip
[06:50pm] Imagine : only in CVSI,,,, CIIX for 1$ plus break and a few SOLO,,,,sitting on TVIX 31$ avg lol no surprise there
[06:41pm] Homebrew : Imagine....just got home..Whats looking good to hold over night?..Watching CVSI for small pullback and Buy
[06:06pm] Imagine : holy crap Southwest Airlines AGAIN!!!
[06:02pm] Imagine : you shoulda jumped on that CVSI dip but wtf do i know
[06:01pm] Imagine : anybody on anything?
[05:58pm] Imagine : elec car stuff
[05:58pm] Imagine : SOLO anybody
[05:24pm] Imagine : sammich time ,,,seems each time i walk away from puter CVSI pops,,so brb
[05:21pm] Imagine : great day in the neighborhood
[05:19pm] Blackjack : sometime it aint
[05:18pm] Blackjack : what goes up will come down!
[05:18pm] Blackjack : thumb up
[05:18pm] Optimus Prime : I wouldnt either now ... but at post time was Prime
[05:17pm] Blackjack : it s good but miss it aint gonnna chase now
[05:16pm] Optimus Prime : no takers on GFGU either ??????????????
[04:57pm] Imagine : 6$ today ,,,git it!!!!
[04:50pm] smoots : thanks man
[04:48pm] Imagine : CIIX still at it
[04:47pm] Imagine : CBD companies re-post for ya,,,,keep em close >>>, Inc. (CIIX), CV Sciences, Inc. (CVSI), Aurora Cannabis (ABCFF), GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (GWPH), and Insys Therapeutics, Inc. (INSY).
[04:42pm] Imagine : CVSI is serious
[04:41pm] Imagine : seedless watermelon waits for later that gonna be awesome
[04:41pm] Imagine : just had half cantaloupe grown by local farmer the old fashioned way,,,,used cow manure to fertilize garden,,,omg was so sweet
[04:39pm] Imagine : can`t base all on lack of info from room bud,,,,it did not move on it`s own somebody played it
[04:32pm] Optimus Prime : always crickets on a good play alert "BEFORE" it takes off
[04:28pm] Imagine : that was easy and holding it,,,up up and away
[04:09pm] Optimus Prime : .41
[04:08pm] Optimus Prime : ALT .40 break w/nhod
[04:02pm] Imagine : CVSI if the traders don`t get skeered could break 5.50 ez
[04:01pm] Optimus Prime : SBRT lookn to the clouds ....I be gotten me anutter $1 play settn up
[04:00pm] Optimus Prime : GFGU tryn to pull a BIPH
[03:59pm] Optimus Prime : ALT with a .40 break could send it
[03:59pm] Blackjack : EATR .0002 better eat them before it s all gone
[03:59pm] Optimus Prime : ALT they just keep on collecting at this level
[03:58pm] Imagine : COHO still around wow
[03:57pm] Blackjack : COHO .001 still holdin
[03:57pm] Blackjack : RSHN .0055 YUGE dip hey have a dip before it s all gone
[03:56pm] Blackjack : DSGT .001 still holdin
[03:54pm] Imagine : OP you get props from outside and Blackjack too
[03:53pm] Imagine : Chemist and sometimes Homebrew say stuff otherwise it`s like talk to the hand
[03:52pm] Imagine : <<< keep playing to the window at least those i know respond ,,,good or bad
[03:50pm] Optimus Prime : lol.. they dun know a good ticker play if it slapped em in the face ....I dont ever or hardly ever see any tickers I post being repeated by others
[03:50pm] Imagine : charlottes web was spose to ipo last week don`t know what happened
[03:49pm] Imagine : same same
[03:48pm] Imagine : btw CIIX gave you the heads up keep watch like 10 days ago OP posted yest and ity`s on da move
[03:48pm] Optimus Prime : NNSR next stop lookn like copper
[03:47pm] Imagine : charlottes web avail on amazon,,,not tried any
[03:46pm] smoots : have you tried CV Sciences Plus CBD oil? been looking for a reputable cbd oil to try. Diamond CBD and Charlottes Web CBD are on my list as well.
[03:40pm] Imagine : national launch
[03:40pm] Imagine : just in case some missed it >>>
[03:38pm] Imagine : yeah boy onward and upward
[03:04pm] Imagine : holy chit he has called the woman a dog in addition to lowlife
[03:01pm] Imagine : Ride, captain ride, upon your mystery ship
[02:55pm] Imagine : CVSI just saying coff coff put stuff out where peeps can see it and......
[02:48pm] Imagine : SIGA not a shabby day F good day SFOR well you know
[02:45pm] Imagine : have a good day
[02:45pm] Chemist : I have to go work now. I left some shares in RSLS. Made bank this morning but left a chunk in there to see what happens today
[02:43pm] Imagine : lots of peeps make bnk off it
[02:43pm] Imagine : most important feature of 007 IMO
[02:41pm] Imagine : nationwide launch as opposed to regional very important factor
[02:40pm] Imagine : that`s post for the "window" as CVSI continues its journey
[02:39pm] Imagine : was out earlier didn`t post thought interested parties were aware
[02:39pm] Oneputtkip : Entered DRUS .008 for bounce
[02:38pm] Chemist : Oh nice
[02:37pm] smoots : :)
[02:37pm] Imagine : and the beat goes on
[02:36pm] Imagine :
[02:34pm] Imagine : that`s the way i like it uh huh uh huh
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