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[04:54pm] giorosas : WWR
[02:49pm] giorosas : PSTV out 3.00
[02:43pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX r/g
[02:40pm] giorosas : WWR in 6.08
[02:36pm] Oneputtkip : CDIX recovering
[02:29pm] giorosas : WWR in 7,17
[02:14pm] giorosas : WWR 9 wow +207%
[02:07pm] giorosas : WWR beast mode
[02:01pm] giorosas : PSTV in 2.98
[01:55pm] giorosas : very nice $330
[01:55pm] giorosas : WWR out 8
[01:46pm] giorosas : WWR in 7,14
[01:41pm] giorosas : ATPT, USMJ, DTST, VRAY, PSTV
[01:30pm] giorosas : WWR +157%
[01:28pm] rysky007 : PHBI pre market action
[01:24pm] Homebrew : TTNP Moving pre market
[12:59pm] giorosas : thanks
[12:58pm] rysky007 : u forgot PHBI less then a mill shares in the DTC
[12:58pm] rysky007 : morning
[12:57pm] giorosas : good morning... watching BIMI, APHA, WWR, SCON, AXAS, AGFS, REED, CTST, NVCN
[06:11pm] giorosas : BIMI beast mode
[06:11pm] giorosas : SES beast mode
[06:10pm] giorosas : good afternoon
[02:12pm] rysky007 : BIMI
[02:12pm] rysky007 : ASTI
[02:07pm] rysky007 : PNNX
[01:56pm] rysky007 : GCGX
[01:52pm] rysky007 : did DRYS get halted? or change of ticker?
[01:52pm] rysky007 : am I seeing that right?
[01:52pm] rysky007 : CLTH top gainer so far?
[01:02pm] rysky007 : you are in India?
[01:02pm] rysky007 : good morning
[04:46am] pulkitsaini : thank you
[04:46am] pulkitsaini : Hello,my email address:
[03:29pm] rysky007 : can you please email me or PM me your number I will add it to our list
[03:29pm] rysky007 : Hi, im sorry jus tnow seein ghtis
[01:09am] pulkitsaini : I want to add my number so that I will get alerts on my phone number. please help
[01:07am] pulkitsaini : Hello everyone, I have one quick quetion
[07:50pm] Homebrew : TTNP moving up again. Nearing HOD
[02:16pm] giorosas : thanks see you next week
[02:15pm] giorosas : SES out 3.33
[02:01pm] giorosas : SES in 3.13
[01:49pm] giorosas : SES is being a rocket
[01:46pm] giorosas : Nnever wait
[01:46pm] giorosas : beast mode SES
[01:45pm] giorosas : from 3.15
[01:44pm] giorosas : SES out 3,29
[01:42pm] giorosas : SES sorry
[01:42pm] giorosas : CES in
[01:19pm] giorosas : Watching SES, LYG, NOK, RBS, TTNP, ACRS, GSV, BURG, KTOV, VIVE
[01:18pm] giorosas : good morning
[07:51pm] Homebrew >63 : ok. good. Thanks
[07:39pm] Arttie1 : XTRM?? thanks
[07:38pm] rysky007 >13638 : got it :) thank you
[07:38pm] Arttie1 : rysky would u please look at x
[07:35pm] Homebrew >63 : sent
[07:29pm] rysky007 : can you send that please to
[07:29pm] Homebrew : whats your email
[07:29pm] Homebrew : ok
[07:28pm] rysky007 : cant, has to be a forwarded email
[07:28pm] Homebrew >63 : Go ahead and forward to ISP...Copy and paste if you need...> " I want to be on the Alert and email List. Signed Homebrew
[07:26pm] Homebrew : thats odd... I was orignally on the othe rboard that joined htis one...Cant remembe rthe name
[07:22pm] rysky007 : I cannot undo that, unless you write to me saying that you want to be on the email list and I forward that to the ISP
[07:22pm] rysky007 : ah shows you set the email to Do not contact back in October of 2016
[07:22pm] rysky007 : :(
[07:21pm] rysky007 : wow odd, shows you are not in the db at all
[07:21pm] rysky007 : lol how are you in chat :)
[07:20pm] Homebrew : Ok, Thanks
[07:19pm] Homebrew >63 :
[07:19pm] Homebrew >63 : r
[07:18pm] rysky007 : pm me
[07:18pm] rysky007 : whats your email?
[07:18pm] Homebrew : no alert here, just a text meessage of alert 8:32
[07:16pm] rysky007 : that shows what time the alert will be an what ways to get it
[07:16pm] rysky007 : yeah there is a teaser sent the night before
[07:16pm] Homebrew : do you ever let people kknow in advance an Alert is coming or just have to be watching screen when it comes
[07:15pm] rysky007 : there are several groups involved, some have writers who do their creatives, they leak info
[07:15pm] rysky007 : not the first time, not the last
[07:15pm] Homebrew : how could they have leake dit if not announced yet
[07:14pm] rysky007 : this one traded before alert, someone leaked it
[07:13pm] Homebrew : I have e text message after annoucment, up 400% by then
[07:13pm] rysky007 : Yes last two where at zero when alert came out
[07:13pm] Homebrew : ever have annoucments before they are already up 200%? ? Giving a min or so to place order , price up 400%...Naaaaa
[07:12pm] rysky007 : but there where trades before that, so were finding out who leaked today :(
[07:12pm] rysky007 : yes
[07:11pm] Homebrew : what time was the announcment? 2 mins after open?
[07:08pm] rysky007 : thats all that matters, have your set gains, once you have them, move on, or its a coulda shoulda woulda kind of game
[07:08pm] Nickie63 >63 : yep was here when you listed it . Still worked out great . Thanks again .
[07:04pm] rysky007 : some people did, have to be in here or sms list to get it fast
[07:04pm] rysky007 : lol I wish
[07:04pm] rysky007 : i dont
[06:49pm] Nickie63 >63 : I don’t know how you all get in that fast lol got in at .038 out at .057 . Thank you
[06:43pm] Homebrew : I am sore, was up over 600% 8 mins after the open,,,up 100% first 90 seconds...a bit touch to jump on that
[06:40pm] Homebrew : 600%
[06:40pm] Homebrew : opened up alm,ost 60%
[06:10pm] rysky007 : 800% runner and were all quiet :(
[03:23pm] giorosas : thanks!
[03:22pm] giorosas : HEXO out...
[02:57pm] lukin4winners : SEVA .0005 to .00152 now .0011 just started today. Hearing news coming
[02:44pm] Homebrew : GHSI News up 15%
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