I love your chat room, it is wonderful. I made $1000 in 30 min. Thank you so much.

Date of Posting: 04 February 2014
Posted By: Mehdi
Thanks again 007!! HDUP alerted last week brought me $120 profits :) This site is amazing and I have learned so much about penny stocks. You can make money on Penny Stocks. Learn from rysky about Penny Stocks. Penny Stocks are awesome.
Date of Posting: 17 July 2011
Posted By: Amir (Bmwm3prince)
Attention all traders!! I have bagged profits on the 007 alerts :). This is NO SCAM. Ive been scammed by many before but 007 caught my attention. I learned it came out being real average people talking about Penny Stocks. 007 alert ALNS brought me $120 profit in one single day! Check the chart and see for yourself. See you on the chat!
Date of Posting: 21 June 2011
Posted By: Amir (Bmwm3prince)
I made my first profits in the penny stock maket with 007 chat room. Thanks again for the help.

Date of Posting: 13 March 2011
Posted By: SamTon18 SamTon18
There are many astute traders @ 007. The classes are informative and most users are helpful to newbies. I commend the administrators of this site for their diligence. Dogg
Date of Posting: 14 February 2011
Posted By: Hon.. Randall L. Fiore
007 Chat = Awesome
007 Classes = Awesome
007 Team = Awesome
007 Picks = Awesome

All kinds of AWESOME!

I have been in other chats and other message boards, no one has the positive team environment like 007. For experienced traders and new traders alike, everyone feels welcome. You can ask questions, learn
strategy, and become a more successful trader.

I would like to thank all the people involved in 007 from the admins, mods, and my fellow users to making this the NUMBER 1 stock chat I have ever seen. If you have tried other places, give this place a try and
trust me you won't regret it. It turned my trading around from red to

Date of Posting: 03 February 2011
Posted By: Marcus
Kudos to 007! , The TOP alerts,Momos on the net.Very simply put,The
NUMBER 1 stock website out there! .Everyone on 007 wants you to make $$$$ .Whats better than that!
Gonna be rocking in twenty eleven!

Date of Posting: 30 January 2011
Posted By: Marky
This is the NUMBER 1 chatroom ever, I joined it 2 weeks ago and i`ve learned so much since then. The members of the team are doing everything to help you to be succesful. The classes are just amazing and everybody is nice and helpful. I made my first profit, but certainly not the last, few days ago and it`s all because of this chat. I am looking forward to do 100 000 $ profit or more this year !
Date of Posting: 21 January 2011
Posted By: Emanuel
I LOVE THIS CHAT ROOM. Its free and i just made over 1k in profit in GAP. Ya thats right I SAID 1K BIG BUCKS.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2010
Posted By: Bernie Bhesania

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