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[05:50pm] Imagine >12393 : going to Bangkok and surrounding areas after new year for a few weeks am excited
[05:49pm] shadow1461 >126 : I hear ya.... did pretty well myself tho been laid up since march... Finally getting back at it
[05:47pm] Imagine >12393 : going great,,,trade when I want to not cause I have to 2018 was very good,,,,
[05:45pm] shadow1461 >126 : how goes it?
[05:42pm] Imagine : yo shadow,,, yw,,,, just passing thru ,, DPWW was a good steady ride
[05:42pm] bullshead : PURA news and dividend.
[05:40pm] shadow1461 : out DPWW .31.... tnx imag.... good to see u back
[05:40pm] Imagine : any AXXA bag holders around? news >>
[05:17pm] Imagine : DGAZ lit that gas movin on up cmon bet ya can`t hit 85$ and TVIX just frisky as the mkt gets in a red bath
[05:10pm] Imagine : DGAZ goes green,,,, giddy up go!
[04:48pm] Imagine : oops date screw up by me re farm bill ,,,here is your xmas present >Trump legalizes CBDs live @ 2:30PM..
[04:43pm] Imagine : TVIX what can i say solid as a rock dips and rips
[04:28pm] Imagine : CVSI get it while its cheap
[04:27pm] Imagine : big things happening in that arena
[04:27pm] Imagine : Trump signs 420 farm bill tomorrow
[04:26pm] Imagine : climbing dpww
[04:26pm] rysky007 : no but nice aleart, chart looks solid
[04:26pm] Imagine : TLRY ditto
[04:26pm] Imagine : DPWW alerted coupla days ago anybody take advantage
[04:03pm] Optimus Prime : DSGT was tapn early just out few mins ago
[03:53pm] Optimus Prime : MTNB movn
[03:34pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP hod
[03:18pm] Optimus Prime : ^^ could be what you call a driver ?
[03:18pm] Optimus Prime : RSHN news just out
[03:07pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP bouncing a lil after early shakeout. Entered .01
[02:22pm] Eagle_One : mild red..nothing too drastic
[02:16pm] rysky007 : morning
[02:16pm] rysky007 : whats moving pre market? or slow?
[02:09pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP news
[01:58pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, All. Wakeup time.
[01:42pm] Blackjack : morning
[08:12pm] rysky007 : whats the driver?
[08:12pm] Optimus Prime : and another thang ----- be loading up on RSHN for a climb above an beyond the previous highs
[08:09pm] rysky007 : :(
[08:08pm] Optimus Prime : sad state of affairs over here when no 1 saw MRIN today
[06:10pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP challenging hod
[05:29pm] Blackjack : UBQU .002
[04:09pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP trying for more
[03:55pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB trading at the hod ask
[03:49pm] alchemytrader22 : GDET - .0014 bitcoin play. thin chart
[03:48pm] alchemytrader22 : GDET - .0013 bitcoin
[03:40pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB hod on low vol
[03:29pm] dave5655 : GBTC
[03:29pm] dave5655 : RIOT might be am play
[03:27pm] rysky007 : markets green?
[03:19pm] dave5655 : PPCB might make a run
[03:17pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^48%
[03:13pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP + 36%
[03:11pm] bullshead : ICLD ut on watch
[03:09pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^+26%
[02:51pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP nhod. +10%
[02:41pm] Oneputtkip : SHMP looking likr ity wants to pop
[02:41pm] Blackjack : sgcp
[02:40pm] Blackjack : gm all
[02:13pm] rysky007 : lol, good morning
[02:05pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Wakeup time.
[02:04pm] Oneputtkip : oo
[02:04pm] Oneputtkip : bod
[02:02pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:32pm] Homebrew : gm
[07:20pm] Imagine : TLRY bam! told ya yesterday
[05:01pm] Homebrew : Thanks Op watching close
[05:01pm] Homebrew : NH
[04:57pm] Optimus Prime : NH on pinch alert ... Dec 3rd says new breast cancer findings.. blah blah blah ... possible news/pr to be released soon on what exactly that may be ...
[04:23pm] Optimus Prime : SBFM lil .002 issue ... already ... a lil .002 break on a speed up and that should be about good
[04:01pm] Blackjack : SGCP .0005
[03:33pm] Blackjack : GTHP .0004 going
[03:15pm] Optimus Prime : KALY to test recent highs .. prolly brak this time off news just before open
[03:14pm] Optimus Prime : GMO another attention getter ... she tryn to break out
[03:11pm] Blackjack : @@ GTHP .0004
[03:07pm] Optimus Prime : TTNP attention getter
[03:03pm] Optimus Prime : APRU new highs and keep testing
[03:00pm] Blackjack : yUp dont hold SBFM just play her nicely or rough lol
[03:00pm] Optimus Prime : APRU ... low vol/trades ..atm ...but they coming to buy
[02:59pm] Homebrew : Bought UXIN on Dip just now $8.19
[02:56pm] Blackjack : 1/20 R/S not bad little should be okay
[02:53pm] Blackjack : SBFM HAS R/S PENDING I BELIEVE SO
[02:52pm] Optimus Prime : SBFM new high
[02:49pm] bullshead : RSLS running
[02:48pm] Homebrew : New hod UXIN after UP 6% pre market
[02:38pm] Blackjack : UBQU .0028
[02:36pm] Homebrew : UXIN
[02:35pm] rysky007 : oddly not much in gains across the board
[02:35pm] rysky007 : how are big boards? red or going green?
[02:35pm] rysky007 : UBQU holding top spot now
[02:35pm] rysky007 : OTLK trying to hold on to it
[02:34pm] rysky007 : odd i dont see it on my scanners :(
[02:33pm] Optimus Prime : no 1 saw the pre mktnews on MRIN I guess ? ...havnt seen a post yet ?
[02:32pm] rysky007 : OTLK leading the boards
[02:32pm] rysky007 : HIPH second in line
[02:30pm] Blackjack : UBQU .0025
[02:30pm] Blackjack : gm
[02:19pm] bullshead : BIOC running on news, also low float stock
[02:17pm] rysky007 : MNGA with news
[02:17pm] rysky007 : DPW
[02:17pm] rysky007 : NSPR
[02:17pm] rysky007 : RAD
[02:16pm] rysky007 : OGEN pre market action
[02:13pm] bullshead : OMED news
[02:12pm] bullshead : BIOC news
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