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[04:30pm] Imagine : IMMU nice again lets get that 30$ this time
[04:28pm] Imagine : old school gotta please the voters all not as progressive as you are
[04:27pm] Blackjack : then what s problem why justice uses the blinders??
[04:25pm] Imagine : he is a non issue now
[04:25pm] Blackjack : yup fire jeff azzhole session
[04:24pm] Imagine : time to take the blinders off
[04:23pm] Imagine :
[04:21pm] Imagine : GLMD afternoon run hmmmm
[04:20pm] Imagine : AMDA oldie but goodie action
[04:20pm] Imagine : MMEN resurge been nice this morn
[04:20pm] Imagine : got bumped
[04:02pm] Blackjack : yea
[03:57pm] rysky007 >14294 : love the user name
[03:51pm] Blackjack : cud i bum a kool cigaretteeeee??
[03:40pm] august1991 : cool!!! LOL.....movin..
[03:40pm] august1991 : RXMD...:) going up
[03:30pm] Blackjack :
[02:53pm] Blackjack : HVCW .0008
[02:52pm] Blackjack : OTTV .0006 trying to break out?
[02:52pm] Blackjack : QEDN .0006
[02:35pm] Homebrew : 13.90 Nice Break SNAP ...come on $ almost there
[02:28pm] Optimus Prime : VTNL gonna test hod
[02:26pm] Bennylati : ANW looking for entry?
[02:26pm] Homebrew : I dont know why it was showing my old handle from other site....then back to Homebrew today...Use same link everytime
[02:24pm] Optimus Prime : use that other handle you used yesterday .....
[02:23pm] Homebrew : SNAP HOD Broke above $13.64 ( recent high s )...$13.75 now ...equal to 05/01 Low..Gap Filled....will it pull back from here or be very bullish and head higher? will see
[02:23pm] Optimus Prime : no VPRO takers in here ?
[02:18pm] bullshead : OHRP nice action is there any news?
[02:17pm] Homebrew : cant trade...moble is working
[02:17pm] smoots : ya, i didnt know what the L
[02:17pm] Homebrew : yep
[02:16pm] smoots : what troubles?
[02:15pm] Optimus Prime : yes I believe others are ...
[02:15pm] Homebrew : Anyone else having problems this morning with Amertrade?
[02:14pm] Blackjack : QEDN .0005 going
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : ladies ...............................................................................................
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : its an OHRP day fellas
[02:06pm] Homebrew : SNAP... there it is $13.64
[02:05pm] Blackjack : QEDN .0005 caught my eyes @@
[02:03pm] bullshead : ye understood but it has a play to winning or losing
[02:00pm] Blackjack : amazing
[02:00pm] Optimus Prime : testing for nhod
[01:59pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[01:59pm] Blackjack >111 : are u kidding VNTL what a hottie
[01:58pm] smoots : nice OP
[01:58pm] Optimus Prime : VTNL .0016;s ,,, but no one here likes it
[01:56pm] Homebrew : SNAP $13.55....will it break recent High $13.64 and finish GAP fill
[01:56pm] bullshead : but i would not buy CPOW for any reason.
[01:55pm] bullshead : correct,
[01:55pm] smoots : wam bam
[01:54pm] smoots : LOL
[01:54pm] aahepp : price action and volume
[01:54pm] aahepp : investing and penny stocks should never be used in the same sentence
[01:54pm] aahepp : no one is investing
[01:53pm] bullshead : CPOW save your money 18b outstanding, not investible.
[01:51pm] aahepp : CPOW buyers stepping in
[01:48pm] smoots : ZN again
[01:47pm] Optimus Prime : almost gone now
[01:46pm] smoots : HEBT pulling back, wicky
[01:37pm] smoots : Since 2016, the acquisition target company has delivered 15 Million small to medium sized packages daily and last year recorded a $16.2 Million in revenue. In 2016, the target company began its last mile delivery customer with only five employees and
[01:37pm] smoots : welcome
[01:36pm] Blackjack : thanks Smoots
[01:35pm] Optimus Prime : VTNL news ....out of trips ...atm
[01:35pm] smoots : OTC mrkts : CaliPharms Pivots Into Amazon’s Last Mile DeliveryPress Release | 06/12/2018 CaliPharms, Inc. (OTCPink: KGET), publicly trading under the OTC Markets symbol "KGET" pivots its business model into Last Mile Deliver
[01:35pm] Optimus Prime : no 1 saw ANDI news pre mkt ????????/
[01:34pm] Optimus Prime : damn you guys !!!!! ya dun seeeez chit do ya ?
[01:31pm] Blackjack : smoots i cant find news abt acquistion
[01:29pm] smoots : :)
[01:28pm] Blackjack >13710 : Hope news about KGET is true been hold that bag for long time :E
[01:19pm] smoots : AEYE news also
[01:18pm] smoots : KGET .0001 w/news possible acquisition of Last Mile Delivery in the San Francisco area
[01:14pm] smoots : All with news RXMD launches Opiod treatment, ERBB approval DHS Arizona, POTN online sales 669k in may, ACBFF acquires canna science leader Anandia
[12:52pm] Andrew : Wow, "GLMD" is up a little on positive news. CLosed at 7.00 and now pre-market 19.54 and climbing
[12:03pm] Blackjack : morning
[11:12am] pnaymik11 : APRI gapping up
[11:11am] pnaymik11 : PSTI news
[11:11am] pnaymik11 : NAKD running on news
[07:56pm] Blackjack : Thumb up same for u
[07:55pm] Imagine : thanks everybody for the great calls today,,,couldn`t have made it without your input
[07:53pm] Instock76 : PAOG @ HOD
[07:16pm] Imagine : well CLWT stopped being a wimp and played ,,,, ASTC for chits and grins,,, TRTC finally made a lil move nuttin huge but beats a sharp stick in the eye gotta keep that trigger finger flexible
[07:01pm] Blackjack : CFGX .0003
[06:02pm] Blackjack : nice
[05:54pm] Instock76 : NEW hod PAOG ,,,,after New hod 5 and 10 mins ago.....
[05:36pm] Instock76 : PAOG News ... PAO MMJ Alternative Medicine Centers of America™ Positioned for Explosive Growth with Exclusive Corporate Ownership on All Locations
[05:05pm] Imagine : CLWT chit for volume but moves on air been watching bout a week kinda skeered
[05:02pm] Imagine : tonight here tomorrow in singapore the bad hair boys hurl insults
[04:56pm] Imagine : got hit a week or so if i remember correctly
[04:53pm] Blackjack : that s whyi dont touch her too many hackin
[04:53pm] Blackjack : ya
[04:52pm] Optimus Prime : Bitcoin price plunges after cryptocurrency exchange hacked...
[04:52pm] Optimus Prime :
[04:48pm] Blackjack : CMGO .007 L@@kin goooooooooooooood
[04:45pm] Imagine : he`s workin those trips
[04:40pm] Blackjack : SAFS .0002 going beware 2 trillion a/s almao
[04:25pm] Blackjack : ELRA .0003 hmmm
[04:19pm] Imagine : CVSI deals in CBD oils ,,itz everywhere >>.
[04:11pm] Imagine : NNDM anybody get that this morn
[04:08pm] Imagine : MMEN continues
[04:04pm] Imagine : NFEC kikin it again dont think ever seen it last this many days in row must be on roids
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