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[08:27pm] Blackjack :
[08:26pm] aahepp : RDGL testing hod
[07:54pm] lang : wonder if we will see 08 n KGKG by the end of the day
[07:48pm] lang : OP i doubt that i think you have a good handle on all the penny stocks im sure
[07:48pm] aahepp : RDGL George and Weeze
[07:44pm] aahepp : RDGL worth an eyeball
[07:44pm] Blackjack : but not fast 6 months wait
[07:44pm] Blackjack : NHPI .0001 to .004 that s in early
[07:42pm] aahepp : want in early?
[07:42pm] Kylefrink : just was sharing in case inyone else wanted in early but whatever .....have fun...bye
[07:41pm] aahepp : I got AAPL in 1984 for 1.24
[07:41pm] Kylefrink : i got 30.88
[07:41pm] lang : well i like the way KGKG is moving
[07:40pm] Optimus Prime : lol...and yeah ,, its all good
[07:40pm] Optimus Prime : pump it if ya got it ! ...if not , well then "STFU"
[07:40pm] aahepp : APPS pop on volume need follow through
[07:40pm] Kylefrink : its all good bro, i wont (PUMP) anymore...
[07:40pm] lang : i have to learn not to marry the stocks lol
[07:39pm] lang : thats the one trouble i have is the exit strategy
[07:38pm] Kylefrink : i actually am, but i dont have to Pump, i know the potential when i enter and my exit strategy, buy very low and wait, but iys all good though
[07:38pm] lang : so it will take time you need money to make money in this business
[07:37pm] lang : im one of those poor poppers stock guys who started with 500 cash and try to build up into something good
[07:37pm] Optimus Prime : EAPH pushed that candle all da way back up from a low of .012 and just might test the .016 current hod
[07:37pm] Kylefrink : atleast itsbeen winners, might not have been that much
[07:36pm] Kylefrink : hated that much
[07:36pm] Kylefrink : dag
[07:35pm] lang : not much i sold half my position a few weeks ago to buy something else
[07:34pm] lang : no i have a few shares of KGKG
[07:34pm] lang : its all good i know how this business operates lol
[07:34pm] Optimus Prime : you 1 of them window shoppers
[07:33pm] Optimus Prime : had to get ya back in here some how
[07:33pm] Blackjack : lol
[07:33pm] aahepp : wheel chair and the sign double bonus on the collection
[07:33pm] Optimus Prime : lol
[07:33pm] Blackjack : hope not
[07:33pm] lang : nice guys talkin *CENSORED* about me lol
[07:30pm] Blackjack : oh no
[07:30pm] Optimus Prime : ohh ..he pumpn out as much as possible to collect as much as he can ...
[07:30pm] aahepp : tax free as well
[07:30pm] aahepp : you prob right
[07:30pm] Blackjack : he wud makin momre by beggin on the street with sign daytrader homeless easy bring 300 bucks a day
[07:28pm] aahepp : Hope he made it to the plasma place fast enough to get some fund to buy
[07:28pm] Optimus Prime : new KGKG high(s)
[07:25pm] Blackjack : NHPI .0039
[07:25pm] Blackjack : SRUP .0004 Holdin for huge bounce coming imo
[07:25pm] Blackjack : ^
[07:23pm] Optimus Prime : beat em all currently ...Oct high was .069 ...current hod .719
[07:18pm] Blackjack : GGII A.0004 going
[07:18pm] aahepp : so you pop in. to post a hod from 15 minute delyaed data then leave
[07:17pm] Kylefrink : LABD Nhod
[06:30pm] Blackjack : CAVR .0023 WENT BY ME jeez
[06:07pm] Blackjack : GGII .0006 cbd new mngmnt
[05:53pm] Blackjack : NHPI nhod
[05:52pm] aahepp : going shopping for more money? You head to the plasma bank to donate?
[05:50pm] lang : going shopping for more money to buy some more shares have a good day
[05:47pm] lang : to many shares out for PGUS going to make it hard to rise
[05:44pm] lang : dont think this will ever hit 03 like it was at the beginning of the year
[05:43pm] Blackjack : yup watch for bottom before the bounce
[05:42pm] lang : i just dont like PGUS being down this low makes me very nervous
[05:41pm] Blackjack : PVHO .0054 OCLN .0034 PGUS .0012 are tryin to bounce
[05:36pm] lang : SIPC is having a nice dip play at the moment looking for more cash to buy more
[05:26pm] Blackjack : OCLN .0035
[05:22pm] lang : looks like KGKG hit a wall on its way up
[05:21pm] aahepp :
[05:21pm] lang : agreed should be soon harvest is all done now so?
[05:20pm] Blackjack : yes but when?? hope sooner
[05:17pm] lang : as soon as some decent news comes out maybe?
[05:15pm] Blackjack : oh yes will get there one way or other but when???
[05:13pm] lang : blackjack you think PGUS will ever have a chance to get back up over a penny?
[05:11pm] lang : lol good point
[05:09pm] Blackjack : need coffee
[05:09pm] Blackjack : jeez readproof failed
[05:09pm] Blackjack : yup what goes up will come down and what goes down will goes up
[05:06pm] Optimus Prime : well...Im not always right .......but Im right more times than I am wrong ...and dats 1 of da keys to the treasure chest
[05:03pm] Blackjack : NNRX .0007
[05:00pm] lang : alot of chatter with KGKG today its becoming a well known item
[04:58pm] lang : OP I think you are right about KGKG just bought some this morning
[04:44pm] aahepp : CBBT boomage
[04:38pm] aahepp : CBBT nhod
[04:35pm] aahepp : CBBT eyeballs. Getting increasing volume off that bottom
[03:44pm] Kylefrink : TOPS pn watch here
[03:35pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^ that would be KGKG
[03:35pm] Optimus Prime : Kona Gold lookn to challenge recent highs ,,,,and same highs from Oct.
[03:23pm] Blackjack : noticed the gas price drops down abt .50 cents nnice
[03:18pm] rysky007 : oil prices going down, what stocks tend to do the opposite of oil?
[03:15pm] Optimus Prime : KIQ leavn the trough after a lil rest and a drink of water
[03:13pm] Blackjack : PGUS .0013 bottom i think @@
[03:13pm] aahepp : if GE pays .50 today will close
[03:11pm] Optimus Prime : ^ sleeper = SRDP as posted earlier
[03:11pm] Optimus Prime : sleeper another lil gap up
[03:09pm] Optimus Prime : QPRC has that bounce look developing
[03:09pm] aahepp : GE order filled
[03:04pm] Optimus Prime : sleeper ticker testing for a gap ^
[02:56pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB nhod and vol picking up
[02:55pm] Optimus Prime : AMMX tapn on low vol/trades ...atm on 3rd Q numbas
[02:52pm] Optimus Prime : .96 spike high back on Jul 12
[02:51pm] Optimus Prime : marching towards that $1 kinda quick she is
[02:51pm] Optimus Prime : and climbing
[02:50pm] Optimus Prime : KIQ hunsky % now
[02:45pm] Optimus Prime : KIQ moe new highs as vol keeps coming in
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